FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE: Why was I born a hermaphrodite?


GENESIS 1:26 “And Elahim/Allahim created Adam in His image, in the image of Allahim He created him; male [zakhar] and female [nekeivah] (He created them).”

PSALMS 139:16 “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

JERMEYAHU 18:4 “But the vessel that he was shaping from the clay became flawed in his hand; so he formed it into another vessel, as it seemed best for him to do.”

Does not the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay one vessel for special occasions and another for common use?

In the original Hebrew “He created them” in Genesis 1:26 is not in the Hebrew text, but the phrase only inferred to make a grammatically correct sentence for English readers, but it misleads the non-hebraic reader to think this passage was talking about the “them” as the creation of Adam and Eve, but it is not so.

Every Jewish rabbi will tell you that “Adam” was created male and female in one body, and a “side” of Adam (not a rib) was separated from him to make the woman. A lot of people also do not catch that “Adam” was a creation, yet Eve was “made” from Adam.

We know that males have an XY chromosome pattern that has the male Y and the female X. I hate to use the word “normal”, but all normal males are naturally a mixture of male/female with the X & Y while the female who is XX is a non-intersexed being. Our Heavenly Father has both the divine attributes of male and female and this is why the Torah says Adam was made in the image of Allahim. All rather interesting, huh?

At 11:05pm on Monday the 13th of April 1964 I exited my mother’s womb and she never wanted to see me again because the doctors didn’t know what sex I was. When the doctors returned with a diagnosis they told her I had a chromosomal condition called XO/XY Mosaicism and for that reason I was born as a male pseudo hermaphrodite. I formerly went into explicit detail about body, but for the hope of keeping this website G-rated I’ve taken that stuff off the site. You can Google the condition and get the details.

I went straight home from the hospital to my grandmother’s home cause my mom didn’t want to deal with me. My mother finally took me home after three months of bonding with my grandmother. Later in life, and more than once, my mother seemed to take some pleasure in telling me that “when she brought me home I cried for six months”. I never quite understood why she would have told me such a thing because all babies cry to communicate their needs till they learn to speak, but it became clear later in life when my grandmother told me she cared for me from birth till 3 month. Understanding child psychology, at 3 months I was stripped from the arms of the only mother I knew and was put with someone who was a stranger to me. It’s no wonder my crying was out of the ordinary for six months after my mother took me home to be with her. She took from a loving environment to a unloving environment with someone I didn’t know even though I’d lived in her womb for 9 months.

So, why did our Heavenly father bring me into the world this way? I’m sure the man who was born blind that Yahusha healed of his blindness at the Mikvah called “The Pool of Siloam” also asked why he was born blind. It is written that everybody knew this begging blind man and all were astonished that he was healed by someone named Yahu’sha. The apostle asked Yahu’sha, “Rabboni, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Yahusha, “but this happened so that the work of Allah might be displayed.”

What is most important to learn from the blind man’s healing was that Yahusha and His apostles were speaking about re-incarnation which is foundational to Judaism. The deceived Christian church world doesn’t see this and if ever asked about re-incarnation they say, “They don’t teach that in my church. Re-incarnation is of the Devil”. I always ask people if they don’t believe in re-incarnation then how can they believe that our Heavenly Father Himself did just that when He placed His incorporeal Being into the human body of Yahusha and became, “Emmanual, Allah with us”.

I think about the potter scripture in the Book of Jeremiah that says the original pot being formed was marred in the hands of the potter and so the potter remade the vessel as he saw fit, even a special occasion vessel. Is that what I am, an special occasion vessel? Seems like that is what the Scripture says. A special occasion vessel for such a time as this.

I will continue to write more about my life story here as time permits, but I hesitate to talk so much about me because I am but dust and it is not I that lives, but the Messiah Yahu’sha who lives in me that is important. I am but His humble servant.

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