Who Do The People Say That I Am?


The first thing I want to say is, “It is not I who lives, but the Messiah Yahu’sha who lives in me”. In other words, I am not so important. I am but dust, but the One who lives inside me, who speaks through me is important. In all humility to the Elohim/Allahim I love and serve I cannot personally take credit for anything that has been given to me as a messenger to humanity. These are not my words, but words the Father has given me by way of divine inspiration to relate to His Creation.

I have spoken to many rabbi’s around the world since I found out in 2004 (at the auspicious age of 40) that I was born with a rare chromosomal condition called X0/XY Mosaicism. Who do the people say that I am? I’ve had some rabbi’s tell me it could be a possibility that I could be a re-incarnation of Adam or Moses. I find this quite humbling, but not impossible, yet I go about my business as Yosef much in the way that John the Baptist did not perhaps accept the fact that the Messiah confirmed that his cousin John the Baptist was indeed the re-incarnation (hebrew word “gilgul”) that according to the choice of words in English translation says, “coming in the power and spirit” of Eliyahu/Elijah the prophet. All I know is the Father has entrusted me with prophetic insight to correct false teaching and false teacher before many souls miss the rapture that is open to anybody who desires true salvation so they they worship in spirit and in truth. You will not go in the rapture unless you have the truth and put it into action in your life through works like baptism and teshuvah (repentence), and keeping of the Law. 1 JOHN 2:4 “If anyone says, ‘I know Him’, but does not keep His Commandments, he is a liar, and the Truth (the truth of Law/Commandment Keeping) is not in him.”

Understand the deceived false teachers of Christianity that are part of the Mystery Whore of Babylon and her Harlot daughters pagan Roman system that hijacked the faith once handed down from the apostles.

The true faith was that of the Natsarim’s that existed before the Romans tried to extinguish it with their invention of “Catholicism/Christianity, Whore/Harlot” anti-Messiah system.

I guess this has been a mini teaching within a response to “Who do the people say that I am?” I really don’t have much more to say about this subject. People have often asked me to reveal the identities of the rabbi’s who I have talked to who have spoken to me of the possibilities mentioned above, but that would be very unethical and wrong to expose them to any type of ridicul since the rule of the in Judaism is that they do not believe that Yahu’sha qualifies to be the promised Messiah.


YOSEF BEN DAVID was made in the image of Elohim/Allahim who incarnated Himself into His only begotten Son Yahu'sha the Jewish Messiah. YOSEF BEN DAVID Ministries is a prophetic last of the Last Days Ministry before the return of Yahu'sha HaMashiach for His True Church of Wise Virgins. The Foolish Virgin deceived church world will be left behind to suffer the plagues of the entire 7-year Tribulation period that will coincide with the 7-day marriage supper of the lamb. Not only will those apostate foolish virgins of the Babylonian Whore/Harlots system be left behind, but also many Jews, and Muslims who did not accept the Truth of Torah that was made flesh in the personhood of the Messiah Yahu'sha. They will see the One they pierced (with their iniquity/Lawlessness) and then they will weep for Him as one weeps for an only Son." Some of those who see him then may have come to the Truth I preach from the Word during the Tribulation, but the "Many" will not have made it through the narrow gate that leads to life will be destroyed. "For HaShem (Yahuah), so loved the world that He incarnated Himself and gave Himself as His only begotten Son (as an unblemished covering for sin), that whosoever believes in Him their nephesh (soul) shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life." He came to us as a suffering servant, but is soon to return as a conquering King Yahu'sha from the Kingly line of King David.