An Open Letter to the Transgendered Community


As many of you know I was born with an intersexed condition of the chromosomes called “XO/XY Mosaicism” that made me what is called a “Male Pseudohermaphrodite”. I did not know this medical fact about my life until my primary physician ordered a chromosome test done in 2004 when I revealed I wanted to begin taking testosterone therapy to live as the male gender I felt was best for me.

While I may not truly understand what a transgendered person goes through. but I feel like I have a good idea since I was born intersexed. I know when I began this website back in 2004 there were many of you who wanted to shut down my voice, but please don’t try disqualify me based on my non-transsexual status. Intersexed Lives Matter! I bring you good news.

The good news is that Gender Dysphoria is a gift from “God” for humanity. I just used the word “god” because I’m teaching and most people understand the word “god”, but the underling original word in Hebrew for this title is Eloah/Allah. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, and yes “god” is a cover-up word for Allah. I have lived in the countries of Israel, Jordan, I’ve worked in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and I am very familiar with Arab culture and language. Do not let Satan convince you of the nonsense that “Allah” is some moon god or something and that the true faithful of Islam are bad people. Biblically they are descendant’s Abraham’s son Ishmael and what people do not understand was that originally Muhammad was sent as a prophet to the Jews like many other Biblical prophets before him to rebuke the people of Yahuah for falling into an enjoy the pagan sinful lifestyle. As with most the prophet’s they rejected him, but the whole world owes Muhammad and Islam an apology. Yes, Muhammad may have gotten off track later in life and did some wrong things, but which of us has not and let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

Every gift that our heavenly Father Adonai Allaheinu Melek HaOlam (Lord God King of the Universe) gives us, the Devil will try to twist and turn into something evil. Thus this is what has happened with the transgendered movement. There are those who became involved in transgenderedism because their birth gender self esteem was beaten down by abusive people in their early lives,and they saw transition to male or female as a means of escape from that person that was made to feel worthless. I’ve counseled so many females in my practice who came out as female to male transgendered, only to realize after some time that they were doing so as an escape from being abused as a female and felt if they transitioned to living as male then they would never again be abused as a female. It was a good plan to avoid abuse, but it wasn’t a good way to heal the issues she had as a woman so she could thrive as a woman. Droves of women now are detransitioning because they have finally come to this exact realization of their identity, but what could really help them even more is if they understood their foundational identity as a beloved child of our Creator who wants to totally love and restore their womanhood. Sadly, because many so-called transgendereds have been abused by a very ugly and hateful Christianity they cringe at the mention of anything to do with religion. This is why I have come to preach to the LGBTQI community as one of it’s own. Believe me, it wasn’t my idea to do this because the LGBTQI community can be some of the most hateful, ugly, nasty, violent, disrespectual, (etc., etc.) people I have ever encountered. My grandmother of blessed memory alway said, “If you kick a dog long enough it’s going to bite you.” This aptly describes the LGBTQI community and I understand their pain.

First, the LGBTQI people must learn that our heavenly Father is not your enemy. All the same rules of sin that apply to the rest of us apply to you as well, so you are not being singled out for anything special really, you just are made to feel that way because Satan is the father of all lies. Satan says twists the truth about sodomy that is a Commandment for straight people to not commit a sexual no-no that is against nature, meaning against the sexual union that fulfils the Mitzvah (Commandment) to be fruitful and multiply. How can men be fruitful and multiply if they are forsaking the natural use of the woman and instead sodomizing her (having anal sex with her)? Men, due to their testosterone, are nearly born as potential sex addicts who deal with issues of chronic masterbatation, infidelity, watching porn, the list goes on. It takes a lot of willpower on the part of a man to restrain himself from the natural motivations of his human body, as it is written, “The flesh makes war against the soul”. When you allow yourself to stop hating and start loving you will become fertile ground for our Savior to begin wooing you and leading you into a healthy self esteem by renewing your true identity that someone worked hard to destroy.

Now, that’s what some of the transgendered experience. Other’s report they grew up in healthy, loving, and supportive homes and experience gender dysphoria. These are those I suspect are not dealing with abuse that lead to rejection of their birth gender, but these are those who like myself could be intersex and not know like I didn’t till I was 40-years-old, or as I understand spirituality there are those who are of a “two-spirit” nature like Native American culture explains. “Two-spirit” is simply describing re-incarnation where two lifetimes (incarnations) are overlapping in the present incarnation. In other word’s what many gender dysphoric people experience when they feel like “a woman trapped in a male body” is they are experiencing bleed-over from their last life lived as female that makes them feel that somehow “God” must have made a mistake and they should have been born female. Judaism has given this reasoning and embraced such people for centuries, including gays (males) that are experiencing the exact same thing.

The Jewish rabbonim (rabbi’s) have taught for centuries also about how the first man, Adam, was originally created as a male/female being in the very image of “God” who possesses the divine attributes of both male and female. The rabbonim say that Adam was created basically as an intersexed being, but then “God” decided to separate the female from the male, taking the female side of Adam and making the woman.

It is for this reason that many Rabbonim I have talked to highly respect my XO/XY Mosaic Intersex condition as a gift from our Creator, with coupled with my other gifts, being empathic, decerner of spirits, seer, prophetic dreamer, I have been prophesied over that I have a very special last of Last Days mission as a prophet to the LGBTQI community and to the Christian church world to bring correction that gets both these communities back on the right track before it’s too late as the coming of Messiah is near. The only difference of opinion I with the rabbonim is I understand the Messiah to have already been identified, and it’s not Menachem Mendel Schneerson, but it was and is Yahu’sha Son of Yosef and Miriam, cousin to Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, who’s Father was Zechariyahu who was going about His priestly duties in the Temple offering incense when it was revealed to him that his wife would have a baby. BTW, their Son John the Baptist was born 6 months before his cousin the Messiah Yahu’sha and because John’s father would have ONLY been offering incense in the Temple on a certain date because of the priestly service cycle it pinpoints the birth of Yahu’sha Messiah exactly during the feasts of Tabernacles (Sukkot) and not on December 25th which is actually the pagan Roman birthdate of the sun god Mithras that the Babylonian Whore Catholic church pushed on the world.

It is so difficult to not go down rabbit holes of explaining concepts and back stories from scripture that support the truth of what I’m trying to teach to the transgendered, but I hope you have had eyes to see and your mind is being renewed to understand things in a new light. If you are beginning to understand sent me an email or a note on Twitter or on my Facebook all listed on the home page of this website. I’m here to support you. True gender dysphoria as my explanation defines is a gift from “God” to actually help the deceived church world to come to the truth. Let’s work together to complete the mission our heavenly Father has graciously gifted to us to help the rest of mankind through the understanding that souls have no gender or sex and we do re-incarnate many, many times in male and female lives as Judaism supports.

Be Blessed Dear Ones,
Yosef Yahudah Ben David


To my therapist, Ryan. Explaining my teshuvah and return to being more observant.


I tried to send this message through the My Chart email system, but it wouldn’t let me, stating that my email was only allowed 5000 characters and I typed 11,607 characters! lol

Of course your identity is not revealed here so I thought it good to just post the letter to you here giving you a complete answer to your question today in our therapy session I was not able to answer fully do to the time crunch created by me being late for our session. So,without further adieu…


Since our session today I had been wondering about your question about what brought about my recent deepening of faith….

You know most of us of faith go about our daily lives knowing our Messiah’s promise that He would one day return and we are told to go about our daily lives and “occupy until He comes”. When president Trump created his Israeli/Palestinian peace deal ( ) I knew from my years of prophecy study and teaching that this is the prophesied covenant made that would be broken that will be the catalyst that marks the beginning of the last 7 years called, “The Tribulation” before the return of the Messiah Yahusha. I guess that is what got me refreshed in my faith again because that peace deal could be accepted any day by the Palestinians and the moment it is that opens the door for Messiah to rapture His “wise virgin bride” to heaven while the “foolish virgins with no oil in their lamps” are left behind. You see, Ryan, Yahusha was very clear in His teaching with three parables that taught the same thing. Basically, this parable of the 10 virgins and the lamps was a clear teaching that at the time of His coming there would be TWO DUELING BRIDES ON THE EARTH. The “wise virgin bride” would be the remnant who kept their lamps full of the oil of Torah truth, that the Law was not dead, we still must obey, but the “era of Grace” we are under means Yahusha was out final and ultimate blood atonement for sin and through that atonement we receive we are extended a special grace that if we sin we only must confess our sin and ask for forgiveness and we receive it by the grace of Yahusha’s final blood atonement that ended the animal sacrificial system . Grace does not give us license to sin as everything we say and so is still accounted for and sin’s committed after our initial salvation still must be “brought under the blood” through teshuvah (Hebrew word for repentance). The foolish virgins of the parable were not prepared by keeping their lamps full of oil and when the trumpet alarm was sounded that the bridegroom was on His way to collect His Bride the unprepared foolish virgins asked the wise virgins for some of their oil for their lamps there were about to go out. The wise virgins did not want their lamps to get low on oil and go out and miss the bridegrooms coming so they told the foolish virgins no and advised them to go and buy some oil from those who sell oil. The foolish virgins went to buy oil and while they were gone the bridegroom (Messiah Yahusha) came and raptured his Bride away to the wedding. When the foolish virgins returned to find He’d come and gone they traveled to the house of the bridegroom to knock at the door to be let in, but were told, “I do not know you” and the door was closed in their face. This “I do not know you” rebuke and refusal in this parable is the same as the other warning parable of Yahusha where Yahusha said, “Many will come to me in that day saying Lord, Lord, didn’t we do miracles in your name, etc., etc., and Yahusha said unto them, ‘Go away from me ye workers of iniquity (Lawlessness). I never knew you!”
These parables make it very clear that the two dueling brides from the parable that the 5 wise virgins kept the Law of Torah as their full lamps signified. The 5 foolish virgins lamps were low on oil which represents the Catholic/Christian church world that teaches falsely against scripture that they don’t have to keep the 613 Laws of the Torah anymore, only maybe the 10 Commandments (representing Low oil lamps). You see, ancient Rome accomplished a hostile takeover of the original apostolic message and faith of the Messianic Jews along with the grafted in gentile who became Jews by faith. Wicked pagan Rome bastardized the faith basically, making it worthless with their replacement theology they promoted that the Jews were no longer the Chosen People, but now the new Catholic/Christians were the chosen people. The book of revelation calls this abomination The Whore of Babylon and her Harlot daughters ( Catholic/Christian = Whore/Harlots). All of the Christian churches are merely the the wayward protestant Harlot Daughters of the Catholic Whore of Babylon anti-Christ system which the book of Revelation says will be burned with fire. When I saw Notre Dame Cathedral burning to the ground in April of 2019 that is all I could think of was another prophecy being fulfilled. I guess that was another event that got my spirit stirred up.

So, I hope that answers your question from today. Sorry, I wasn’t able to recall instantly what brought this revival of my faith about. I guess it’s just been a gradual thing. I think sometimes we put our faith on the back burner as we get too overly occupied in the struggles of life and I know Yahusha understands the chaos my life became it was nearly destroyed in 2015 with that whole disaster in France that brought about my homeless status. It seems like it’s been so much longer than 5 years since that day of destruction in August 2015 as it has only now been since this year that I feel I am finally feeling secure again in a home that will not be taken away from me, but the devil ain’t through trying to attack that situation yet cause you know that me currently living as female is a direct result of trying to hide from the management of the park here that is trying to evict me. Now that Tom and I learned just last week that something as simple as filing an application of Domestic Partnership with the State of California that will prevent the management of the park from evicting me I feel I am caught in a bit of a strange predicament–how do I explain to my neighbors who don’t know all the details? I have no need to continue presenting as female and I desire to return to living “as” male. It’s not that big of an issue though, as I have explained to you… I have long since made peace with my hermaphrodite intersexed status and I am fully aware that a person’s soul has no sex or gender and the soul is there real me, the body being just a vehicle for the soul. It’s a chore living as female and following the standards of modesty for females of my faith, but through it all Yahusha is with me every step of they way teaching me great things as we walk this journey together. I don’t see the state of my gender presentation as a salvational issue, but I do know that because of the the medical things I told you today about the original reasoning behind removing the female parts to make me into a boy at 8 months of age was probably the best decision and I agree. Regardless of my gender dysphoria I experience from being someone born with an XO/XY intersexed chromosome pattern I see the logic and feel the tug to polarize myself to more of a male existence instead of female. Living as female feels spiritually more genuine, but the changes to my body that were created by testosterone lean towards living most successfully as male whether I like living as male or not. Living as a male who takes estrogen replacement therapy instead of testosterone is something I found to be the best treatment for my condition when I was living in Seattle in 2016. You see, all things work together for good for those who love our Heavenly Father. The Bible says this is so. It also says, “Those who He foreknew He predestined”. As I look back over the events of my life that brought me today I recognize it as a perfect plan for one of His little lost sheep to return to the fold. We live in a spiritual world we all do not understand very well. The Bible assures us we will understand it all better in time if we remain faithful and pursue “a closer walk with thee”, our Creator.

If by chance that the rapture happens this next weekend and I am found a worth “wise virgin with a lamp full of oil” that gets to go with Yahusha to Heaven I want you to know how much I have and do deeply appreciate you and the help you have given me. I think you have been the kindest therapist I’ve had of all the many therapists I’ve had which have been many since the age of 17 when I had my first suicidal episode that put me in the mental hospital. This next weekend beginning at sundown on September 18th is the new moon which begins a new moonth on the Hebrew calendar, the month of Tisheri where the Commanded 1st day of this month are to blow the ram’s horn trumpet. In hebrew this Commandment feast day is know as Yom Teruah” (Day of Blowing of the Trumpet). Ever since Yahusha the Messiah came the disbelieving rabbi’s of Judaism renamed this observance as Rosh Hashanah. If you look at most calendars that is what you will see for September 18th, but that was a attempt to cover-up what many understood that Yom Teruah may very well indeed be the time when Yahusha returns to rapture His Bride. In Jewish tradition the hour and day of a wedding is known to nobody but the father of the groom and he tells the son when to go and collect his bride and bring her too the wedding. Yom Teruah, the day of the blowing of the trumpet is the signal the father makes that announces to all that hear that the wedding is about to take place. I think I’ve explained enough. So, if I am no longer on this planet after next weekend you know where I have gone and if it is a place where you want to go to as well, you will need to repent of all sin and be baptised in the name of “Yahusha” because that is the Messiahs real name from Acts 4:11 that we are instructed to use in baptism according to Acts 2:38. Get a bible if you don’t have one and study all the 613 Laws of the Torah given to mankind to follow. Sin no more and keep your salvation even if you must endure the entire 7 year Tribulation period and even if the anti-Christ orders you behead for your testimony that Yahusha died for your sins and you are forgiven and belong to Him and not Satan the anti-christ. You will be beheaded probably for such a testimony and refusal to take the mark of the beast so you can buy and sell during the worst of the tribulation period, the last three years when anti-christ is gonna really clamp down on the people of faith. Stick to your guns. You may need to leave the cities and move out to the countryside to survive this period and avoid being beheaded, but know if you are rounded up and beheaded that allowing this to happen to you will also insure your salvation that you did not love your life to the end, but instead were willing to lay down your life for your faith in Yahusha who died for you and shed his blood to forgive you of your sin. I am personally hoping that He holds off from rapturing the His Bride for at least just one more year. I think there is still time for one more year of delay as we get down to the wire, so to speak. I also have prayed that if He does come to rapture the bride next weekend that He would approve my desire to be left behind on purpose so that I will be able to lead others to the truth during the last 7 years before this planet is burned to a crisp in the biggest forest fire ever seen where all the wicked will be destroyed and then the earth will be re-newed for the New Jerusalem to come down from Heaven so we can live and reign with King Yahusha for 1000 years before the White Throne Judgement takes place when Satan will finally be destroyed in the Lake of Fire Forever.

I know this was the long answer to your question and I thank you for wanting to know and it has been my pleasure to explain my actions.

Sincerely yours,
Yosef Ben David


“You will be hated by all Nations for my name’s sake.”

Oh, blind, blind Christian foolish virgins with your empty lamps! How long will I suffer you? You want to call the Yahudim (Jews) blind, but they know who the “name sake” of Yahusha The Messiah is because I AM Yahuah the Allahim of Yisra’el, and my Son Yahusha is named after me! Yet you stiff-necked people do not understand because you are bewitched by that Babylonian Whore system that created the false Messiah with the satanic name of Jesus!

Only those virgins with lamps full of the oil of truth of the Word that is a lamp unto your feet will you know what it is like to be hated of all names for the name of Yahusha. The deceived Christian church world doesn’t even know the correct Hebrew name of Messiah Yahusha. They may have heard Yeshua, but that is another incorrect name often used by disbelieving Jews as a curse name. “Jesus” is a Latinized Greek name that was created by pagan Rome to get it’s pagan people to take on the names of pagan deities like Zeus and Esus of the Celts, which was another name for Satan. In the Greek you go from Iesous to Esus to Jesus when the letter “J” finally came into existence in the English language less than 500 years ago. Why change the ONLY NAME (Acts 4:11) UNDER HEAVEN BY WHICH WE MUST BE SAVED? If you were baptised in the name of J-Esus then your baptism was worthless. You must have the real Holy name of the Savior spoken over you to fulfill the baptismal commandment of ACTS 2:38


Instructions For Those Who Realize They Were “LEFT BEHIND” after The Rapture


JOHN 8:32 “And you will have da’as (knowledge) of HaEmes (the Truth) and HaEmes will give you cherut (freedom).

Most church world folks will better recognize these words of the Savior as, “You will seek the truth, and the truth will make you free”. I often pondered the meaning of this statement because the Savior’s primary mission was to the Jew first (the lost sheep of Israel) and then the gentile. Obviously, the Jews would be familiar with the Truth because the Torah is the Truth, the Word of Yah. The Messiah had to be speaking to another truth and the Ruach HaKodesh revealed to me what this truth is and how it relates to WHY YOU GOT LEFT BEHIND when Yahu’sha the Messiah came “like a thief in the night” to retrieve His “Wise Virgin Bride”. You got left behind because you were a Foolish Virgin with no OIL OF TRUTH in your lamp (His word is a lamp unto my feet). Through my prophetic insight from the Ruach HaKodesh I seem to be the only prophetic teacher to whom this has been revealed to relay to mankind in these last of the Last Days. If you find someone else who is teaching the Wise Virgin Rapture that will miss the horrors of The Tribulation, and a 2nd Foolish Virgin Rapture at “The Last Trump” resurrection of the dead just before the Battle of Armageddon please email me and let me know. I haven’t come across anybody else yet and it makes me feel a bit strange that I may be the only person our Heavenly Father has revealed this to. Surely, I cannot be the only one?

Yeah, so if you miss the Wise Virgin Rapture the “God” of second chances will be returning for those who washed their dirty robes and made them spotless during the Tribulation. You have to live long enough though during the Tribulation to put the true plan of salvation into action so you can then either be resurrected as “the dead in Messiah or be eligible for the end Trib Foolish Virgin reboot Rapture. Funny I just called it a reboot Rapture. Those Foolish Virgins of the parable of the Virgins and the lamps did need a Scripture reboot because what they had been taught was all deception. The Messiah said, “If you love me keep my Commandments.” He never said the opposite. In fact He said, “Go away from me you workers of iniquity! I never knew you!” False teachers like Amir Tsarfati condemn people like myself who keep the Shabbat, eat Kosher and keep all the applicable Torah Law which he derides as “law keeping legalism”. Being anti-God’s law is straight from the pit of hell, but it’s par for the course for those involved in the anti-christ Whore/Harlot pagan Roman system with their false Messiah named after Esus (another name for Satan and a pagan deity).

I hope you are reading this before the Rapture of the Wise virgins who’s lamps were full of oil takes place. Let me explain to you the Scriptures so you will know the truth that sets your free and you will know the requirements to be Rapture ready.

I want to apologize ahead of time that this is going to be a long and comprehensive teaching that many have told me should be published in book form, but I’d rather not be seen as someone who wants to profit from the Word of Yahuah. Free I was given this knowledge and freely I give it to you.

Because the Roman /Babylonian Whore/Harlot church world system has had many false prophets and false teachers leading the sheep astray there is much confusion for believers on who will be raptured and at what point at the End of the Age. The Whore/Harlot system is Catholicism and her Harlot daughters, the protestant Christian churches carries much of the blame for leading people astray today as they are more evangelistic that Catholicism. Even Judaism during the days of Daniel the prophet were also lead astray when they were taken captive into Babylon, Iraq where the Mystery Babylon system has it’s roots.

The return of the Messiah to rapture the true church was given a type and shadow in the appointed feasts of Yom Kippur (Atonement) and Yom Teruah (Trumpets). See chart of feasts showing their relation to the coming, death, resurrection, and return of Messiah).

Let me begin with the Rapture of the wise virgins with lamps full of oil that represent the “few that enter in at the narrow gate of Law keeping”, those who know His name and accept no satanic replacement names like “Esus” for the Messiah. These are the true and righteous Bride of Yahu’sha HaMashiach who “hate the Whore” with her Popery nonsense manufactured anti-Messiah J’Esus. We are told specifically by Yahu’sha that the “day and the hour” He is to come to Rapture His Bride is not known by Him, but only by His Father Yahuah. This involves Jewish marriage tradition, especially among the Syriac Amamaic-speaking Jews that lived in the northern Galilee of Yisra’el close to their boarder with Syria. In their tradition they are usually betrothed/engaged a year before their wedding. In Jewish tradition the bride to be is not told the day or the hour of her bridegroom’s coming as to surprise here “like a thief in the night” to take her to their marriage supper and 7-day long celebration. Only the father of the groom decides this hour and day.When he feels that day and hour has come he tells his son to go collect his bride.

You need to follow along closely with this in your mind as this parable of the 10 Virgins and the Lamps is when our Heavenly Father is going to tell Yahu’sha that it is time to go rapture His Bride from down on the earth. The virgins were given a notice the wedding was to take place within the next couple days and she was be prepared to be collected, but she would not know which “the hour or day” her bridegroom would surprise her. This falls right in line with the Jewish traditionally held belief that Yom Teruah is the announcement to prepare oneself for the coming of the Moshiach and after the observance of this first of the Fall Feasts there are 10 days of awe where every observant Jew inventories his life over the past year and most importanting asking for forgiveness from the Most High Yah Adonai of spirits.Yom Teruah, again, is a two day Holy Day of the blowing of the shofars. As you will remember 5 of the 10 virgins were called “wise virgins” because they kept their lamps full of the oil (the oil being truth), while the other 5 virgins were called foolish because they didn’t prepare and were low on oil (truth).

So, let me explain it plainly to you from the parable. We know the 5 wise virgins left with the bridegroom to be his bride while the other 5 foolish virgins were “left behind“. This parable gives the allegorical explanation of what happens to those left behind after the rapture of the true Bride. We are told, by Yahusha, that the foolish virgins go to hunt oil (truth). When they return with their lamps full of the Truth of Elohim’s word that is a “lamp unto our feet” they knock at the door of the wedding wanting to enter, but Yahusha tells them He does not know them and shuts the door not allowing them in. What do we learn here? This is important. Knowing the truth is not enough after the rapture has occurred to be allowed into Heaven. Our Heavenly Father all about Law and Order and you if you don’t keep His Law then you ain’t getting raptured to Heaven for wedding and marriage supper of the Lamb. You absolutely will not be part of the rapture of, can I call it, “The Church of the Wise Virgins”? You must put your faith into action and be doers of the Word of Truth (the Torah Law) before the rapture. You need the truth that the Law is not dead and nailed to the cross, but it is still very much alive as Yahusha who is the Law manifest in the flesh is alive. It’s still in effect and you must obey it and using the correct name of the Savior in baptism, worship, and prayer is necessary. I mean, do you really think Yahusha is going to give people credit for calling on (J)Esus, another name for Satan? Do you really think He would say as Yahuah incarnated into a human, “If you love me keep my Commandments” and then turn around and tell you you don’t have to keep His Law? That idea that you no longer have to keep the Law is a doctrine of demons created by the Babylonian Whore, The Catholic anti-Christ system dreamed up by the pagan Romans who only sought to control the Empire with a religion that was sweeping the land that they feared would take over the Empire if they didn’t take it over first. Roman Emperor Constantine publicized his fake conversion and then went about destroying the true Natsarim faith of the followers of Yahusha and replaced it with a “strong delusion”.

You think you don’t have to follow the Laws of the so-called Roman/Christian “God” anymore because the Law was nailed to the cross and you are now under Grace? Grace is an era and only means that you are allowed to ask forgiveness if you slip up and sin instead of sacrificing an animal and shedding it’s blood as a covering for your sin that was a type and a shadow before Yahusha shed His blood for your sins. Christianity is so confused it doesn’t know right from wrong. If you appeal to their sense of logic they will agree that of course there are Commandments they must keep like “thou shall not murder, or lie, or steal, or commit adultery”, but on the other hand in their delusion they think that most of the 613 Commandments of who they call “God” are only for the unsaved Jews that are still stuck in the “leagalism” of The Old Covenant/Old Testament. Christians were lead astray by Roman false teachers who told them that you no longer had to keep the kosher eating Commandments, and you no longer have to follow the third Commandment to have no idols. You know the Catholic church is chock full of statues/idols and many Catholics pray to these idols as intercessors for their prayers to their “God” which is an abomination to our Heavenly Father Yahuah. Who gave the Catholic church the permission to delete a Commandment of Yahuah so they could be idol worshippers, and also to change the Yahuah commanded 7th day Sabbath to the 1st day of the Roman week, Sunday??? Yahuah Himself said He would send a strong delusion and hand such over to a reprobate mind. Well, there you have it.

Scripture tells us that “Many will enter at the wide gate that leads to destruction”. I’d say “Many” are under the influence of the Catholic Whore/Harlot system and are being lead to destruction. We are told that they do not want to hear the harsh truth of Elohim/Allahim so with “itching ears” they gather to themselves false teachers to tell them “the smooth things”. These are those who fell victim to the Roman/Babylonian Whore/Harlot church world religious system with it’s Commandment deleting, appointed times Sabbath changing abominations. Remember, I’ve repeated it before, but I can’t repeat it enough…it was the Roman Whore religion system who’s only interest was invented to control the Roman Empire, and this religious system had nothing to do with the true faith of those who love our Heavenly Father Yahuah and obey Him and His Son Yahu’sha who came in His Father’s name “Yahu” (Yahuah + Shua = Yahuah is Salvation), Yahu’sha. The original apostolic faith was nearly destroyed by the Roman Whore/Harlot replacement system, but a remnant has survived over the hundreds of years since Yahusha returned to Heaven. A remnant who’s mission it has been to restore the Holy Names of the Father Yahuah and the Son Yahusha and let the people know we are living in the era of grace which is a re-newed Covenant of the Torah Law, not a new one that replaces what the haters label “the Old Covenant”. Everything Yahuah does for us since Gan Eden (the garden of Eden) is about re-newal. Just like the earth is not going to go away, but we are going to received a re-newed Heaven’s and re-newed earth just like the one that was made for Adam and Havah (Eve) where the ice crystal shell (the firmament) in the heavens will make the whole planet like a perfect weather terrarium as it was for Adam and Havah before the waters of the firmament (the frozen shell around the earth) were broken up and flooded the earth along with the fountains of the deep at the time of Noach (Noah) and the Ark.

You have noticed that I use the true Hebrew (Holy Tongue of Eloah/Allah) names for the Father Yahuah, and His Son Yahu’sha. Calling upon the true names of our Eloah/Allah is very important because if you used false replacement words like “god” do you know what you speak? In the Book of Exodus our Heavenly Father gave this Commandment, “Pay attention to all that I have said to you, and make no mention of the names of other elohim, nor let them be heard on your lips.” Exodus 23:13 But what did the people do? They replaced the Holy Name of Yahuah with things like “LORD”, “Lord”, “God”, “HaShem”, etc., ect., and in Christianity in particular they changed the HOLY NAME of Yahusha the Messiah into another name for SATAN known as Esus with the letter “J” of the English language added. Sound ridiculous to you? Well….let me say this…. IF THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE YOU HAD DONE WHAT OUR FATHER COMMANDED THEN YOU WOULD NOT THINK THIS SOUNDS CRAZY!!!There is nothing crazy about the Commandments of the Eloah/Allah of Yisra’el! The REAL Messiah said, “Seek the truth and the truth will make you free.” Free of what? Free of the satanic Roman/Babylonian Whore/Harlot Catholic/Christian delusion system you are a part of which Yahusha pleaded, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!” If you don’t “come out of her” you ARE the Foolish virgins with lamps that are devoid of truth and not only will you NOT GO IN THE RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE TO THE WEDDING, you may also miss the second chance rapture near the end of the 7-year tribulation period. Yes, you heard right, there is more than one so-called rapture. As we know both Enoch and Elijah were raptured to Heaven and did not die a natural death on earth. The wise virgins will be raptured to the wedding and wedding supper of the lamb. The two witnesses will be killed on the 3rd Temple mount in Jerusalem and the whole world shall see their bodies there for three days on the television news and then they are resurrected and raptured, and finally there will be the resurrection of all those who died after the cruxifiction till the present time. Those dead in Mashiach will rise first then those who remain who survived the 7-year tribulation and got saved will be changed in a moment and rise to be raptured away to safety before Yahuah’s scorched earth policy comes into effect. This rapture is public for all to see, not like a thief in the night private event when He came for His wise Bride earlier. Yahusha will descend from Heaven at the last Trump and with shout. All the tribes of the earth shall see Him coming in the clouds of great glory and they will mourn and cry for Him as one cries for an only son as He gathers those that the angels seal and it very well could be a simultaneous event where when those that remain are sealed are whisked away to Heaven . Yahusha then scorches the whole earth to destroy the wicked tares. We are told there will be 30 minutes of silence in heaven which I believe is out of respect for all the humanity left behind, mother’s father’s sister’s, brother’s, our children, our best friends. Once the redeemed are safely off the planet Yahusha is going to burn the plant so all the wicked die and then they will have to wait till after the 1000-year peaceful reign of Yahusha on the re-newed garden of Eden earth where there is no more sin allowed is over and then the dead will be resurrected and will be judged at the White Throne Judgement. This is my understanding unless Yahusha gives me specific enlightenment otherwise.

Jimmy Evans is the pastor of Gateway Church has had a revelation about the end times prophecy like I have where I have explained that Christian error believe in a singular rapture event, but they do not understand that Enoch and Elijah both never died a natural death on earth, but they were taken away to heaven, raptured. The two witnesses of the Book of Revelation who are killed at the 3rd Temple are resurrected after their bodies have lain dead on the Temple mount for three days and they get raptured in a separate rapture. I don’t know anybody else who has besides Jimmy Evans who has had this revealed to them. You can see him give a full explanation on this video at

Pastor Irvin Baxter Jr. formerly of Calvary Tabernacle church in Indianapolis where I used attend services with my family when I lived there is now world famous for teaching Bible prophecy, but he only has been given understanding of one rapture of the church that happens at the end of the 7-year Tribulation. Baxter’s error hinges on his lack of understanding that “coming like a thief in the night” is speaking of the private Rapture of the “Wise Virgins” and not the Rapture of the “Foolish Virgins” that get left out and must suffer the 7-year tribulation. In other words, Irvin Baxter is not going in the “thief in the night” Rapture and neither will Jimmy Evan’s because they are both “Foolish Virgins” who do not have their lamps full of oil (the Truth of Torah) nor do they invoke the true name of above all names Yahusha by which we must be saved. I have suggested that Irvin Baxter and Jimmy Evans should have a discussion on Joni Lamb’s Table Talk show on her Daystar Christian channel and perhaps they can come to the saving knowledge of the Truth that the Father seems to only have revealed to me. If there is someone else out there preaching the Truth I present I have not found him or her yet. If you find someone else that is prophetically teaching this revelation please email me and let me know.

Jimmy Evans is teaching something false because of another false assumption he has that the prophet Elijah/Eliyahu did not return (re-incarnate) as John the Baptist. He interprets in his own understand the Scripture, “It is appointed once for man to die and then the judgement”. Where Jimmy Evans is in error is that he does not know that re-incarnation is a foundational pillar to the Judaic Hebrew faith. He believes on of the Two Witnesses can’t be Moses because Moses already died a natural death. The correct interpretation of the “appointed once for man to die” is speaking of the individual body that lives once and dies and then the soul, will go through the re-incarnation process and return in another human body which will also be appointed to die once, and the soul will continue on to re-incarnate countless times till that soul can fulfill all 614 Commandment of Allah where the soul re-incarnates as male and female so they can fulfill Commandents ONLY for men and those only for Women.

Yahusha verified that John the Baptist was indeed the re-incarnation of Eliyahu the prophet, but the deceived Christians go against the teaching of The Savior and do not believe in re-incarnation which is a foundational pillar of the Jewish faith. Both Irvin Baxter and Jimmy Evans, unless they repent with revelation knowledge I present, will not be part of the rapture of the “Wise Virgins”, but will have to suffer through the 7-year Tribulation and if they accept revelation knowledge that they were supposed to keep the Torah Law and the names of pagan deities like “God” and “Jesus” are taken out of their mouths and they confess with their mouth that Yahusha is the name above all names mentioned in Acts 4:11 and that Eloah/Allah is the correct Hebrew for their mistaken use of the word “God” that violates Exodus 23:13 “Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips.” Those who miss the “Wise Virgin” rapture will have a chance with the Father of second chances to get it right and be saved as evidence of those souls who lived through the Tribulation and are given white robes and are raptured at the end of the 7-year Tribulation, these are the “Foolish Virgins” who are of the Catholic/Christian Babylonian Whore/Harlot religious system who were using the false Messiah name of “Jesus”, and did not follow the Torah Law or acknowledge the Holy/Kodesh name above all names by which WE MUST BE SAVED, “Yahusha” the REAL Messiah who warned us that many false Messiah’s would arise that come in another name (i.e. Jesus/Iesous/Esus/Yehoshua/Yeshu/Yeshua). You cannot “come in the Father’s name of Yahuah unless the first part of your name you speak on your lips (invoke) begins with “Yahu” the shortened version of Allah’s Holy/Kodesh name “Yahuah” that is to be a memorial for ALL generations of humanity. Exodus 3.15: “Moreover Allah said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the children of Yisra’el: ‘Yahuah Elohim/Allahim of your fathers, the Allahim of Abraham, the Allah of Isaac, and the Allah of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.”

After the death of John the Baptist at the hands of King Herod Antipas in 28AD, Yahusha declared that His cousin John was indeed the messenger prophesied by Malachi, who was sent to “Prepare in the desert the way for the Messiah.” (Isaiah 40:3) (see Matthew 11:10 & Malachi 3:1).



IF THE RAPTURE HAS HAPPENED AND YOU ARE STILL ON EARTH YOU KNOW NOW THAT “JESUS”, IS THE FAKE NAME THAT PAGAN ROME CREATED TO REPLACE THE HOLY NAME OF YAHUSHA OUR MESSIAH, Jesus was the strong delusion His Father warned you about. Just because Yahusha is righteous and allows you GRACE while you yet live in darkness doesn’t mean you will be under grace if you die without repenting of your errors and sins against Him or he’s gonna say, “Go away from me ye who work iniquity. I never knew you!”

Grab your Bible if you have one at this point or just trust me on this one. I just thought of something that Father brought to mind. If there is an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack then you will not have access to this website perhaps you would like to print out this page or many of the printable flyers that brother Lew White has available on his website for free at You can also print this webpage now and put it in your Bible for safe keeping. When the rapture has happened those left behind will need someone like you with the truth that can lead them to correct repentance and baptism in the name of Yahusha so you can be saved no matter what happens. I hope deceived teachers like Jim Baker, Joyce Meyer, Marcus and Joni Lamb of Daystar television Network ministries on tv are reading this and have printed it out because they are part of the 5 foolish virgins Babylonian system who will be left behind because they have not loved the real Messiah and kept His Law. He said, “If you love me, keep my Commandments”.

“Blessed are those (foolish virgins who missed the wedding) whose Lawless deeds are forgiven (during the Tribulation), and whose sins are covered” ROMANS 4: 5-8 I added the parenthesis parts because they are true. Those who repent of their Lawlessness and use of name of Jesus, and get baptised in the “Name above all name, the ONLY name under heaven given to mankind by which we MUST be saved, Yahusha” will receive a white robe and will be raptured away at the end of the Tribulation period just before Yahusha scorches the earth to destroy all the tares.

Just so you know I am purposely going to make sure I keep one Commandment broken so Yahusha will have no choice but to leave me here during the Tribulation so I can help lead the sincere, but sincerely wrong to the truth. Guess what Commandment I’m going to keep broken and unrepented of? I’m going to break one of the Kosher food Commandments or maybe a few. At least that is the plan I have announced to Yahuah in prayer so Yahusha’s hand will be forced to leave me behind. We’ll see what happens. Till then…..







 The Book of John Chapter 9 
From the Orthodox Jewish Bible Renewed Covenant

1 And passing along, Rabboni (Master/teacher of the Law), Melech (King) Yahusha HaMoshiach (TheMessiah) saw a man ivver (blind) from birth. 2 The talmidim (students/apostles) of Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach asked him, Rabboni, who committed averos (sins), this man or the horim (parents) of him, that he was born ivver (blind)? [YECHEZKEL 18:20; SHEMOT 20:5; IYOV 21;19] 3 In reply, Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said, “Neither this man sinned nor the horim of him, but that the pe’ulot of Hashem may be manifested in him4 It is necessary for us to work the pe’ulot (works) of the One having sent me while it is Yom (Day). Lailah (Night) comes when no one is able to work.[Jer 13:16] ] 5 As long as I am in the Olam Hazeh (this world), I am the Ohr (light) HaOlam (of the word).” [Ohr is a central Kabbalistic term in the Jewish mystical tradition. The analogy of physical light is used as a way of describing metaphysical Divine emanations.] 6 Having said these things, he spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva and he anointed the clay upon the man’s eyes, 7 And said to him, “Go wash in the mikvah of Shiloach! [MELACHIM BAIS 5:10]. –The name means sent–He went therefore and washed and came seeing. [YESHAYAH 35:5] 8 Therefore, the shchenim (wealthy neighbors) and the ones seeing the man who was formerly a betler(begger), came, saying, Is this not the man who was sitting and begging? 9 Some were saying, This is the one! Others were saying, No, but it is a man like him. But the man was saying, I am the one! 10 Therefore, the people were saying to him, How, then, were your eyes opened? 11 In reply, the man said, The one called Yahusha [Zech 6:11-12; Ezra 3:8] took clay and anointed my eyes and said to me, Go to mikvah Shiloach [MELACHIM BAIS 5:10] and wash. Therefore, having gone, and having washed, I saw! 12 And they said to him, Where is that one (Yahusha)? The man says to them, I do not have da’as (knowledge) of that. 13 The people lead the man to the Perushim (Pharisees), the man who had formerly been ivver (blind). 14 Now the time period (time/date of the healing) Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach took the clay and opened his eyes was a Shabbos (Sabbath day). 15 Then again also the Perushim were asking him how his eyes were opened, and the man said to them, The man placed clay on my eyes and I washed, and I see. 16 Therefore some of the Perushim were saying, This man is not from Alah (Aramaic word for “God”), because he is not Shomer Shabbos (keeping the Sabbath correctly, i.e. not doing any work on the Sabbath). But others were saying, How is a man who is a choteh (sinner) able to do such an otot (sign)? There was a machloket (division of dissension) among them. 17 Therefore, they say to the ivver (blind man) again, What do you say about him, because he opened your eyes? And the man said, He is a Navi (Prophet).18 Therefore, those of Yahudah (the Jews) did not believe that the man had been ivver (blind) until they called the horim of the man whose eyes were opened. 19 And they asked the horim, saying, Is this the ben (son) of you, whom you say was born ivver? How, therefore, does he now have sight? 20 In reply, therefore, his horim said, We have da’as that this man is the ben of us and that he was born ivver, 21 But how he sees now we do not have da’as nor do we have da’as of who opened his eyes. Interrogate him. He’s had his Bar Mitzvah (T.N. i.e., he is of age). He will speak for himself. 22 His horim said these things, because they were fearing those of Yehudah, for already those of Yehudah had agreed that if any person made hoda’ah (confession) of him to be the Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach, that person would be put under cherem (banned) from the shul (synagogue). 23 Therefore, his horim said, He has reached his religious majority and is of age. Interrogate him.24 They called a second time, therefore, the man who had been ivver (blind) and said to him, V’ten lo todah. (Give glory to G-d) [YEHOSHUA 7:19] We have da’as that this man is a choteh (sinner). [TEHILLIM 68:35; YAHUSHUA 7:19] 25 In reply, therefore, he said, If he is a choteh (sinner), of that I don’t have da’as. Of one thing I do have da’as, that though I was ivver, now I see. 26 They said, therefore, to him, What did he (Yahusha) do to you? How did he open your eyes? 27 The man answered them, I told you already, and you do not listen. Why again do you want to hear? Surely you do not want to become his talmidim also? 28 And they reviled him and said, You are a talmid of that man, but we are talmidim of Moshe Rabbeinu. [BAMIDBAR 12:2,8] 29 We have da’as that Hashem has spoken to Moshe Rabbeinu, but this man, we do not have da’as from where he comes. 30 In reply, the man said to them, Here is a real cheftza! (Gavra and Cheftza (“Person” and “Object”): (lit. “man” and “object”) Prohibitions or obligations are divided between those which apply to the “gavra,” the person himself, mandating his behavior, and those which apply to the “cheftza,” the object or the act in question, defining its status.) That you do not have da’as from where he comes, and he opened my eyes! 31 We have da’as that Allah does not listen to chote”im (sinners), but if anyone has chassidus (Jewish faith) and yirat Shomayim (fear of Heaven) and does the ratzon (will) of Him, this One Allah hears. [TEHILLIM 18:2332; 34:15 16; 66:18; 145:1920; 51:7(5); MISHLE 15:8,29; YESHAYAH 1:15; 59:1-2] 32 Never vi-bahlt the Bri’at HaOlam (since the Creation of the World) it was heard of that anyone opened the eyes of an ivver (blind man) having been born thus. 33 If this man was not from YHWH (Yahuah), he would not be able to do anything. 34 They answered and said to him, You were born totally B’AVON (in sin) and you teach us? And they threw him out. [TEHILLIM 51:5(7)]35 Rabboni, Melech Yahusha (aka “J-esus” to those under Allah’s “strong delusion”) HaMoshiach heard that they threw him out, and, having found him, Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said, Do you have emunah (faith) in the Ben HaAdam? (in the Son OfMan) 36 In reply, the man said, And who is he, Adoni (Lord), that I may have emunah (faith) in him? 37 And Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said, You have seen him, and the one speaking with you is he. 38 And the man said, Ani ma’amin, Adoni (I believe, Lord). And he fell down prostrate before him. 39 And Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said, For the sake of Mishpat (Divine Justice), I came into the Olam Hazeh, that the ones who are ivrim (blind ones) may see, and the ones seeing may become ivrim. 40 Some of the Perushim heard these things, the ones being with him, and they said to him, Surely we are not ivrim, are we? 41 Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said to them, If you were ivrim (blind men), you would not have chet (sin), but now vi- bahlt (since) you say, We see, the chet (sin) of you remains.”

After reading a true restored Hebraic version of this passage, I bet your head is spinning wondering why has the real Jewish Savior been adulterated with erroneous Greek/Roman/Latin translations and editings??? Don’t you feel a divine love and tug of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) in your heart that you are finally reading the real words of our Father who incarnated into a man so He could be our once-and-for-all atonement for sin. Only Allah can forgive sin and surely as He incarnated into a man in the form of Yahusha HaMoshiach He paid the ultimate cost out of His deep love for us, His Creation.

Your Allah-given free will might be revolting inside you right now and may make you want to turn aside and blow this off and you will walk away from Allah (Eloah/Alah/Allah/Elohim/Allahim– all the same word). You may be a hater or racist and may not know that Christians in Israel and throughout the Middle East say Allah instead of the word “God” which derives from the name of a pagan deity which our Father prohibits us from speaking from our lips any of the names of pagan deities.

So, let me continue…. It’s very cool that the very mikvah Siloam was found where the blind man washed and received his sight through faith. It’s the same for us. We receive our sight through faith because before we come to Yahusha we are blind and stumbling through darkness with no Light of The World to light the path before our feet. We are washed in the mikvah (baptismal pool) to wash away the old sinful nature and through the blood of Yahusha our sins are covered/blotted out and thrown as far as the East is from the West, into the Sea of Forgetfullness, so don’t let HaSatan (TheAdversary) EVER tell you any different when that nasty old devil tries to throw your past up in your face and attempt to humiliate you in front of others and try to convince you that what you did was unforgivable. That’s Satan’s plan A. Get you to doubt what “Is Written” as he did with Yahusha in the wilderness. Anytime you have nagging thoughts about your past sin that you have already been broken and repented for don’t you dare let that fool Satan try to make you doubt. Be like Yahusha and tell that deceiver, “It is written!” and then quote your favorite Scriptures about sin, repentance, forgiveness, and His redeeming blood. Resist the fool devil and he will flee from you and pick on an easier target, perhaps your neighbor, so “love they neighbor” whoever that neighbor may be and share the truth of Yahusha with them.

Shew! There are always so many rabbit holes to go down when you start talking about the goodness of Yahusha. That’s why sometimes an hour teaching can turn into a 2-hour preaching lol! Glory to Allah!!! Do you read that world “Allah” and don’t like it? Tough cookie! Get used to it. In Judaism we are taught to say Elah/Eloah/Elohim because it does not jump the fence we put around the sacred pronunciation of “Allah”. It’s the same mechanism/fence build around Jews not pronouncing YHWH (Yahuah), but instead in most Bibles you will see the world LORD in all caps. In Judaism we still have the correct Hebrew letters YHWH, but the cantillation marks on each of the four letters que us to not pronounce the word correctly. If you can’t or don’t pronounce the sacred name of the Father then you can’t blaspheme. That is our safety fence to prevent blasphemy. The same goes for all the Hebraic names with Yahu, the shorten version of Yahuah like Yahusha, Elijah/Eliyahu, Yermeyahu/Jeremiah, etc., ect.,you get the idea. Judaism purposely pronounced Yahu as Yeho so you don’t actually even speak the diminutive form of the sacred name of Allah.

Besides all that teaching I wanted to make a point about what the apostles were asking Yahusha about the man born blind. I’ll take us back to verse 2:

2 The talmidim (students/apostles) of Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach asked him, Rabboni, who committed averos (sins), this man or the horim (parents) of him, that he was born ivver (blind)? [YECHEZKEL 18:20; SHEMOT 20:5; IYOV 21;19] 

Most Christians who are completely uneducated in the Jewish faith do not know that re-incarnation has always been fundamental to the faith, indeed a pillar of the faith as Judaism understand that a soul must reincarnate as many times as needed to fulfill all the 613 Laws of the Torah and since there are certain Laws for men and certain Laws only for women it is mandatory that souls, that are genderless, incarnate over and over again to accomplish each Mitzvot (Commandment). Most Christians if asked if they believe in re-incarnation they will say, “We don’t teach that at my church! Re-incarnation is of the Devil!” How ignorant they are of the religion of the Messiah they claim to obey, but in their defense if you get raised up and brainwashed by a false cult called Christianity and you believe it to be the truth then can you blame Christians for not believing what their anti-Christ Babylonian Whore/Harlot religious system taught them? Yes you can. After all Yahusha the Messiah warned that false teachers would come and lead many astray, but today you have a real talmudim, a real Natsarim (Watcher of the Bride of Yahusha) that is telling you the truth that you can prove to yourself if you only have a desire to know the truth that will set you free from the strong deception of Esus later known as J-Esus/Jesus. Do it. Look up the history of how the Romans deleted the Holy Name, the ONLY name given to mankind, NO OTHER NAME by which we must be saved, Yahusha and they created some demonic Zeus/Esous/Iesus/Esus/Jesus name so that you are really invoking the name “Esus” which is another name for Satan. Look it up! “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. ~HOSEA 4:6

To continue… Without the foundational Judaic belief in re-incarnation how is it that you can believe that our heavenly Father Himself incarnated into the body of Yahusha to be Elohim/Allahim incarnate? It is written that we are made in the image of our heavenly father. Yahusha Himself reminded us that Elijah/Eliyahu the Navi (Prophet) would return to become the one who makes the way for the Messiah and Yahusha confirmed that certainly John the Baptist was the re-incarnation of Eliyahu and was beheaded. Yahusha even asked, “Who do the people say that I am?

Matthew 16:13-16 Now when Yahusha came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is? And they said, “Some say John the Baptist, others say Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” He said unto them, “But who do you say that I am?”

Here we have another direct reference to re-incarnation that has always been foundational to Judaism. Certainly, the Romans missed this and the previous reference to re-incarnation because the specific Hebraic word “Gilgul” meaning re-incarnation was not used when referencing this pillar of the faith. You can bet your bottom dollar that when the pagans had murdered the apostles and followers of Yahusha and confiscated their scrolls with the gospel of Yahusha that were most certainly written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek the pagan Roman’s changed to create their false doctrine that we do not re-incarnate, but only have one life and then the judgement. But you say, it is written “man will have one life and then the judgement”. Well, certainly when our human body dies and our soul returns to heaven there is a life review, a type of judgment, but it’s not the same as the false doctrine the pagans tried to create where our souls stay with our body in the grave till we are resurrected for the White throne judgement. Those humans left behind at the time of the rapture will be destroyed and their souls will not go to heaven but will await the White Throne Judgement at the end of the thousand years reign of Yahusha in the renewed Heaven and renewed Earth.

So, now….all of that to say this. Since re-incarnation is foundational to Judaism that explains the phenomenon of homosexuality as all so-called “Gay men” are simply re-incarnated women in men’s body, or if you will, “A woman trapped in the body of a man”. The soul bleed-over from the past life is very evident in the obvious femininity of most homosexual men and as well for the homosexual who feels so feminine that they cannot continue on as male and opt for a sexchange operation. These people known as transsexuals are experiencing the same in a more profound way feeling like they are a woman trapped in a male body. You gotta trust me on this one. All of the ancient Rabbi’s agree on this and your denial of re-incarnation is just going to make you look foolish, um, like a foolish virgin in the parable of the 10 virgins and that lamps where the foolish virgins are LEFT BEHIND and are kept out of the marriage supper of the Lamb and are soon destroyed when Yahusha scorches the entire earth with fire destroying all the wicked tares that will await the White Throne Judgement after the 1000-year reign and they will have to answer why they did not list to me just one of the last of the Last Days prophets.

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Because this subject has been so thoroughly researched and documented by other brothers and sisters in Abba Yahuah I will post their work here on the subject of the word “Amen” brought to you by Yahweh.House. [Note: The only changes/edits to their fine research I did was to change to the correct names of Yahuah (the Father’s name) and Yahusha (the Son’s name) and I added some bold font for emphasis.]

Should we say Amen, Ahmein, Amein or Omaine?


Many people bow their heads, clasp their hands together, they close their eyes, and pray and then say Amen, Ahmein, Amein or Omaine after praying.

However, should we bow our heads, put our hand together, close our eyes, and then end our prayers with something?  And if so, what should we say and why?

Well the Bible truth may surprise you, even SHOCK YOU!  It’s amazing, so many people do things without ever questioning it, without ever researching it to learn if it is biblical or not!

Yahusha Messiah never taught anyone to bow their heads, put their hands together, close their eyes, and then “end a prayer.” In fact, He didn’t even teach how to end a prayer.  In Matthew 6:9-13, He never taught us to end our prayers with anything!  The Messiah never ended His prayers or talks with “Amen”, so neither should we as He is our example, 1 John 2:6.

NOTE: If we read the earliest most oldest New Testament text we have access to today, for example, the CS (Codex Sinaiticus), there is NO text such as what appears in some later translations, for example, the KJV and some other English translations ends the Messiah’s pray in Matthew 6:9-13 with “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” However this does NOT appear in earliest Scripture Manuscripts, hence, it was fraudulently ADDED by translators!  And interestingly, translations such as the New International Version, English Standard Version, New Living Translation etc, do NOT have the added “Amen” ending because those translators knew it is NOT in the earliest manuscripts!  And in the New American Standard Bible translation for example, (photo below), we learn that they even admit it does NOT appear in the earliest Scripture Text! (mss is an abbreviation for “manuscripts.”)

So as we have learned, when asked how we should pray, our Messiah NEVER taught to end prayers with “Amen”, “Amein”, “Omaine” or anything else for that matter!

Also, just on another note, did you know the “Lord’s Prayer”, inviting Jesus into your heart, is completely ANTIBIBLICAL teaching? Nowhere in the entire Holy Scriptures does it say to invite Jesus into your heart!  

When Christians say “Amen”, they are calling out to the Egyptian god Amen Ra, because “Amen” originates from Amen Ra.  Remember, there is NO such word as “Amen” in Hebrew or Greek, because “Amen” is English!  Many false teachers claim on their facebook posts, websites and videos that “Amen” is Hebrew, but that is untrue!

Some people try to quote verses such as Yeremyahu (Jeremiah) 28:6 to try to support the use of “Amen”, however, the Hebrew word there is “Awmane”, Hebrew Strong’s number 543, which means “so be it”.

Some people try to also use verses such as 2 Cor 1:20 to defend the use of praising the pagan god “Amen”, however, when we look in the Strong’s Greek Lexicon for “Amen” in this verse, it’s number 281, which according to the Lexicon means “so be it”, and does NOT refer to the Pagan god “Amen”.  The same Greek word appears in verses such as Rev 3:14.


Therefore, “So be it” would be more accurate, because that’s what Awmane means in Hebrew. However, I never end prayers with anything, Yahusha when asked to teach the Disciples to pray, taught them how to pray, but as already mentioned, Yahusha NEVER ended their prayer with anything like “Amen”, “Amein”, or anything else.

So, we are to pray in Yahushu’s Name, but He never ended prayers with “Amen” or “Amein” etc.

Christianity is corrupted, they teach many false teachings!  Bible translators added “Amen” to some places, but “Amen” does not appear in the Hebrew or Greek manuscripts!


The Egyptians, including the Alexandrians, had been worshiping, or been acquainted with, the head of the Egyptian pantheon, Amen-Ra, the great sun-deity, for more than one thousand years B.C. Before he was known as Amen-Ra, he was known as Amen among the Thebans.

According to Funk and Wagnall’s Standard College Dictionary, AMEN was the deity of life and procreation in Egyptian mythology, and later identified with the Sun-deity as the supreme deity and called “Amen-Ra.” Smith’s Bible Dictionary and Egyptian Belief and modern thought agree.

When you invoke your prayers to a Pagan deity and they are answered do pay careful attention to Mattityahu (Matthew) 7:22 for understanding why they are answered particularly for healing of disease and great works there is a much wider message in this parable many do not understand. Using false Pagan deity names such as god, lord, amen and jesus is your clue. Remember the command not to even let these Pagan deity names be heard from your mouth!!!


“Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other mighty ones-[false deities]; do not let them be heard on your lips” – Exodus 23:13

“And I say to you that for every careless word men speak, they shall give an account of it in the day of judgment” – Mattityahu 12:36

The word “Amen” was added by corrupt Christian Scholars around 400AD, which was an adoption of the word “Amen Ra” or “lord Ra” in Egyptian. The Hebrew word for evil is also “Ra.” So Amen Ra is “lord evil.”

But Awmane in Hebrew, means “so be it.” Awmane and “Amen” are completely two separate words.

Hebrew – Awmane: sure; abstract, faithfulness; adverb, truly:–so be it, truth.

Greek – αμην – of Hebrew origin (543); properly, firm, i.e. (figuratively) trustworthy; adverbially, surely (often as interjection, so be it):–amen, verily.

Amen – English – from Egyptian, reference to a false god!

Amen (Amon) and Amen-Ra, King of the Gods, and the Triad of Thebes:

Among the gods who were known to the Egyptians in very early times were Amen and his consort Ament, and their names are found in the Pyramid Texts, e.g., Unas, line 558, where they are mentioned immediately after the pair of gods Nau and Nen, and in connection with the twin Lion-gods Shu and Tefnut, who are described as the two gods who made their own bodies, and with the goddess Temt, the female counterpart of Tem.


It is evident that even in the remote period of the Vth Dynasty Amen and Ament were numbered among the primeval gods, if not as gods in chief certainly as subsidiary forms of some of them, and from the fact that they are mentioned immediately after the deities of primeval matter, Nau and Nen, who we may consider to be the equivalents of the watery abyss from which all things sprang, and immediately before Temt and Shu and Tefnut, it would seem that the writers or editors of the Pyramid Texts assigned great antiquity to their existence.

Of the attributes ascribed to Amen in the Ancient Empire nothing is known, but, if we accept the meaning “hidden” which is usually given to his name, we must conclude that he was the personification of the hidden and unknown creative power which was associated with the primeval abyss, gods in the creation of the world, and all that is in it. The word or root Amen, certainly means “what is hidden,” “what is not seen,” “what cannot be seen,” and the like, and this fact is proved by scores of examples which may be collected from texts of all periods. In hymns to Amen we often read that he is “hidden to his children, “and “hidden to gods and men,” and it has been stated that these expressions only refer to the “hiding,” i.e., “setting” of the sun each evening, and that they are only to be understood in a physical sense, and to mean nothing more than the disappearance of the god Amen from the sight of men at the close of day.


Now, not only is the god himself said to be “hidden,” but his name also is “hidden,” and his form, or similitude, is said to be “unknown;” these statements show that “hidden,” when applied to Amen, the great god, has reference to something more than the “sun which has disappeared below the horizon,” and that it indicates the god who cannot be seen with the mortal eyes, and who is invisible, as well as inscrutable, to gods as well as men. In the times approaching the Ptolemaic period the name Amen appears to have been connected with the root men, “to abide, to be permanent;” and one of the attributes which were applied to him was that of eternal.

Amen is represented in five forms:

1. As a man, when he is seen seated on a throne, and holding in one hand the scepter, and in the other the symbol of “life.” In this form he is one of the nine deities who compose the company of the gods of Amen-Ra, the other eight being Ament, Nu, Nut, Hehui, Hehet, Kekui, Keket, and Hathor.

2. As a man with the head of a frog, whilst his female counterpart Ament has the head of a uraeus.

3. As a man with the head of a uraeus, whilst his female counterpart has the head of a cat.

4. As an ape.

5. As a lion couching upon a pedestal.The problem is; most people never stop to question anything, they have been conditioned and brainwashed to believe that we are supposed to close our eyes, place hands together, bow our heads, pray, and end our prayers with Amen etc. However, the truth is, NO SUCH teaching exists in the entire Holy Scriptures!


All those who love and seek truth, and all of Abba Yahuah’s children and believers should IMMEDIATELY repent of and renounce calling out to “Amen”, “Ahmein”, “Amein” or “Omaine!  Do NOT be like the Pagan Christians who call out to this false god after their prayers!  Satan deceives the world, Rev 12:9, how shocking it is when you see people praying only to end their prayers calling out to a FALSE PAGAN GOD, “AMEN”!  Satan truly has deceived people!

Yahuah’s true children are beginning to wake from slumber, the light bulbs are turning on, they are starting to see things clearly and are shocked to learn that they have been deceived by Satan and Christians for most of their lives!

ENDING NOTE: Many people are trying to teach that it’s acceptable and not wrong to end prayers with “Amen”, a lot of these same people however teach false names, false Christian doctrines like Christmas, Easter etc, and they cannot show anywhere our Messiah taught to end prayers with “AMEN”, but they do it anyway.   In fact I have shown above, that when our Messiah was asked how we should pray, that He NEVER taught to end our prayers with “Amen”. So I must ask, do you really want to be taught by such misleading people who add to the Scriptures and who falsely claim our Messiah taught something which He NEVER DID!!!  As for me, I would rather follow the proper reading of Matthew 6 as a truthful and accurate example of how to pray.

These people who claim it’s acceptable to end prayers or talks with “Amen”, will post verses such as Numbers 5:22, Deuteronomy 27:15-16, Deuteronomy 27:26 etc, and claim those verses prove it’s acceptable to say “AMEN” after prayers.  However, those verses in the original languages do NOT say “AMEN”, and what these uneducated teachers will not tell you is that NOWHERE did our Messiah teach we should end prayers with “Amen” as this article has already shown.  Also, they will not tell you that the Hebrew word for the English translation of “Amen” for verses such as Numbers 5:22, Deuteronomy 27:15-16 etc (The Hebrew Strong’s #543), is the Hebrew word I mentioned earlier, “Awmane”,  which does not mean “AMEN”, it accurately means “So be it”.

We at Yahuah’s House Ministries reject using “AMEN” at the end of our prayers or talks, as it’s not biblical and was NEVER taught by our Messiah to do, and the Messiah never did it.

We prefer ending our prayers with, “In the name of Yahusha”, and “So be it!”

The reason we end our prayers in the Messiah’s name, is due to these verses:

John 14:13 – And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

John 14:14 – If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

John 15:16 – Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

John 16:23 – And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.

John 16:24 – Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.

John 16:26 – At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you.

And Scripture teaches that we only have access to the Father, through the Son, so that is another reason why we conclude to end our prayers in the Son’s Name.

However notice, NOWHERE in earliest Scripture manuscripts does it teach to end prayers with “AMEN”, so whenever someone tries to claim it’s acceptable to end prayers with “AMEN”, and claiming that “Amen” is Hebrew, then you now know it’s NOT Scriptural, it’s NOT Hebrew, and only taught by false teachers who ADD teachings to what the Messiah actually taught and did Himself.

Many people will say to you, “But it’s OK to say Amen after prayers, Amen is harmless and it’s not a pagan god etc…”, however, they still stumble when you ask them, “So you have a lot of excuses to say AMEN, but can you show me anywhere the Messiah, when asked to teach to pray, ever taught to end prayers with “AMEN”?

To this, they usually sidestep the question because they realise when reading Scripture that we should follow the Messiah’s example and He NEVER did or taught to end prayers with “Amen”, and this article shows that, seeing only later corrupted translations added “AMEN” to the prayer which does NOT appear in the earliest manuscripts.

Renounce all error and come back to Scripture truth! Shalom,

Yeremyah & Michaiyah (Yahweh’s House Ministries)
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Donnie Swaggart

Son of Jimmy Swaggart

I was living in St. Rose, Louisiana in 1988 when Jimmy Swaggart was caught in a hotel room with a known street prostitute at a sleazy hotel just down the road from where I was living.

I was watching Donnie Swaggart’s program on The Daystar channel today and he was preaching heavy Paul’s writing to the Hebrews where he taught that the Law was nailed to the cross and we didn’t have to follow the law anymore? We can kill and lie and commit fornication now? Don’t think so Donnie Swaggart.

Then he went on to make fun of Messianic Jews who continue to keep the Law and wear the Tallit. He was mocking and all I could think of was wolf in sheep’s clothing preaching doctrines of demons to those with itching ears who want to hear the smooth things.

We know the evil pagan Roman’s rounded up every apostle of Yahusha and confiscated their writings of the saying’s of Yahusha and burned them, but not before they copied them into Greek and edited and rewrote them just enough to suit their needs to have a non-scriptural hell-based one life and then the judgement, anti-re-incarnational Messianic Judaism. They took Zeus and Krisha and created their Iesous/Esus/J-Esus/Jesus–the Babylonian anti-messiah Whore religious system was born and would later give birth to the protestant apostate Harlot daughter churches in the reformation of Martin Luther.

Donnie Swaggart said, “God doesn’t go backwards”, as he explained the Law is dead and nailed to the cross. All I could think of was Yahusha’s instructions as Elohim/Allahim in the flesh said, “If you love me keep my commandments”. Just then in my minds eye I saw Yahusha on Passover (that Swaggart mocked again the Messianic Jews remembering each year), that Yahusha kept with the apostles His final night and instructed them to from then on to keep Pesach (the Passover) “In remembrance of Me.” It is written: He blessed the new wine and said, “This is my blood that is shed as the covering for your sin.” He broke that bread and said, “This is my body that is broken for you”.

Surely, Yahusha’s sacrifice brought an end to Commandment to do sacrifices, and we are allowed to be forgiven and not to die in our transgressions against the Commandments, but certainly ALL THE LAW was not blotted out by Yahusha. That’s ridiculous, but then again isn’t Satan ridiculous??? Should the church be lying, stealing, praying to idols the way the Catholics do, commit fornication, adultery, murder, sodomy??? I don’t think so. What I think is the pagan Roman’s who hijacked Messianic Judaism and renamed it Christianity, they altered the Hebrew Scrolls in the Greek before destroying the originals. Who knows maybe the Vatican still has the originals with the apostles signatures on them?

It is my job to expose false teachers and their false teachings. Awmane (Hebrew word for “so be it”) BTW, just saying “Awmane” is a lesson in false teachings itself. See my page, SHOULD WE END OUR PRAYERS WITH “AMEN”?





Where do I begin to WARN the Christian church world that has fallen away from the first leaders of the Apostolic Jewish faith guarded and taught by the apostles of Yahusha the Messiah, The Son of Yahuah, HaMelek Olam?

Let me tell you right away that the parable of the 10 virgins and their lamps was Yahusha letting us know their would a true and Commandment keeping, Sacred Hebrew Names wise bride that gets raptured while the church world’s foolish bride will be LEFT BEHIND to suffer the plagues put on the Babylonian Whore (Catholicism) and her apostate Harlot Daughters who are both the foolish virgins who have reject the true Holy Tongue names of the Father and Son, Yahuah Melek HaOlam and Yahusha HaMashiach.

Those are not the only things that are wrong with the foolish virgins who will not be allowed to enter into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Christian Harlot system does not believe in re-incarnation which is foundational to the Jewish faith. Christians will accept that Yahuah incarnated into the body of a man so He could know all we, as humans, suffer physically and emotionally becoming our Passover lamb who’s blood washes away our sin.start with Yahuah incarnating into the man most Christians only know as “J-Esus”. I hyphenate that monsterous name so you could see the name Esus that was used in the Greek as Iesous or Esous which was the Greeks so-called transliterated (sound alike name) for Yahushua, the real Hebrew name that is the same as the Book of Joshua (Yeshua being the diminutive version of Yahusha). Now, ask yourself this– Why was Joshua’s name name not corrupted to J-esus, but the Saviors name was when it’s supposed to be the Name above all Names, the only Name given to mankind by which we MUST be saved by the reciting of the name Yahusha in water baptism for the remission of the sin nature and you sins.

Again, ask yourself whyyyyyyyy if they got Joshua’s name correct after transliterating why didn’t they do the same with the Messiah. Well, lets go to the Word.


Parable of the 10 Virgins (and Their Lamps)



Wake up and understand that The Savior warned us about the Mystery Babylon Whore and her Harlot daughters.

So many people have so much pride and arrogance that they do not want to believe that the Messiah warned us against the anti-Christ false religious system that they could be in involved in. He also warned about a strong delusion will be sent by the Father to those that reject truth.

You KNOW that part of the truth is the the Messiah was Jewish and He spoke the Hebrew the language that His Father Yahuah gave mankind, known as the Lashon Kodesh (aka Holy Tongue). The real name of the Savior in Hebrew is Yahusha (incorrectly aka Jesus Esus/Esous/IEsous, and last but not least Yeshu/Yeshu-a and Isa). You wouldn’t disrespect former president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev by calling him “Michael Hunchback” would you? You’d respect him and call him by his real name instead of trying to translate it. So if you would pay that respect to a mere man why is it inside you that makes you disrespect “THE NAME OF ALL NAMES, THE ONLY NAME UNDER HEAVEN (not multiple choice names), GIVEN TO MANKIND BY WHICH WE MUST BE SAVED”? ~ Acts 4:11

Do you know how we even got the name Jesus? How it evolved? Well, for one thing the letter “J” wasn’t even in the English language will about 500 years ago. When Rome switched from the Greek language of the Empire to Latin the celtic god “Esus” (another name for Satan) that became Iesous in Greek was Latinized with the “J” to make “Jesous” or “J-Esus”. So, everytime you utter the name Jesus from your lips you are actually saying another name for Satan and our Heavenly Father is not happy about that because in the Book of Exodus He forbade such utterances.

Exodus 23:13
“Now concerning everything which I have said to you, be on your guard; and do not mention the name of other gods, nor let them be heard from your mouth.

If you consider yourself a real Christian you should be, excuse the expression, scared shitless right about now because you are a Foolish Virgin with an empty lamp (signifying you do not have the Truth of the Father’s Words/Laws locked in your heart that you might not sin against Him)

The Mystery Babylon system has it’s beginnings all they way back when part of the southern kingdom of Judah along with Daniel the prophet were forcibly carried away and taken into captivity in Babylon.

You may have heard in Protestant church circles that the Catholic church is the whore of Babylon because they worship idols in the church and even had the nerve to delete the 2nd Commandment and changed the 3rd Commandment to keep the 7th Day Sabbath that The Father created for rest from our labors. The Catholic church deleted His Sabbath and created their own for the sake of the pagans who worshipped the sun god (not the Son of “God” on the Roman 1st day of the week when it was mandatory to worship Mithras the sun god. Are you beginning to get a clue as to how demonic this deception has been? I mean after all, we are talking about the Whore Catholic church of which it is believed that the Pope in power at the time of The End will be the false prophet. We already know all Popes are false prophets because the doctrine of the Catholic church declares that each Pope actually becomes changed into “Jesus” when they become Pope. If that doesn’t provide the definition of “doctrine of demons” I don’t know what would!”

While trying to write this I’m really tired and need to rest so I’m just typing out a bare bones warning and will come back and flesh out this blog entry later.

But know…. the Christian church world is the “Foolish Virgins with no oil in their lamps” and they are going to be left behind because they are they were are “workers of iniquity”. Not only will the whorish Catholics and Christians be left behind as part of the Whore of Babylon and her Harlots system, but also Judaism will have many left behind as well as Islam because they have all left their first love, the Word/Law of Yahuah’s Torah.

Those left behind are going to be destroyed just after the rapture when Yahusha the Messiah scorches the earth with fire and all those souls will have to wait till the White Throne Judgement where they will be resurrected and judged based on if they rejected the truth I have been sent to witness to them to change their ways. If they were told the truth by myself and others, but rejected it then there will be no hope and they will suffer the merciful 2nd death in the Lake of Fire. It is my hope that this website will stay up during the 7-year Tribulation and when people realized they missed the 1st boat they will right themselves and the Father of second changes, and fourth, and fifth, and sixth, etc., etc., chances will have mercy on them and they will be Elect-ed to go in Paul’s resurrection/twinkling of an eye 2nd chance/2nd coming rapture where these who have washed their robes during the tribulation will be joined by Yahu’sha and the Wise Virgin armies of Heaven, and angels to head to the Valley of Megiddo for battle.

To be continued….maybe….if need be..? Is this enough? Did I get my point across? Email me from the homepage if you have questions.