Created in The Image of God

I believe we all know that in the Jewish Scriptures, in the Book of Genesis, is where we get the story of God creating man in His image, right?

Now, as I always tell people, I am not a spoon feeder. That means that in order to keep this teaching short and sweet I don’t quote the Scripture source all the time, but I expect you to have enough desire to fact check for yourself. That said, let’s continue…

The book of Genesis (Bereishit in Hebrew), we are told how God created us humans. He created the male first and then the female. When He made the man it says that man was made in his image. There is nothing in God that is not replicated in His creation. Man being made in His image meaning, man has both the attributes of male and female in one body, just like God has both of the divine attributes in one body, if I can say, so to speak that God has a body.

Most of you reading this article did go to school and had a biology class that taught you about male and female chromosomes, right? The male has an XY chromosome pattern and the female is XX. I happen to be a rare mixture of both sexes having been blessed with a medical condition called XY/XO Mosaicism. In coarse language, I was born a hermaphrodite. My mother was so horrified that she told them to take me away after I was born and she did not want to see me again. She was going to give me up for adoption, but my grandmother intervened and took me home from the hospital and cared for me for the first 3 months of my life till my mother finally calmed down and took me back.

Five months later at 8 months of age in December of 1964 I underwent surgery to fix my body to appear totally male. My pseudo-vagina with no vaginal canal, or womb was cut out and sealed up after they brought down my undescended gonads of which one had developed into a normal testicle, but the other one had developed into a hybrid of an ovary and and testicle called an ovo-testis. Because my urinary tract had developed normally the penis so I could use it for urination that was the decision maker for fixing me to be male. Keep my personal medical history in mind as you read further.

So, you understand that females have two XX chromosomes and men have just only one X paired to a Y chromosome. Until the fetus goes through what is known as the period of differentiation at 6-8 weeks all developing babies appear as female. If the chromosome pattern is XX the baby continues to develop as female, but if the chromosome pattern is XY then the female default body begins to differentiate and the clitoris grows larger into the eventual penis and the gonadal tissue develops into testicles instead of ovaries. All men begin life with a female body and then, in the womb, they differentiate from the female default body and start developing a male body. It’s like every male human on this planet begins life as female and then has in the womb by virtue of the chromosomal blueprint that dictates what sex the female default fetus will become.

Now, if God made man (males) in His image with the divine attributes of male and female then what image did God make woman in? Bereishit (Genesis) tells us that God took one of man’s sides (rib is a mistranslation of the Hebrew) and formed the woman from it. To me, it sounds like God took the one “side” of the XY chromosome pattern, taking only the female X chromosome from the man he’d created and multiplied it like the loaves and fishes and woman was created.

So, my friend, you see every man is made in the image of God with both male and female attributes or chromosomes. There is a stumbling block for the Christian churches, but it’s been common knowledge in the Judaism of Yashua the Messiah forever. Christians will say that God only made two sexes, male and female. Lori Lamb of Daystar Ministries has promoted this false teaching in opposition to the thousands of children born as I was, as a third sex medically called “Intersex”, a hermaphrodite with an XY/X0 chromosome pattern with both male and female genitalia. I messaged Joni Lamb personally on Facebook to have her invite me and my Rabbi onto her her Table Talk program to give the Jewish side of the story of creation which would correct her false teaching, but I have not heard back from her.

Because Joni Lamb has also had a series of shows with gays, lesbians, and transgenders I want to teach her and her audience from Judaism how us Jews believe that homosexuality and transgenderism is a reincarnation issue. Most people have no clue that reincarnation is foundational to Judaism. At least twice in the New Testament *Jesus taught on reincarnation. It’s right there in the King James in red letters. “Red letters” mean’s those are the words of *Jesus. I’ve also called Dr. Joyce Myers on the carpet for not knowing that *Jesus taught reincarnation. Homosexual men and the transgendered folk are experiencing a reincarnation bleedover from a most recent past life as a woman. This is Judaism 101, but the anti-Jewish church world is clueless. They are coming along in these Last Days, but still Yashua says, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”.

The Homosexual and Transgendered Lifestyle

Warning: If you are under the “Strong Delusion” that G-d sent to the Lawless ones then this prophetic message is going to radically change your entire understanding of Judaism and Christianity and hopefully allow you to believe in the One True G-d of Y’israel and reject the Catholic/Protestant Whore/Harlot system. As the Messiah of Y’israel begged, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE (before it’s too late) SO THAT YOU DO NOT PARTAKE OF HER PLAGUES“.

Like our Heavenly Father Yahuah Himself who incarnated into human form to become our earthly Kohain HaGadol (High Priest) and ultimate sacrifice for sin in the personhood of Yahu’sha HaMashiach, I too do not harbor any ill will against those precious and sincere souls trapped in The Mystery Babylon Whore/Harlot system (Catholic/Protestant system) created by the satanic pagan emperor of Rome, Constantine, but the time has come as we are in the last of the Last Days, it is time for the prophesied “love of many to wax cold” against those who continue to cling to the false Messiah J’esus replacement for the true Messiah Yahu’sha. The real Messiah said, “If you love me keep my Commandments”, but the Catholics and Protestant Christian mystery cult of Rome clings to it’s false satanic anti-Messiah who they claim allow them to no long keep His Torah Law of Moses and so their Lawless mystery of iniquity abounds. Grace is the re-newed Covenant whereby the penalty of death by stoning was removed, not the Law itself removed as Messiah Yahu’sha explained clear enough:

For, Ahmayne, truly I say to you, until Shomayim and haaretz (Heaven and Earth) pass away, not one yod , not one tag (ornamental flourish), will pass from the Torah until everything is accomplished. Therefore, whoever annuls one of the least of these mitzvot (divine commandments given by YHWH to Moshe Rebbenu) and so teaches Bnei Adam (mankind), shall be called katon (least) in the Malchut HaShomayim (Kingdom of Heaven); but whoever practices and teaches them, this one will be called gadol (great) in the Malchut HaShomayim. For I say unto you that unless the Tzedek (Righteousness) of you exceeds that of the Sofrim and Perushim, you will certainly not enter the Malchut HaShomayim.

WAS THAT CLEAR? “You will certainly NOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, do you want to continue to send your money to the Daystar Jezebal Lamb Queen of Iniquity??? I’ll let you in on a little secret that has been kept for 2000 years… Judaism has known who their Messiah is ever since He arrived 2000 years ago, but you see how many were cruxified for their belief by Rome, even the Messiah Himself! Millions upon Millions were cruxified, fed to the lions, shot and gassed by Adolf Hitler, and you wonder why the Jews have been a rather reclusive non-proselytizing faith for the last 2000 years, but kindly embrace all who wish to come learn with them? They know who the Messiah is, but they forcefully reject the Lawless demonic Roman conjured up anti-Messiah named J’esus that inspired the Roman Whore Catholicism and Her Protestant Harlot daughter’s to slaughter millions of us. Catholics and Protestants reject the very foundation of the faith that allowed The Almighty G-d to re-incarnate Himself into a human vessel to become our Messiah. We Jews know who we serve, but the pagan’s of Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity are those Foolish Virgins with no oil of the Torah Law Keeping in their lambs are are rejected as the Bride of Maschiach.

Sorry, for trying to explain the whole mystery in one or two run-on paragraph’s, but such is the foolishness of preaching as Paul said. We get so euphoric about the truth and want to just reveal all the glorious truth in one breath!

The wicked Daystar Jezebel Lamb with her painted eyelids continues to make herself Queen and as much as she has glorified herself and lived in luxury she will be given the same measure of torment and grief. In her heart she says, “I sit as queen; I am not a widow, and will never see grief.” Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and grief and famine—and she will be consumed by fire, for mighty is Yahuah incarnate who judges her. She will remain married to Satan and continue to lure Jew and Gentile alike into her “Strong Delusion” of her LAWLESS reprobate religious cult centered around a pagan Roman demonic creation know as J’esus Christos.

If the Daystar Jezebel truly had any heart at all for the Melek HaOlam (King of the Universe) she would respect Him by invoking and calling upon His name, His lashon Kodesh name given to Him at His re-incarnation birth when Yahuah Himself gave us the sign in Beit Lechem (Bethlehem), the babe lying in a animal feeder (manager) in a Succah (tent/tabernacle) during Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) when The Almighty G-d Himself re-incarnated once more into human form to become Yahu’sha the Messiah of Y’israel. (BTW, the first time Yahuah incarnated into human form was when He wrestled with Jacob who became Y’israel)

I have been called of G-d to rebuke the Babylonian Whore/Harlot (apostate Catholic/Protestant Christian) system that wants to satanically destroy your soul with the false Messiah system to which the real Messiah Yahu’sha pleaded, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE SO YOU DO NOT PARTAKE OF HER PLAGUES”.

Throughout the Scriptures we see time, after time, after time that our Abba Father Yahuah Allahim of Y’israel mercifully does not destroy His people as they walk away from Him and involve themselves in idolity with all kinds of manmade idols. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and that is why He is still lovingly pleading, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” before it’s too late and you suffer the eternal damnation and destruction of your soul.

The Catholic & Christian Protestant One-World Universalist Religion have taken it upon themselves to delete the Commandments of our Heavenly Father. The pagan Roman Whore system rewrote and edited the original Aramaic and Hebrew gospels before destroying them and replacing them with the Greek language. The pagan Roman’s deleted re-incarnation which is foundational to Judaism and therefore should before foundational to anti-Jewish Christianity too. Do you not like the sound of that? Don’t hate the messenger. I AM just one of YHWH/Yahusha the Mosiach’s last of the LAST DAYS prophets called to rebuke the falsehoods and doctrines of demons that Satan has fooled God’s Chosen People and the Apostate Babylonian Whore/Harlot religious system that sits upon 7 hills in Rome. Yahushu commanded, not asked, not pleaded, that those involved in those Lawless (Torahless) system, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE SO YOU DO NOT PARTAKE IN HER PUNISHMENTS!” Furthermore, Yahusha says, “Be very fearful of your decision to have a form of Godliness, but deny MY POWER of incarnation and re-incarnation. If you claim to believe I am YHWH God incarnated (God became a man) then how do you not believe that re-incarnation is not foundational to Judaism and how can YOU, Oh, apostate Christian protestant Harlot daughters not see that I taught you re-incarnation in red letters in the gospels through my only begotten Son Yahusha? You can’t have Me as God Himself incarnated into flesh to be broken, and bruised, and impaled on a tree, cursed, and take all YOUR sins away through my blood unless I AM that I AM incarnated into flesh to become your Redeemer. Thus saith the LORD.” Remember, before I re-incarnated as my Only Begotten Son Yahu’sha I previously incarnated into human form and wrestled with Jacob who became Y’israel. [end of prophetic message from Yahu’sha – added as an update to this “August 3rd blog post” on 18 August 2020/28 Av 5780]


Beloved, of Yahuah, don’t you KNOW that for every single good thing that Yahuah has for His people that HaSatan (Satan, TheAversary of your soul) has a counterfeit for? If you do not know that yet then I AM bringing you this Word of Yahuah now so you can loose yourself from the bondage, lies, and counterfeit versions of Judaism where Satan has deceived you out of your claim to your rightful and righteous place in the KINGDOM of Yahuah.

The Protestant Harlot church world is quick to promote many false plans of salvation by misquoting and taking verses out of context. I was recently monitoring a popular television pastor named Marcus Lamb who owns the Daystar Network floated the idea that “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved”. How does Christianity call upon the name if they don’t know it? How do these Christians even hope to know the name to call upon when they have been programmed by a demonic system that had hidden that name from them?

Abba Yahuah has anointed me to be a shliach/sheliach (messenger) to a community of LGBT people whom I have had much lifetime experience with. My Abba wants to unveil how The Adversary (HaSatan) has beaten and battered you and confused you and hurt you to the point that YOU, a child of Yahuah, got pushed so far that you lost your first love. You developed a bad taste in your mouth for Religion in general and felt compelled to become *spiritual* and as a result leaned on your own understanding and created your own fanciful beliefs outside of the Word of Yahuah. Abba Allahim (Elohim/Eloahim) say’s, “Don’t do it! Come back to me. I love you. Allow me to open your eyes through my suffering servant and learn the key to your same-sex attractions– re-incarnation.”

First it was the Yahudim (Jews) who were contaminated in Babylonian exile and then much later a new version of the same old Satanic garbage was revived by pagan Rome to control the rapid rise of believers in Yashua (incorrectly aka Jesus) the Moshiach (Messiah) of Israel. This revival of the Whore began with Roman Emperor Constantine’s fake vision of the cross in the sky as his sign to change that religion of the Roman Empire to include the Jewish Messiah, but their first mission was to strip Him of his Jewish name and Jewish identity, making Him more palatable like a blond-haired, blue-eyed Greek god with his newly created name that was a rehash of the Isus/Esus and Mithras the sun god. This apostate Catholic Whore/protestant Harlot system saw hostile takeover as the only way to bring their Roman empire together under one Frankenstein religious system that incorporated paganism with Messianic Judaism who were known as the Natsarim. Did you know that the Nicean council decided from five pagan deity names to use Esus/Esous/Iesous, a sound alike for Zeus to bring in all the pagans in? They almost re-named Yahusha as Mithras the sun god before deciding upon Esus, simply another name for Satan since it’s the name of one of his demonic false deities. The names of Caesar (a title and also a first name) and Krishna of Hinduism were also on their list. “Jesus Christ” as the anti-Messiah of Catholicism and Christianity is known as Jesus Christ because the name/title is a mixture of the god/goddess Esus and Krishna = J’Esus Christna = Jesus Christ. You’ve all been duped!

I cannot on my own be a judge and say if Yahu’sha will be merciful enough to accept a stained “Jesus name” Harlot bride with no oil in her lamp or not, but what I can say for right now is He is still trying to explain the Whore/Harlot abomination and is saying, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!” I just can’t judge what will become of those who call upon the name of Jesus, at least not for now, as I will not be given such a judgeship till the White Throne Judgement. All I know is it scares me when Yahu’shua said, “Many will come to me in that day (the Day of TheJudgement/Yom HaDin and many of the Whore/Harlot system will say, “Lord, Lord, didn’t we cast out demon’s in Jesus name and heal the sick in Jesus name”, but on that day I will tell them, “Go away from me you workers of iniquity ( workers of Lawlessness=saying we don’t have to keep all 613 commandments. Yahu’sha added another commandment to the 613 when He instructed us to, “Love one another as I have loved you”.

If you don’t obey Acts 2:38 that commands us to be water baptised for the remission (forgiveness) of sins in THE ONE NAME ABOVE ALL OTHERS (Yahu’sha), the only name given to mankind by which we MUST (not multiple choice fake names) be saved then I cannot say that Yahusha will consider your baptism and salvation valid. He will judge, but He has already given His stern warning to those who are not keeping the Torah and the additional Laws, and instruction He gave as the Father in human form of the Messiah.

The Whore/Harlot has denied reincarnation that is foundational to the Judaism of Yahusha the Messiah (known to the Apostate Protestant Harlot church world and Babylonian Whore Catholic system as Jesus). The name Jesus was, and is, a pagan god replacement name “from the pit” as a pastor I once knew used to say. It was created along with an edited and altered version of the Jewish Believers in Messiah’s Scriptures/Gospels. Yahusha HaMoshiach says, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!” –Revelation 18:4

I know those dealing with homosexuality and transgenderedism issues have been beaten and battered by the Babylonian Whore (includes Lawless Reform Judaism, Catholicism), and the Whore’s Harlot daughter’s (Apostate Protestant Harlot Church’s) false religious system that endorses iniquity (lawlessness, ignoring God’s Commandments), but you won’t find none of that treatment here. I do not consider myself a “Christian” because Christianity was an invention of pagan Rome (and Satan) who saw a way to revive the old Mystery Babylon system.

I came out of the United Pentecostal Church officially in 2001 after being a member since I was 18 (that’s 22 years). To be clear, I wasn’t born a Jew (at least to my genealogical research thus far), but I claim to be Jew-ish (cute, huh?) by faith and believe myself according to Yahusha HaMoshiach (known to xtians as Jesus), to be a grafted into the vine. My rabbi and others say I must have a Jewish soul. I haven’t researched the validity of that claim yet.

Judaism, the true church of the Almighty God and His Son, does not treat people dealing with homosexuality and transgenderism with disrespect. Some may say I have no right to speak on this issue since I’m not transgendered or homosexual, but let me tell you. Before I knew I was intersexed I had assumed I was dealing with the same things as the subject of this article. My ministry reaches out to these individuals to help them understand their true identity in God and what they are dealing with in their relationship with our Abba Father and His Son Yahusha. Many in the LGBT identity movement lost their true identity many years go after being hated and bludgeoned by the religious world , but if you still have faith in God, feeling forced out of and you became “spiritual”, let me tell you, if you are still a believer, your situation is not much different than any other believer. The Babylonian Whore/Harlot system that many (as in “Many will come to me in that day”) have been become victims of a Satanic system that has a form of Godliness, but they deny the power of the real gospel that they have tried to hide–the fact that reincarnation is true. Yashua/Yeshua (aka Jesus) taught reincarnation!

For the false teachings from the Catholic/Christian Whore/Harlot system they will be judged and Scripture says they will burn the Whore with fire. Could the burning of churches be the fulfillment of God’s Word that “they will burn the Whore with fire”? Could burning the Whore refer to the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) that will baptise them with fire and open their eyes to the truth so that as many as possible will COME OUT OF HER before it’s too late? Will Catholics and Christians be extended grace or will their souls go into the Lake of Fire? I cannot answer that at this time and I pass no judgements until King Moshiach Himself makes me a judge. Until I am made a judge I will minister in love without judgement. When I watched the Notre Dame Cathedral burn to the ground on television I just kept hearing, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!”

Satan has lied to you little children. He has pushed a false identity upon you. He has worked hard to create an anti-messiah spirit in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered community and formed a rebellious identity in you that has put a wedge between you and God. Instead of understanding your situation like the true Jewish/Gentile church, the one that existed in the time of the apostles, the devil created this hateful monstrosity out of Rome that preaches a false lawless religion without they KEY of reincarnation that Yahusha taught! Reincarnation is the KEY for the LGBT people to COME OUT for real, come out of her my people and know your true identity and take your place as a believer. By understanding that reincarnation bleed over from being a female in your last gilgul (that’s Hebrew for reincarnation) and the side effects of that are causing you confusion because the last reincarnation bleed-over effect tells you that you have the genuine feeling of emotional and sexual attachment to a sex that is physically like your own, but with the knowledge you are a female reincarnation bleed-over into now male body you do not have the KEY to unlock your path to putting sexual sin behind you. I know it will be a hard thing to give up the prideful homosexual identity you have embraced, but it’s all gonna be part of your testimony one day as you lay your crown before the feet of Moshiach. For some people healing is instantaneous, while others will struggle. Some are going to be like the story of the prodigal son. Some are going to lose everything while they cling to their faith like אִיּוֹב/’Iyyov (in English: Job) from the Book of Job in the Tanach (aka Old Testament).

Judaism has long known the cause of homosexuality and the transgendered lifestyle, but many do not want to want to listen to the Jews because they feel God doesn’t like them anymore because they executed Messiah, but that is another lie of Satan. The Satanic list of individual reasons why the Jews are hated world-wide by many are many, but I’ll list the the most common slurs, they are the killers of Christ, and they are very cheap and will try to “Jew you down”. So, if Jews have anything to say, nobody wants to listen. Well, I have listened because I do not think these things about the Jews because I embrace them as my own people because I understand myself as a non-Jewish born person to be a grafted in branch of Israel because my faith is the same as theirs thanks to being lead to spiritual truth through an ancient Jewish Orthodox Rabbi who lived nearly 2000 years ago. Funny how I chose to use the word “ancient” (Ancient of Days) to describe this Rabbi, but I let me continue….

So, you hate Jews and because they are Christ Killers and you hate the Christian Whore/Harlot system that has bludgeoned instead of understanding you and as a result you probably have already stopped reading this page, but in the rare chance you are still reading let me tell you this. You will finally understand the true cause of homosexuality and it’s bedfellow, transgenderedism if I can drum it into your head. Truth bears repeating.

Black Lives Matter?


I pass easily for White, but I’m not. My great-great grandfather Charles Judah Gaylord, Jr. was a half Black half White mulatto born into slavery in 1852. As the 5th generation from my enslaved Negro ancestor I no longer have the obvious negro/noir/black skin color he had, but neither did any of his children including my great grandmother pictures below after him.

I am not half Black like my great-great grandfather, nor 1/4th Black like my great grandmother, nor 1/8th like my grandmother, or 1/16th like my mother, but I am 1/32nd Black which ain’t much, but for the racist and their One Drop Rule, I’m just as much a Negro as if I had no other race mixed in at all. For the sake of anti-racism I’m proud to own up to the One Drop Rule of the ugly racists who want to hate someone based on their color of skin. Why not hate because of something equally ridiculous like eye color or hair color?

My first cousin 2x removed who I call Auntie Betty had the privilege of knowing her grandmother, Emma Rachel Gaylord-Horstmann who was my grandmother’s mother. She sent me this lovely photograph of my grandmother of blessed memory. It’s a picture taken before she re-married after the death of my biological grandfather Odes Hall which by the way I just found out was Jewish the week of Sukkot 5781/2020 so after 20 years as living as a Jewish convert I now lost my convert status and observed my first Shabbos last week as someone who was born Jewish. Of course that’s just a misconception because I was keeping Shabbos every time as someone who was born Jewish, but didn’t know it. Now, to find out if possible which tribe of Israel I belong to!

Mary Katherine Horstmann-Hall

Getting back on track… Sorry, my brain easily forgets and can run off the rails quickly every since I suffered memory damage due to a bad medicine I was prescribed off label for some old age degenerative disk back pain.I was only 2 years old when she passed and I don’t consciously remember her. Had it not been for Aunt Betty and my grandmother’s sister Aunt Irene I would have never hardly known anything about Grandma Horstmann because my grandmother, the former Mary Katherine Horstmann was determined to not let our “dark” family secret get out that we were descended from enslaved Negros from Africa.

I sure wish I could have known my great-great grandmother and grandfather, but they were already long gone by several decades by the time I was born. I can only imagine what they must have went through have just been married as slavery was abolished. I’m very sure a half Caucasion/half Negro “Mulatto” and a Scottish White woman were the talk of the town. I just find the thought of it all amazing that my great-great grandfather was was legally born an enslaved African. I think their one saving grace was the Scottish were not seen by the racists as worthy of White privilege in early America. Many of them were brought to America as indentured servants like the Africans.

My mother and grandmother did their best to hide our heritage that they were obviously ashamed of. Perhaps it was more about fear because back in the day if you were found out to be part Negro that was worse than being pure Negro to the racists. I believe the stress of being found out to be part Negro drove my mother and grandmother to having a certain level of mental disorder. I think my grandmother handled it better than my mother who felt so far removed from being a Negress that she just lost her mind over it all. These poor people concerned so much with the physical when we are all foundationally beings of light without bodies of flesh and blood, or COLOR. Heaven knows with all that history and my own birth history of being born a hermaphrodite and not feeling fully committed to either sex I should be confused and have issues, but because I understand fully that the body is just a temporary illusion given to us for the use of eve

Through I was able to be linked to through DNA to Florida cousins who look fully and unmistakably African Black Negro. They are part of the DNA evidence that dispelled all family rumors that we had Native American blood which was a lie to cover the truth of us being part Negro. In the Bible Father Abraham’s wife/concubine Keturah was a “woman of color”. Moses took an Ethiopian Cushite wife and the Israelites didn’t much like it that he took up with a woman of color. King David had a child with Bathsheba so there are many, but not all of the African Black race of people are genetically Jews.

The child of a slave and my 3rd great grandfather Charles Gaylord was born looking White enough that he was raised as his son. Here’s a photo of my great-great grandpa not long before his death at age 41. He was a farmer in the sun all day and his skin darkened a lot. I have gotten nearly black in the sun during my tanning days. Relatives say his skin was much lighter when he was born and that was a reason why my great-great-great grandfather took him and raised him as his son. My 1st cousin Eddie McCrocklin looks so much like him enough to be his son.

After his death his wife, my Scottish maternal great-great grandmother (Hello Clan Morrison!) Susannah Mary Morrison was left almost penniless and lived out the remainder of her days on a shanty boat at the mouth of the Little Cypress Creek, in Little Cypress, Kentucky near Paducah where one of her son’s, Cash Gaylord, lived. Grandma Gaylord died from malaria. This is her photo:

Oh those huge farmer woman hands!

How my great-great grandmother Gaylord must have suffered in a post-slavery America with a husband who obviously was part Negro (sic). All of their children were listed as Black in the census entries for the family decade after decade. My great grandmother Emma Rachel Horstmann’s children somehow escaped being entered in the census as Black which was a bit of a miracle considering the One-Drop Rule that still considered her, my grandmother, and other siblings to be Negro even though my great grandmother was 1/4th and my grandmother was 1/8th. Even my mother was 1/16 and still considered Negro by the One-Drop Rule that my home State of Kentucky upheld. As late as the 1910-11 school year, Pike County Kentucky school trustee Edmond Belcher notified the guardian of Troy and Loucreta Mullins that the children could not attend the school for Whites because the Mullins children were “Colored” even though they looked White. The guardian sued Belcher. The trial judge of the Pike County Circuit Court found that the children had at least 1/16 Negro blood, wherefore considered Colored, and would not be allowed to attend the school for White children. The children’s guardian filed an appeal. The Court of Appeal of Kentucky concluded that Negro and White children were never meant to be educated in the same school, and moral and mental chaos were likely to occur if that were to change. And, any traceable amount of Negro blood in an individual required that the person be considered “Colored.” The injunction was denied and the judgment of the Pike County Circuit Court was affirmed. 

The census taker’s were always members of the community who would talk and make sure those who looked White were still persecuted as Black. I haven’t found a census where my Grandmother and Mother were documented to be Black.

My great grandmother didn’t look very Black even though she had 1/4th Negro blood.

Emma Rachel Gaylord-Horstmann

My grandmother didn’t look too Black at 1/8th either.

Mary Katherine Horstmann-Hall-Washburn

My mother is considered “Colored” by the One-Drop Rule with 1/16th Negro blood.

My mother, Virginia Lee Hall

One of my Horstmann 2nd cousins became pregnant by a Black man. Because the baby girl came out looking full on Negro my cousin rejected her own child and gave her up for adoption. The baby was taken in by a woman named Teresa Lynn Davis, a single woman and named my cousin Mattie Davis. Mattie is an angry young woman and rightfully so. Why wouldn’t she grow up angry that her mother gave her way like she was nothing and a father who was never concerned enough to be part of her life either. It’s no wonder she is struggling with homosexuality probably stemming from her deep anger towards men because her father never cared. My cousin gave her up for adoption because she came out looking Black and that is reflected in her interactions with myself and other of here biological “White” family she has had interactions with. She lets her hatred of her White mother who gave her away and the Black father who never cared color every relationship she has. It’s very sad. Her blood family has tried to reach out to her, but all she does it make all kinds of paranoid allegations against us. It’s really sad. We think her single mother is probably a lesbian too, or a man hater in the least for whatever personal reasons she has for not marrying and giving Mattie a father figure. Mattie has grown up into a very warped young woman, but hopefully, one day along with her education will come some wisdom and hopefully compassion for other’s and what they have gone through. She lets her anger and hatred for being abandoned for coming out Black, forgive the pun, color her world. I have other cousin’s who had Black father’s and they don’t act like her.

My niece and I found Mattie on and she said some rather rude things. She’s so sensitive about her level of Blackness and doesn’t treat her bio family who is less Black than her very nice, to put it lightly. I could post all the nasty and threatening stuff she has written me here, but what good would that do? It would only make a girl her hates herself to hate herself and other’s more. As a medical professional in the field of psychology I can only hope she gets the help she needs or she is in for a lifetime of unhappiness. She has a lot of anger about being adopted out and I can’t help that. She does look like my cousin though. Too bad my lame cousin and her father could not have done the right thing and married and raised Mattie in a healthy home and maybe today she would not be suffering from depression and mental illness, or lesbianism. Mattie doesn’t seem like the type that would be lesbian due to classic reason’s, but her lesbian confusion does seem to primarily be born out of her adoptive mother’s promotion of the homosexual lifestyle Mattie’s anger towards her father. I think Mattie could easily be restored to her normal sexuality if she had just a bit of the right help with her issues.

“The sins of the father’s” the Scripture says will be passed down to the third and fourth generations”. Just an FYI, we are still in those third and fourth generations of the “father’s” who owned slaves in this country. I am of the 5th generation that ends the curse. I have reached out to this wayward cousin Mattie Davis with so much love and compassion. I have even reached out to her mother Teresa Lynn Davis. In my practice I’ve seen so many kids like Mattie who are just so angry at the world. They identify themselves with victim status and take the political side of the Democrats who made people like Mattie and my ancestors their victims in the first place. The Democrats are still fighting a war that never ended to keep Negro’s enslaved. They birthed the KKK who came and burned down my grandmother’s house and wanted to kill her mother “the Black Nigger Bitch” they called her the night they burned their home down. If it weren’t for the Rule family that were neighbors coming to the rescue with guns firing in the air to scare the KKK off none of us may have been here today to tell this story.

Mattie Davis

I imagine my mother knew about her Black ancestry, but never spoke a word to me about it and my grandmother never wanted to talk about her mother’s people.

My mother is 1/16 Negro blood and that makes my Negro blood content 1/32nd. I wonder if the racists would still consider me “Colored” under the One-Drop Rule? I guess I’d find out if it was still the early 1900’s.

My great-great grandpa Gaylord was legally born into slavery, but my 3rd great grandpa had a heart and embraced him as his son so he was what they called a “free Mulatto” back then.

I learned that my great grandma and grandpa were burned out of their cabin by racists when my grandmother was a girl. My grandmother told me that afterwards the family lived in a tent along the Ohio river that had a heating stove in it and it was cozy. She never spoke more about other places she lived growing up. After my grandmother married, grandpa Odes Hall her and their kids lived on the Buttorf Farm down Goshen Lane. My mother showed me the barn next to the house where she used to play as a girl and the tree along Goshen Lane where she take off and hide her shoes when she would walk up to the Goshen Store. I never talked to her and asked her if she grew up with racism. My family’s “dark” secret was not know to me while growing up and I only found out about my families Black ancestry when I grew close to my great aunt Irene while living in Indianapolis, Indian and going to church with her family. She filled me in a lot on how her mother and the family suffered from racists.

So, to close…do I believe and support the idea that Black lives matter? Yes, my Black family that I love matters. All Black lives matter as well as all the lives of all God’s children matter. As far as the Marxist lead organization Black Lives Matter, …..I cannot endorse an organization who’s leaders want to destroy American democracy and exchange it for socialistic Communism.

On Being XY/XO Intersexed

It was the year 2004 when I revealed to my primary general practitioner physician that I had transitioned from male to female at age 19. I told him I was unhappy living as female and wanted his assistance with male hormones so I could return to living as a male. He asked me if I’d mind before we took any course of action if I’d allow him to do a chromosomal test on me so he could just get a baseline on what we were dealing with. I posed no objection. My results came back XY/XO. I was completely unaware I had an intersexed chromosome pattern as during my transition two decades earlier not one single health professional had suggested such a test. Personally, after what I’ve gone through I think every trans person should be required to take a chromosome test as part of normal standards of care for anyone who experiences feelings of gender dysphoria.

Finding out I was intersexed and not just your regular self-identified transgender person was a shock to my system at first. I wondered if I’d had this information as a teenager would it have changed the path I took? I shrugged it off thinking I should not waste time thinking about such now because that was the past and now I have to deal with my present decision to live as male again. I spoke with the South Dakota, USA geneticist Virginia Johnson who worked on my case. We did a few more tests over the next few years at her suggestion and she explained to me that it appeared that the extra X’s in my chromosomes were probably more populous when I was younger and transitioned and now later in life the number of extra X’s were decreasing. She said it would explain my first transition as well and my second transition. All I could do was listen to what the geneticist told me like all I could do is listen to what the doctors who monitored my teenage transition were telling me about being a transsexual.

Upon telling my grandmother about the chromosomal testing results she opened up and told me about my birth and how I had surgery 8 months after my birth to fix me from being a hermaphrodite to looking like a normal boy. While just calmly accepting this I thought of it the same way as the earlier revelation of my XY/XO chromosome pattern. None of the information mattered now and would not deter me from my desire to leave the disappointing male to female transgender life behind and return to living as male. Yes, I went through stages of shock, anger, grief, but stayed cool about it. What good would it do to get mad at my mother for not just leaving my body alone and allowing me to make my own decisions about my own body when I was old enough? What was done was done and it had no effect no who I was or how I felt now.

So, basically I transitioned again in 2005. This transition was rather simple this time as there wasn’t much to do but to get a haircut, a mastectomy, and take male hormones so my appearance would not be so soft like a female. At first it was just a haircut and binding my breasts so the basic transition from female to male only consisted of one hour. I had my haircut, came home and strapped down my breasts, and popped out to work in my garden without missing a beat. Of course I was in a mindset about being male, but nobody saw me as male at first. A lot of the towns folk and neighbors were shocked that I’d cut off my knee length beautiful hair and had a boyish looking haircut, but they had no idea yet what was really going on with me. I didn’t shrink back from being very open and talking about what I was doing as I felt like I was being unshackled. After my mastectomy in May of 2005 I felt so relieved when those huge triple D Jersey milk cow breasts were gone out of my way.

Fast forward after 15 years of living as a male and what have I learned? Can I say I lived “as” female and lived “as” male, but maybe I don’t know the luxury of knowing truly what either of the sexes feels like because I’ll always be somewhere in between the sexes? Is this understanding I have part of my journey as a soul? If all people where honest would they say they can feel the sex of their soul or would they say they don’t if they have a soul or even if a soul can have a sex? I know a lot of people have no believe in such a thing as a soul, much less a soul that can reincarnate into different sexed bodies many times. We all want truth, but will we ever get it? All we all can really do is say all we really know is we don’t know and live life as best we can by being kind, compassionate, loving and helpful to others.

Living as male takes a lot less maintenance so it is so much more convenient. I know what it’s like to live a life that is influenced by testosterone as well as a life influenced by estrogen. Both hormones have their merits, but testosterone makes one feel more aggressive and estrogen creates a more gentle state of being. In 2016 I decided that living as a bearded male that takes estrogen instead of testosterone created a nice balance. Without testosterone my face looks too pretty without a beard that says male to my audience.

Life is constantly an experience of change, self-inventory, and more change. Life is not stagnant. If it is then are you really living? Don’t be afraid to live, to take chances. You might learn something about yourself. Speaking of learning something about yourself I often ask myself what I’m learning or understanding when I watch a romantic movie. My heart always melts with joy when I see a happy couple acknowledging being in love with each other. I try to imagine who I might identify with when I see a man and a woman romantically entwined. I really don’t see myself as the man or the woman, but only a happy observer who always cries at weddings lol. All I know from my experience of living “as” male and “as” female, I am a gentle soul with a tender heart, who sometimes feels hurt by how harsh life’s experiences can be sometimes, but I gather strength and soldier on.

So, what am I? What wants to answer that? Who wants to judge me? Who wants to discriminate against me? Who wants to hate me? Does it matter that I’m an honest person? Does it matter that my life’s career was nursing because I wanted to help those who couldn’t help themselves? Does what kind of person I am outside of gender make any difference? Is it not good enough to be a person who has a moral compass? A person who is kind and compassionate towards others?

Maybe I will continue my thoughts on this subject again one day. I know those who are interested know how to set alerts for updates. Have a beautiful day and be safe in our new Coronavirus world. Remember the history of the Spanish flu that only took a few million lives on it’s first wave. When people let their guard down the 2nd wave killed 30-50 million. Wear your mask and be mindful till there is a vaccine.

Who Are We?

Did you know me when I was he? Did you know me when I was she? Which lifetime was that?

What is the real us? Is our real person our soul that always prompts us to do what is right and good or are we our reactionary brains that cause us to be an unthoughtful species prone to violence?

Do you believe that it matters what sex your body is when your soul has no sex?

Most of problems in this world are caused by people who are don’t know who they are yet. Kids growing up in school don’t know who they are yet and aren’t they the most unmerciful at teasing and bullying others? Why do they act in such a way? One answer–they don’t know who they are and are afraid of anyone who is unafraid to be themselves.

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Don’t Take the COVID-19 Vaccine, it’s Satanic

The Father has put into my spirit that any coming vaccine for novel COVID-19 Coronavirus is going to be a satanic way to change our DNA and deactive things like the “God center” of your brain, the pituitary gland, aka your third eye.

There will be more revealed about the satanic intensions of the vaccine for COVID-19, mark me.


[UPDATE 6 May 2020] read this article about Bill Gates 666 agenda

[UPDATE 28 September 2020] read this article about the doctor who believes the COVID-19 vaccine will have DNA in it that will change the DNA of those who take it. In my personal opinion this will be the modern version of the fallen angels who had sex with the women of earth and created the DNA abomination race of Nephilim.


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Part of this website’s legacy is the help provided to me by Mr. Arthur Goldberg and Mrs. Elaine Berk who co-founded an organization called JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing). They paired therapists with people of various faiths who were experiencing unwanted same-sex attractions. They acted as custodians for my surgery detransition fund.

Arthur and Elaine became friends. More than that they were people who extended love and caring towards me and my situation. They introduced me to Rabbi Samuel Rosenberg who supported me in so many ways to discover who I AM in God that had been hidden under a heap of lies I’d believed about myself. I was having a very dark night of the soul when my grandmother and father, of blessed memories passed away and all withing the same space of a year I also lost my three dogs, and my cockatiel to illness and old age

I tell myself I am strong, but sometimes that’s just an illusion we create for ourselves so we can hold our head up and not let others know how deeply we are hurting. On top of the five deaths in a year leaving me orphaned and alone I was also a victim of a hate crime assault leaving me afraid to remain in my home so I sold my home and loaded up the truck and I moved to Beverly Hills, California where for the next 7 years I fought my way through the dark night of the soul.

I’d found out I was actually chromosomally intersexed and with my deep grief I was experiencing and this new confusing medical diagnosis I fell into a state of what is called in psychology, “disassociation”. It took me 15 years to recover and find myself again and be full restored by the renewing of my mind by God. I felt as if I had to find my own way, but I wasn’t on my own HalleluYahu! Abba Father quietly took one hand and Yahusha the Mosiach of Israel took the other hand. The next 15 years were not an easy road, but it was all in God’s time and slowly, but surely I was restored by the renewing of my mind…okay lemme hush with all the Scripture references and personal testimony of what the LORD has done for me. I can’t help myself! I love my Abba YHWH and יהושע‎ Yahusha my soon coming King of whom His government there will be no end as He destroys the wicked and their increasingly controlling, unGodly, Marxist Communist One World Order Government.

From what I’ve read on the Internet, in 2012 pro-gay activists had posed as clients and then brought a lawsuit funded by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Arthur and Elaine helped me a lot in my journey of healing. I’d like you to consider making a donation for their legal defense fees at the Natural Law Defense Fund so Arthur and Elaine can be allowed legally to continue to fight the good fight for God without being shut down by the atheist devils.

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2018 Adolescent Transgender MRI’s

Not so fast! Reincarnation still trumps this MRI study.

In late 2007 Natalie Sudman died. She was working with the army core of engineers in Iraq and the truck she was riding in was hit by a roadside bomb. She only died for a short time however and then her body miraculously came back to life. Natalie had what is called a Near-death Experience (NDE).

Natalie says her soul left her body because her body had died. In another dimension Natalie was offered the choice to return to her body and resume her life, but before that could happen certain parts of her body that were destroyed by the bomb causing her dead had to be miraculously healed. You can listen to her whole story in detail. Just search Youtube for Natalie Sudman.

The point I wish to make is that if the powers that be could miraculously heal her body so she was no longer dead it creates another question or perhaps an answer. If someone has a soul agreement to come into this life as someone who will be dealing with gender dysphoria to elevate their soul to a higher level there can be more than just mental issues. The powers that be could also create physical issues that make that person gender dysphoric.

An MRI brain study of adolescents who identify as transgender doesn’t give a stamp of approval for a person chopping up their body to try to become a different sex. Changing one’s body to live as something they are not is not the goal here. The goal is to embrace that a soul is not bound by human physical sex or gender. The human soul is sexless and genderless. You are born into your body for a reason and the reason is not to chop it up and remake it so you are living as a fake man or fake woman. It’s an obstacle to overcome, not be overcome by. All studies show that long-term people find themselves unhappy with having destroyed a natural life to exist in an unnatural state. Human nature is not going to change where we will one day live in a utopian society where trannies will not be mocked and ridiculed for their folly. Better to embrace what you are and not go to drastic extremes to live an unnatural life. Long-term studies show suicide rates rise again after the post-operative transgender honeymoon phase is over.

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The New Blog Begins

This website originally began back in 2004 before all the “Go Fund Me” type pages existed. You may have found this website under that original infamous name or it’s newer name www.LeftBehind.ICU

Just a tiny bit of back story so you can get a mini bio in a nutshell about me. I was born intersexed as someone with a X0/XY Mosaicism chromosome pattern. My physical body was born neither completely male or completely female and because the doctors said I’d never be able to have children of my own as female the decision was made to do surgery at 8 months so I’d be all male, or at least that’s what they hoped back in the day’s when doctors felt our internal sense of gender was simply created by nurture, not nature. Well, they were wrong.

I could never fit in as an average and unremarkable boy. My chromosomes were making sure of that. We just don’t get handed boy stuff and magically genderize into boys. There is more to it than that and my life story is a testimony to that.

If my young years weren’t bad enough, along came puberty and my breasts began to grow along with larger hips and bottom making me too shapely looking for a boy. I was so confused as to why my body was doing this on top of feeling like I wasn’t 100% boy like I should be. I remember going for my physical exam before summer youth camp when I was 13 and I asked the doctor why my chest was like this. He told me it happens to 4 out 9 boys when they go through puberty and it’s nothing to worry about and should go away in a year. I never went away and neither did the nagging feeling I was somehow a cosmic mix of male and female in one body, but how I wished I could just be a normal boy and fit in.

So, there’s the back story in a nutshell. Four years later I had a suicide attempt and my issues were confronted by the psychologist in the hospital and that began what would become a lifelong relationship with therapists, not just because of my gender dysphoria, but because I also entered the medical field myself for psychology and sociology.

I was never told of my intersex status as a kid. I was never told my White 3rd great grandfather sired a son through a slave born in 1852 that was my 2nd great grandfather Charles Gaylord. I was never told that his wife was a Scottish Jew named Susannah Morrison, maternal 2nd great grandmother. I was never told all my ancestors through my mother’s father were Jewish either.

I transitioned physically to live as female my last year of high school and lived as female till I was 40-years-old before deciding it had all been a poor decision based on poor medical advice. Had I grown up with a Jewish education I would have understood my identity issues as a product of reincarnation bleed-over. G-d has His reasons why I went through all the mishigas (craziness) and it was to become wiser through the experiences so I regret nothing. Everything unfolded according to the Master plan.

So, here I am living reasonably and helping people to unravel the mysteries of G-d. I’m helping Christians to wake up and realize they have been asleep at the wheel and their lives are about sink on the S.S. Satantic Whore of Babylon–the Whore/Harlot system created by Rome along with it’s false Law is dead and nailed to the cross false Messiah. Wake up Christians! Study to show yourself approved. The Messiah was Jewish and had a Jewish name, not a Greek/Roman/Latinized name. Know that G-d Himself incarnated into human form when he visited and talked with Abraham about destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. G-d re-incarnated when He wrestled with Jacob who became Israel after that wrestling match with G-d that he survived, and finally G-d re-incarnated Himself once more in the person of Yeshua the Messiah.

None of us down here really know how to describe this indescribable being known as G-d, Elohim, Alahim, Eloah, Allah, YHVH. Obviously, He is not of this world that defines Him as an extra-terrestrial, so get over it and know that He loves you and knows what is best for you as your loving Abba Father. Pick up your cross and follow me because G-d is with me. Put off the old man and put on the new man.

I’ve put off the old website and put on the new website. I will not forsake the LGBT people who are confused about their identity and are going the wrong way. They are no more or no less G-d’s children who are addicted to sin just like many of the rest of us have been or were before we finally gave G-d an inch in our lives and He took a mile! Thank G-d for G-d being so generous when we cry out to Him, right! Give and inch to G-d and get a mile back! Woooowhoooo!!!!

I really hope everyone will find something they need on this website. It’s focus is the “Plan B” for the Foolish Virgins of Christianity that miss the Bridegroom and the wedding because of their embracing of iniquity (Lawlessness). I hope the gender dysphoric and the homosexual’s can also know the truth about their re-incarnation issues and break free from their bondage to sin and find their true identity in G-d.

Happy reading!