Our War Veteran’s

You don’t go to war and leave the war. You go to war. It’s just the battle field has changed. When you come home there are other wars and plenty of other battles to fight for those experiencing PTSD.

I know what PTSD is like because I used to have it really bad after a traumatizing event I experienced in my life. It took five years to work a lot of it out, but those internal wounds are still there. It’s sort of what they say about alcoholics, “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic”.

I watched a 2015 documentary, Searching for Home: Coming Back From War. I really felt for those people in the documentary because even though I’d never gone to war I’d suffered a battle in my life that resulted in PTSD.

Do what you can for our under appreciated war veterans.

Are you a veteran and need to talk to someone who know what you are going through? Talk now, veteran to veteran 1-877-927-8387.

When a veteran you know needs help make a confidential call: 1-888-7458.

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