There are terms, phrases and words that the transgender movement uses that don’t really have a lot of truth in them.  These terms are thrown around very causally as if they represent established medical fact.  We welcome comments or suggested additions to this page.


Used to express sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.

If a trans person expresses their regret in transitioning they are known as a “regretter”.  This term is used by the trans community to harass and shame any trans person who expresses disappointment in their transition and/or takes steps to reverse transgender changes in an effort to return to their natural state of being.

The trans community takes delight in labeling.  They label all the different types of trans within their community and promoting a hierarchy where full transitioned trans people are at the top and what they deem fetishistic cross-dressers are at the bottom.  They take particular delight in labeling someone as a “Regretter” who has “detransitioned”.  They were transgendered until they weren’t anymore.  The transgender community goes to great lengths to delegitimize any person who goes into reverse mode.  They try to come up with all kinds of explanations to comfort themselves with the idea that such a person was never truly transgender at all.

An additional word about regret/regretter…   If someone has a belief that something bigger is going on behind the scenes in our lives; directing, and guiding us into situations, events, and circumstances that lead us towards evolving and enlightenment then how can anyone ever say they regret anything?  If there is a force outside of yourself that could be guiding your life into learning experiences that are good for you and the advancement of humanity then how can you truly say you regret anything?  To repeat a modern phrase, “It’s all good”.



Another term made up by the transgender community to malign and assassinate the character of anyone who chooses to reverse the the physical changes they made to appear as the opposite of their birth sex.