My Good Habits Diet

I just got done eating a bowel of boiled lentils dressed with toasted sesame oil and tossed with my homemade kimchi. I wonder how many of my readers have ever eaten kimchi? It basically fermented cabbage, exactly what sauerkraut is, but not heat processed so the fermentation makes it full of wonderful probiotics which are good for your digestive system and make you a healthier person!

I eat a lot of cabbage because it is part of my anti-inflammatory diet. Why do I eat something called an anti-inflammatory diet? As modern humans many of us on the planet eat a very unnatural diet filled with dead things, filled with chemicals, and devoid of nutrients. For many years of my life I ate a lot of things that weren’t so good for me because I ate what the culture I grew up in offered. I won’t go into details on how everything on the basic American dinner plate is cooked and dead. I was just eating many foods that caused inflammation in the body which any doctor will tell you creates the basis for most all disease we suffer from.

From eating an inflammatory diet I developed arthritis that I first noticed in my shoulders when I was 45 years old. At first I just said to myself, “Oh, I’m getting old now and there is nothing I can do about it”. In the next 10 years I changed my mind about that and began eating an anti-inflammatory diet.

To make things super easy for me the base of my diet is cruciferous vegetables. For me, my favorites are cabbage and cauliflower. I will always cook those veggies with a lot of water because I later drink it as an anti-inflammatory beverage. My everyday go to drink is cold brewed green tea which is partially fermented naturally due to just throwing the tea bags in the same brewing container that has the live probiotics from the last batch. I sweeten my tea with stevia which is organic and 100% pure, no additives. Each time I pour a glass I add a little of my liquid vitamin/mineral supplement that I’ve been taking for the past 15 years. It’s adds a natural fruit flavor similar to apple cider to my green tea.

It’s not my purpose in this post to give a full disclosure of my good habits diet, but in closing I’ll also say I say away from gluten. That means staying away from from all wheat and oat products. I’m not gluten-intolerant the way some people are, but gluten turns to sugar and sugar is the #1 inflammatory basically guaranteeing you will develop arthritis. Thankfully, there are many gluten-free flours in the marketplace now which I can make easy crispy bread sticks, muffins, gravies, etc.

Combat those fibrins that develop in response to inflammation that cause arthritis with an anti-inflammatory diet!

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