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I wanted to make my initial blog entry today about my first love.

It was the end of a long summer and a new school year was beginning. A fella I knew handed me a note and said a girl had called him and given him a name and a number for me to call.  I called the number that day after school and it turned out to be Phyllis Hogan that I’d known in the previous school year.  We must have talked for days on the phone and eventually she invited me to come to her home to meet her mother and sister.  Her father passed away when she was a young girl.

For the moment I’ll make a long story short and just say that when I saw her again it was like love at second site.  I felt so happy just sitting with her and talking on the front porch swing. We dated and fell in love.  After 14 months of dating my mother decided to tear us apart with her decision to move to Florida.  I was heartbroken, but what could I do?  I was just a teen and I’d long since learned to follow orders and not rock the boat.

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