The Transgender link to Aliens, Extraterrestrials, and UFO’s

I thought the title of this page would sound quirky enough to get a click or two? The main thought I wanted to get across is that the people who say, “Gender is just a social construct”, are on the right track, but have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.  Transsexuals will tell you, “Sex is between your legs and Gender is between your ears”, meaning your brain sense of sex may not match your body sex at birth.  Gender in the brain is sort of one of those things that is harder to prove.  You can’t just pull your pants down on your brain and prove what sex you are.  Now, is when I’m going to depart from the biological and discuss the spiritual, which will require most readers to have some sense of belief that there is something beyond this physical life we can see and touch. I’m not embracing any religion or group, but simply talking about what could be inside each human being that survives the death of the body. Some call it your soul.

There is a belief called reincarnation that many have heard of, but heard very little of that may convince them that it is a real phenomenon. I usually preface most introductory conversations with folks with my favorite Youtube video of a woman who currently lives in Britain, but previously lived in Ireland in her past reincarnation with her husband and six children.  In this present day life she traveled to Ireland and amazingly was able to find her still living children from her past reincarnation.  Picture a 37-year-old woman trying to convince a 72-year-old man that she was your mother in her last reincarnation.  Watch the story of Jenny Cockell and this will help put you in the right frame of mind to read the next paragraph.  For those who already believe in reincarnation you may have already seen her story and my next paragraph won’t require a big leap of faith or mental gymnastics.

I say to you that being transgender is not so much about feeling like you are trapped in the body of the wrong sex, but it’s more of spiritual journey where you end up realizing we are spiritual beings trapped in a body.  The spiritual being living in the temporary host body has no sex, but only experiences the sex of it’s host body and this happens time and time again from reincarnation to reincarnation. Thankfully, biology serves most of us well and the majority of humans do not experience discomfort with their sense of gender matching their bodies. Out of the mess comes a message to the human race that could be spearheaded by transgender people.  Close your eyes and dig deep into your being and you will understand.  Body sex, while fun, is also a stumbling block to enlightenment. People want to say that there is strength in our diversity and while there are situations where that can be true, there is certainly more strength in knowing the fact that we are all one.  Shed the physical roadblocks and we can all unite with love as our greatest motivation.