22 March 2019

Finally Getting Some Time to Expand This Website

I know a year is a long time to start a website and only have one page up, but it’s a long page! It’s done the job to get the messages across, but I’ve wanted to have time for more like having a regular blog that I can talk about this or that. Now, I finally have time to dedicate some more thoughts here.

I’m going to utilize this blog similar to the entry’s in a personal journal or what American’s call a Diary. I’ll be throwing in a few blog entries with prehistoric dates to blog about some the milestones in my life. Yeah, that sounds good! Okay, so that’s all for this post today. See you later!

23 October 2018

Happy Birthday Phyllis Hogan-Hickey

Of course every year the month of October arrives I am reminded practically all thirty-one days of the month, not just the 23rd, that you are the woman who was to be wife and soulmate and mother of my children in this lifetime, but you weren’t! You married the abusive bastard Patrick Hickey instead of me. I hope you regret your mistake.