Transsexual Regret Stories


Steve Catalfamo did not give into any homosexual desires or lifestyle as a male growing up.  He was overtly masculine and would not have been suspected to harbor any desire to attempt a sexchange. He married and fathered several children.  When Steven’s wife divorced him he experienced a strange type of male to female transsexualism where if he couldn’t be with the woman he wanted to be with then he would become the woman he could not have.

When Steven Catalfamo became Stephanie Catalfamo with a complete sexchange process which included drastic facial plastic surgeries which made him completely unrecognizable by friends and family he was subsequently rejected by his family.  Steven’s experience as a post-operative transsexual woman was short-lived.  It was a very traumatic experience for him as he realized it was a severe mistake and he did his best to return to living as his natural birth sex.  Steven’s aforementioned drastic facial plastic surgeries however were not fixable.  Till this day his appearance is still shockingly feminized with no facial hair at all and he constantly gets mistakenly recognized as the pre-transsexual American Olympian Bruce Jenner who obviously had severe feminizing plastic surgery to his face before ever announcing his transsexual secret to the world.

Mr. Catalfamo’s two daughters still have no communication with him and his son Matthew Catalfamo has only within the past years begun speaking to him again even though he is well aware the person he no longer can physically recognize as his father remains surgically female under his male clothing and now has an anatomically correct homosexual male live-in lover.



A 17-year-old male is brought into a Tampa, Florida emergency room after ingesting a vast quantity of pills from his parents medicine cabinet. Two weeks were spent in the psyche ward.  His girlfriend of the last 3 years, Phyllis Arlene Hogan Hickey of Louisville, Kentucky, had just broken up with him in a letter after telling him she had began dating and gave her virginity to another guy.  Hesitant to talk about the problems that had brought him to the psyche ward, the Psychologist eventually got the conversation started when he queried, “Your parents tell me your fiance broke up with you and they think you could be gay”?  The floodgates opened and tales of years of disappointments spilled out.  A dysfunctional broken home with divorced parents, lost love, school bullying, and opening his shirt he revealed breasts to the therapist expressing fears that he was a girl trapped in a mostly boy’s body. The next five years were spent in therapy implementing the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care (HBSC) till the final effort was made to become as close to completely female as possible with genital sex re-assignment surgery.

In 1988 after already living seven years as “Judy” genital sexchange surgery was scheduled with Dr. Micheal Seghers in Brussels, Belgium. A year and a half later she married a man who was not aware this beautiful model and Las Vegas performer had been born male and had a sexchange operation.  Keeping her transsexual secret from the world was stressful enough, but trying to make sure her husband didn’t discover her secret proved to be too much for her. Judy divorced and decided to seek out a relationship with a man who would know her transsexual secret from the beginning.

The post-operative honeymoon was still going strong.  Judy felt very well adjusted and hopeful living in her post-operative transsexual female role.  She was one of few transsexuals who benefited from the luxury of going undetected, but now she wanted to find a man who could love her as the male to female transsexual she was, mind, body, and spirit.  She felt all her dreams were finally coming true when she met Paul Barnett, an substation engineer for the local electric company, and in 1993 the couple married in his Lebanon, Indiana home surrounded by friends and family. Their happiness didn’t last long. Paul had an extramarital affair and divorced Judy just three years later in 1996. She recalls his lawyer asking about splitting up of assets to which Judy replied, “Let him have it all. I married him for love and if I can’t have his love then I don’t want anything”.

For years Judy would be saddened by dreams of Paul, whom she felt to be the love of her life.  The dreams would always be the same–they’d meet again and talk and Paul would apologize knowing what a fool he had been, throwing away the one perfect love of a lifetime, and would beg Judy to consider taking him back. Each time she’d always regretfully have to decline his offer as he’d hurt her too deeply and broken the trust.

It was in the Spring of 2004, after 20 years of living in the female role that Judy made an appointment with her general practitioner divulging her well guarded transsexual secret and asking for help to return to a male presentation. In disbelief of her revelation a chromosomal test was requested by the physician, in his words, “To establish a baseline”.  The chromosomal testing was done by Geneticist Virginia Johnson.  Judy had not expected the results to come back as anything other than normal 46xy male, but astonishingly they came back as xy/xo, an intersexed chromosomal pattern.  Upon this revelation, the threatened male to female transsexual community excommunicated Judy since she was now a confirmed intersexed person, not merely a chromosomal male like themselves who felt discomfort with their birth sex.  This was the most convenient way for transsexuals to disqualify her, so, as a group, they would not be penalized for his detransition story.  Judy cut her hair short and began presenting as male again on October 5, 2004.

“Sing me a song of a lass that is gone.  Say could that lass be I? All that was good, all that was fair, all that was me is gone.”  Those are the somewhat changed lyrics from “The Skye Boat Song“, a Scottish folk song recalling the 1746 escape of Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) to the Isle of Skye after his defeat at the Battle of Culloden. “Lad” was changed to “lass” to describe the main character in the theme song of a Scottish themed cable tv series called Outlander.  Judy Kirchner no longer exists in this world, yet she strangely lives on in the memories of Josef Kirchner–“a lass that is gone… say, could that lass be I?”  Josef reminisces about his experience, “Having lived as male, as female, then as male again has really created three very different person’s in this world. I could almost describe the experience as having reincarnated three times during the space of one lifetime and remembering every exacting detail of those lives.”

When Josef began placing profiles on gay dating sites there were those who were incredulous about his claim’s to be a male with a vagina and that gave birth to to the necessity of  creating video’s to prove he was a male with a sexchange vagina, not a female to male transsexual with a real female vagina between his legs. It was these educational video’s that opened the door for Josef to become the world’s first male with a vagina adult film actor and producer. Then came the ridiculous claims from the haters in the male to female transsexual world who wanted to say Josef was trying to “lure gay men into straight sex” or “lure curious gay men into vaginal sex” to which Josef retorted, “It’s simply a fun and consensual sexual fantasy like role playing. It’s a remodeled dick, not a vagina! Wake up you delusional Trannies!” Josef later apologized to the transsexual community for that remark and some others that were not so nice, notwithstanding that the truth can hurt sometimes. What had begun as a means to prove his existence became an unplanned short five-year stint in self produced, made to order adult film’s as Joe Mangina, a.k.a. The Mangina Man.  Josef recalls, “I never had any desire to seek any fame or fortune as a porn star–it just sort of turned out that way.”  Tired of the sexual objectification, Josef announced his departure from adult entertainment in 2015 with the removal of his websites and videos from the Internet. Josef says having a penile inversion ejaculating mangina is wonderful and if he had to do it all over again the only thing he’d do different is skip the years of faux female experience and go straight to being a real male with unreal vagina.

“What did I learn from living over 20 years as a transgender person? If one embarks upon the journey to go against nature and live as the opposite sex you will ultimately be in for more disappointments in the long run than if you chose to undergo the correct psychological care to prevent you from changing your body.  Mind you, since the hen house has been overtaken by the foxes in the transgender movement there has not been much real deep study to provide healthy intervention for people afflicted with the mental disorder Gender Dysphoria. However, since there have been so many thousands of high profile cases of buyers remorse we now have a very large group from which to pull test subjects around the world and real answers are finally coming forth.  It’s like the Food and Drug Administration approving a new drug for use, but not having the clinical research of patients who have taken the drug for 20, 30, or 50 year to see what the long-term side effects are.  We are now able to do that clinical research on self identified transgender people and many with remorse are saying if they had it to do all over again they’d work on improving their birth sex instead of jumping off the cliff into the life of a chosen sex fantasy.  The number one complaint of most post-operative transgenders is that a sex-change operation is no such thing.  It doesn’t change your sex.  Only going back into the womb and being born again can accomplish such a feat.  Even the rare few that are able to look and sound the part completely still have to deal with the agonizing truth in the back of their mind for the rest of their lives that they are living out their life in an elaborate disguise and that trickles down into all sorts of little unhappy feelings in one’s life. ”


















































Too little education and closed mindedness will not take one far in life.   People of religious faith often have too little education and can be historically closed minded. You may have heard that God is love, but most of the wars, conflicts, hatred, and death in this world can find it’s roots in tribalistic religion who’s God loved and favored one family of humans over another.  I remember always hearing people in the church world say, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner”, yet, we are supposed to model ourselves after God who hated and destroyed sinners? Remember Malachi 1:3, God hated Esau?  God is supposed to be the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow, so why all the contradictions?Who is credited with creating God?  Sounds like a question without answer, doesn’t it? It may be a bizarre question, but it is a legitimate one. The simple answer would be if God were real then He’d be perfect and not flawed like his creation, mankind.

When was the concept of God, as we know it, introduced into human society?  Would not the logical scientific mind suggest we start at the beginning? I’m not talking about the first chapter of the Jewish Bible called Genesis, but I’m talking about the earliest recorded history on our planet that was recorded thousands of year before the writers of Jewish Bible ever came on the scene with their revisionist version of history.  Did you know that the original story of Adam and Eve is many thousands of years older than the plagiarized version written by the Jews?

Ignorance, fear, and closed mindedness keeps many in the religious world from seeking the truth that will set them free. You may recognize those last words. Those words are recorded in the Christian Bible as the words of Jesus who was a very smart Jewish man who lead a movement to revolutionize the Jewish religion. When Jesus said, “You shall seek the truth and the truth will make you free”, it was a fresh and radical encouragement to nudge stumbling humanity to educate itself to seek the real truth about our human origins that would in turn make humanity free from the shackles of relatively modern man made religion.

I’ve asked enough questions that should have made you curious so I’ll make my answer short and you can do your own investigation and come to your own conclusions.  Research the Sumerian Tablets where you will find the original stories about The Great Flood, Adam and Eve, etc., that the writers of the Jewish Bible plagiarized.

My hope is that people will realize they can love and and be kind to one another all on their own.  Jesus eluded to this when he repeated the Scripture, “Ye are gods”.  Nobody needs the threat of an angry and punishing God to love thy neighbor.  As humans we all have an animal nature and a divine nature.  We all need to practice mindfulness and not be so hotheaded and default to our animal nature so easily.  Our animal nature serves us all well in the bedroom and when those fight or flight situations arise, but with practice we can learn to default to our loving divine nature’s and that is the hope for the survival of humanity on this planet.  Armed with this truth we can begin the shift from the ravages of the god religions which have been a necessary evil for far too long.  In closing, I’m not one to throw out the baby with the bath water. I may not believe in the gods of religions, but that doesn’t mean there is not some supernatural force(s) holding everything together.

Radical lefties claim

Jordan B Peterson 12 rules for life – videos online – Vox – The left’s rhetoric on gender – reactionary politics that validate white, straight and cis gender men at the expense of everyone else.  The radical leftists are ideologically possessed with the idea that gender is  social construct, that your brain has no concept of your biological sex.  The famous case of John/Joan comes to mind where a newborn male child suffered a tragic loss of his penis in a botched circumcision operation.   To save the young child John from suffering the undue psychological trauma of being a male growing up with no penis the attending physician’s genius idea was that awareness of gender is simply a social construct and that the boy, with surgical intervention, could be raised as a girl named Joan and she’d never be the wiser.  This social experiment came to a tragic end when the tomboy Joan found out she’d been born as a boy named John and immediately demanded help returning to his natural gender. John struggled to live as male, but eventually succumbed to suicide.

Canadian gov build a socialist constructionist view of gender into the law.  The idea that biological sex, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual preference have no relationship to one another, that they vary independently–there is nothing more false than that.

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