Why Gluten Free??? WTF?

Did you know that eating bread made of wheat flour gives you arthritis?

When I was diagnosed with arthritis my Western medicine programming was telling me that arthritis was just something you get when you become older and there is nothing you can do, but take anti-inflammatory medications to temporarily aleve the pain. In the United States there is even an anti-inflammatory medication by the name of Aleve.

One day I was watching a tv show where people told their stories of survival from major illness. This one woman had another cancerous dark spot appear on her shoulder that she had removed surgically. When another one appeared she once again began enduring the long wait to have it removed. She was a war veteran and had to wait on the Veterans Administration to take care of it. One day while at a farmers market she came across a booth where a man was selling healing juices. He could see the cancer on her arm and told her to drink 3 ounces of fresh ginger juice 3 times a day. The story amazed me and inspired me to look up the healing properties of ginger juice. It was then I found it was a terrific anti-inflammatory.

I picked up a juicer and began juicing ginger and drinking 3 ounces 3 times a day. I found out quickly how regular juicers are not match for ginger. After purchasing the next strongest line of defense I eventually understood I needed a big $250 powerful juicer. Drinking the ginger juice was rough. It burns your throat so I’d mix it with pineapple juice, another anti-inflammatory juice. After about a year I became brave enough to switch live juice to Turmeric (Curcumin) capsules. More research lead to more discoveries about arthritis.

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A few years later and now I know I also need to stay away from all foods made with wheat flour aka gluten. I used to think the gluten-free stuff was just for people with weak digestive systems. Now I know that the gluten in wheat flour causes arthritis.

Make the change while you are young. Swear off gluten except for the occasional small treat. No more breads, or pasta’s made with gluten flour. The switch is on. The public is catching onto the evils of gluten and you can see stores and restaurants more and more offering gluten free flour products. One day you will specifically have to ask for gluten bread at restaurants instead of having to ask for gluten-free.

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