Patrick Crusius Manifesto

Note: Sorry for the choppy presentation of the Patrick Crusius Manifest. I’m no website wizard and I managed to find a copy of the manifest in pdf form and just did screen prints of the paragraphs and then reassembled them here. I will comment at the end of Patrick Crusius’s Manifesto.

Patrick Crusius seems to have grasped the importance of reducing the population of our plant so we can manage resources and stop poisoning our water and environment. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THOSE TRYING TO MANAGE IT NOW ARE DOING IT BY DECEPTIVE MEANS TO KEEP SPERM COUNTS LOW TO SLOW THE POPULATION BOOM. Just come out and sound the alarm and ask the people of our planet to please try to just duplicate yourselves with your own two child policy like Prince Harry and Megan are doing.

The Democrats in the USA are going to cry crocodile tears as they try to dramatically take the moral high ground and scream gun control again, but you can’t have open boarders and gun control at the same time. Millions of guns are being brought across the boarder as well as millions of human illegal immigrants, criminals trafficking children for sex, and of course drugs. The Democrats want votes and power more than fixing any of those problems. They will bludgeon and demonize the gun-toting Republicans for a week or two, but then drop the argument because they really don’t care how many thousands of Americans are killed each year as long as they can keep open boarders with millions of criminal immigrants streaming in to vote for them.

In closing, I understand the frustrations Patrick tried to convey in this manifesto (if it really was written by him), and I also understand where his thinking lacks understanding of the bigger picture. Yes, we must demand population control of this planet. And yes, Patrick Crusius is right about the immigrants coming through our southern boarder being heavy breeders, and that is due to their mainly Catholic no birth control beliefs. People this is not the Bible days anymore where your descendents need to be as many as the sands of the sea shore as promised by God to whoever! A one-child policy may be a bit harsh, but definitely a replacement population two-child policy should be instituted in all countries till we get this crisis of over population under control. With a world-wide two-child policy population will begin to decrease. In my humble opinion, we also need to return to simpler agricultural-based lifestyles and get rid of fucking Monsanto and it’s monster corporate farming with all the poison food they are feeding the peasants that can’t afford the Organic foods that only the wealthy and elites can afford. Enough is enough! Let’s change the world for the better people!

If Patrick Crusius isn’t murdered by the law while in jail as I believe Jeffery Epstein was, he will eventually give us his story and it probably will not be the story we are hearing now. What if he denies ever writing that manifesto?

Maybe more thoughts later…

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