Who Are We?

Did you know me when I was he? Did you know me when I was she? Which lifetime was that?

What is the real us? Is our real person our soul that always prompts us to do what is right and good or are we our reactionary brains that cause us to be an unthoughtful species prone to violence?

Do you believe that it matters what sex your body is when your soul has no sex?

Most of problems in this world are caused by people who are don’t know who they are yet. Kids growing up in school don’t know who they are yet and aren’t they the most unmerciful at teasing and bullying others? Why do they act in such a way? One answer–they don’t know who they are and are afraid of anyone who is unafraid to be themselves.

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YOSEF BEN DAVID was made in the image of Elohim/Allahim who incarnated Himself into His only begotten Son Yahu'sha the Jewish Messiah.

YOSEF BEN DAVID Ministries is a prophetic last of the Last Days Ministry before the return of Yahu'sha HaMashiach for His True Church of Wise Virgins. The Foolish Virgin deceived church world will be left behind to suffer the plagues of the entire 7-year Tribulation period that will coincide with the 7-day marriage supper of the lamb. Not only will those apostate foolish virgins of the Babylonian Whore/Harlots system be left behind, but also many Jews, and Muslims who did not accept the Truth of Torah that was made flesh in the personhood of the Messiah Yahu'sha. They will see the One they pierced (with their iniquity/Lawlessness) and then they will weep for Him as one weeps for an only Son." Some of those who see him then may have come to the Truth I preach from the Word during the Tribulation, but the "Many" will not have made it through the narrow gate that leads to life will be destroyed.

"For HaShem (Yahuah), so loved the world that He incarnated Himself and gave Himself as His only begotten Son (as an unblemished covering for sin), that whosoever believes in Him their nephesh (soul) shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life." He came to us as a suffering servant, but is soon to return as a conquering King Yahu'sha from the Kingly line of King David.

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