About a year ago someone recommended https://www.WomenAreHuman.com. While going over the website I noticed there were a ton of articles reporting on male to female transgenders that were convicted criminals doing time for pedophilia.

I immediately thought about an incident I was witness to in the year (date omitted to protect the innocent) that has forever haunted me.

I had made a transgender acquaintance online. This acquaintance is a male to female transgender from Vienna, Austria by the name of Andrea Maria Dusl that had first written to me under an alias of “Comandantina”. Over the course of a year he had talked about corresponding with a sexchange surgeon in Portland, Oregon that he had decided to have a consultation with. As plans were confirmed for the consultation we discussed that he would visit several places while in the United States and as we had developed a type of camaraderie we had decided he would make a trip to my town and come stay with me for a visit.

To make a long story short, I had a regular babysitting job in my home with a child that was 10 years old. One day I realized I was out of milk for the child to drink and I lived just a block away from a grocery store. I trusted Andrea to sit with the child who was napping while I dashed down the street real quick to grab some milk. I’d no sooner got to the end of the block and had forgotten the money I’d laid at the table near the front door so I dashed back real quick to get it. As I rushed in the door I saw my houseguest, Andrea Maria Dusl with his penis out near the child’s mouth. I was so horrified and full of anger, I immediately screamed, “Oh my fucking God!”, I turned on my heel, grabbed up my loaded shotgun which always was propped up in the corner next to my front door of my house and I screamed at the son of a bitch to get his suitcase and get out of my house and if he didn’t get out of my house in two minutes I was gonna put a bullet in his brain. I told the child to go in the bathroom and keep the door closed till I came.

There was no conversation between other than me repeating several times while he took all of the two minutes to leave, “Get the fuck out”. He was gone and I’ve never heard from him again.

I went to the child and asked, “Are you okay?” I remember being so frightened and boiling over with anger, yet most importantly I was concerned for the child’s wellbeing. I keep referring to the child as “the child” because I do not even want to reveal the sex of child to protect it. The child was visibly shaken, but under repeated questioning the child said they did not have any idea what happened cause they were asleep until they were awakened by me screaming. Even though I believe the child, that they didn’t have a clue as to what I witnessed, I felt so deeply I should have reported this incident to the police, but as I monitored and questioned the child over the course of the next year they never once changed their story no matter how many times I stealthfully would question them so I felt assured that they were indeed asleep and I don’t think enough time had passed upon me stepping out the door before returning to prevent a molestation or worse. I’ve even kept in touch with the family over the years having related a story to them that I’d had an argument with my houseguest and had to send them packing, telling them the story more than once as to be able to question more than once about the child’s wellbeing the day I was arguing with my houseguest.

Year’s later and I still am tormented by the attempted molestation I witnessed, but I was told that because Andrea Maria Dusl lives in Austria that nothing would be done if I reported the near molestation now. However, after all these years later I feel a responsibility to tell this story and disseminate it so people wherever Andrea Maria Dusl is will know what this monster is capable of and to warn people to keep their children away from him.

Perhaps I will write a formal article for the www.WomenAreHuman.com website.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have comments the email for correspondence is on the home page of this website.

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