Equality Act H.R.5 Must Not Pass

This Article Updated: 10 June 2019

The Equality Act, as currently written, must not pass. I’m going to tell you why. As a whistleblower from inside the trans community, I have known of many men who self-identify as transgender who are nothing more than sex offenders who dress up as women to gain access to the most private places of females, the women’s locker room and women’s restroom facilities. This is a fact. There are tons of news articles written about so-called male-to-female transgenders being criminally convicted of exposing their male genitals and trying to molest women in their private women’s spaces. (see: www.WomenAreHuman.com)

Let us not forget that Gender Dysphoria is defined as a mental illness. We do not want to allow male sex offenders, pediofiles, the mentally ill, etc., into the most private sanctuaries for women and young girls. We have separate facilities for women and men, frankly because so many men cannot be trusted.

Men afflicted with the mental illness known as Gender Dysphoria will always be looked as “other” by society. Even the Gay community looks at them as other, and many begrudgingly allow them under the so-called LGBTQI umbrella. The most compassionate thing we can do for these “other” individuals is provide more gender neutral restrooms. Gender neutral restrooms are not a new thing created by a Godless society so let’s correct this situation the right way before men force their way into women’s private spaces.

Should these certain mentally ill people have many other of the civil rights written into the Equality Act? Yes. There is a compassionate response to this situation.

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