The Sugar-free Lifestyle

Thanks to a dietary recommendation by my friend, , I have now become sugar-free.

I was told by my rhumatologist that I had to cut out sugar and I said, “But I only use a tablespoon in my coffee once a day!”

Anybody who has arthritis will tell you that the pain is no joke. Also, it saps your normal strength like kyptonite and even the simplest tasks like opening a pickle jar become impossible.

Charlie recommends cutting out all while flour products and sugar. It’s hard to give those things up, but I knew it was time to change and not eat these things on a regular basis. Oh, yeah I do cheat a tiny bit from time to time if I go out with friends for pizza or a beef burger. Sugar is a lot easier for me to avoid than flour.

The problem I had with stopping sugar was that nothing tasted satisfying enough in my coffee. Stevia works in my fermented green tea that I drink cold, but no other sweeteners made my coffee taste right. I’m sure some would say I should give up coffee too, but I don’t want to live forever.

Charlie recommended natural monkfruit to replace sugar and so I searched around online, read some reviews and then ordered from . My order of six bottles arrived in just a couple days and it tasted great in my coffee.

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