The Truth about Islam

“Seek the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Are you familiar with who said this? I don’t expect you to look up the verse. I’ll just tell you. They are words attributed to the Messiah of Judaism who’s real Aramaic name is “Yeshua” as was told to His earthly mother Maria by the angel Gabriel. I know many of you have made a choice to cling to the name “Jesus” which is poor attempt of the Greeks to transliterate the sacred name of Yeshua which Scripture tells us is the only name by which we receive salvation. It’s not multiple choice names or you could just get baptized in the name of Satan or Lucifer for the forgiveness of your sins, right? I’ll just let that sink in a bit while I begin the next paragraph…

Listen up all you Foolish Virgins and Harlots of the Mystery of Iniquity Babylonian Whore system of Christianity that has sought to cancel G-D’s Commandment’s! There is a reason that Yeshua said directly to the false religion of Christianity that would come in the future, “Go away from me ye workers of iniquity! I never knew you!” Christians can claim no salvation through the G-D of Israel. Once upon a time before they separated themselves from Judaism they did have salvation through the Jewish Messiah, but no longer. Yaqob (James), the brother of Messiah Yeshua scrupulously kept the Law of Moses and for that reason became known as “Yaqob/James the Just”. While the messianic Jews and converted Gentiles were under the leadership of Yaqob and Rabbi Saul (aka Apostle Paul), the other disciples of Yeshua all was well, but after the death of Yaqob,and the other apostles the Lawlessness began to creep in. Full-blown iniquity (Lawlessness) became the norm when the pagan Roman emperor Constantine accomplished a hostile takeover of the faith once handed down from the apostles and the original Jewish faithful. The anti-Semitic false religion of Christianity along with it’s false Messiah Jesus was born.

Yeshua prophetically and parabolically spoke the to the empty lamp Foolish Virgins of Lawless Christianity when they showed up at the door of the Father’s House expecting to be admitted as the Bride, “I do not know you!”, and Yeshua shut the door and locked the vile, Lawless Christian church world out of the wedding. Locked out in the outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Yes, I know this article is supposed to be about the truth of Islam, but there has to be some back story of other truths revealed so just be patient. This is a very short read.

Does the name “Jesus” sound like Yeshua at all? Obviously, the answer is no, so that means that “Jesus” is NOT a transliteration of Yeshua. The name Jesus is also NOT a translation from Aramaic into Greek because the the Greeks had no words to combine together that mean YHVH is Salvation. I’m not going to continue a full teaching now on “the only name given under heaven to mankind by which we must be saved”, — ACTS 4:12 I’ve written about that in depth elsewhere on this website.


Do you know what the word “Islam” means? It’s simple translation into English is “submit/submission”. The Book of Bereshith (Genesis) says that Abraham submitted to the will of Allah. Yes, Allah. Allah is the same word as Eloah that comes from the familiar Elohim (aka Allahim). So, all you deceived folks get that Allah moon god stuff out of your head cause that is just a political lie of Satan to bring hatred and distrust to our brother’s and sisters in the faith of the One True G-D.

The most well, known story of Abraham submitting to the will of Allah was when G-d/Elohim/Alahim told him to sacrifice his son Isaac. We are all familiar with this story because it is a “type and shadow” of “G-d so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son” to be a once and for all sinless sacrifice of atonement for the sin of the Jewish people first which includes our cousin’s the Ishmaelites/Muslims, and then also to the Gentiles who convert to the monotheistic faith of YHVH.

Now, because this is important for you to understand let us look at the Hebrew word in your Bible that translates into the English word submit/submission.



YOSEF BEN DAVID was made in the image of Elohim/Allahim who incarnated Himself into His only begotten Son Yahu'sha the Jewish Messiah. YOSEF BEN DAVID Ministries is a prophetic last of the Last Days Ministry before the return of Yahu'sha HaMashiach for His True Church of Wise Virgins. The Foolish Virgin deceived church world will be left behind to suffer the plagues of the entire 7-year Tribulation period that will coincide with the 7-day marriage supper of the lamb. Not only will those apostate foolish virgins of the Babylonian Whore/Harlots system be left behind, but also many Jews, and Muslims who did not accept the Truth of Torah that was made flesh in the personhood of the Messiah Yahu'sha. They will see the One they pierced (with their iniquity/Lawlessness) and then they will weep for Him as one weeps for an only Son." Some of those who see him then may have come to the Truth I preach from the Word during the Tribulation, but the "Many" will not have made it through the narrow gate that leads to life will be destroyed. "For HaShem (Yahuah), so loved the world that He incarnated Himself and gave Himself as His only begotten Son (as an unblemished covering for sin), that whosoever believes in Him their nephesh (soul) shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life." He came to us as a suffering servant, but is soon to return as a conquering King Yahu'sha from the Kingly line of King David.