The /detrans subreddit

You may have never heard of, a chat forum, but they call a certain chat room there “/detrans”.

From the website:

“Welcome detransitioners, self-questioners, and detrans allies. Post anything about gender detransition. Ask questions, share memes, inspire, vent, wonder, etc. Abide by the rules below, in “About” on mobile”.

I joined this /dtrans forum on 9 October 2019 and from the very moment of my introduction message I began getting attacked for promoting that understanding gender dysphoria in relation to reincarnation will help people to successfully rid themselves of gender dysphoria.

Before I learned how to activate a whitelist on the forum to prevent people from sending me private messages without my consent there were tons of anti-detransition activists sending me some of the most filthy and threatening messages attack me personally from every angle possible. That kind of behavior just proves how mental these people are. What they say doesn’t phase me in the least.

Walt Heyer once was a male to female transgender, but like myself he detransitioned. Here’s what he has to say about Reddit and other such forums:

“Reddit in my view is where unhealthy behavior is fostered and you really cannot trust anyone to tell the truth. The Reddit detransition site in particular is likely filed with trolls, people who are not detransition folks and a few nut jobs along with some really good healthy people.
I myself avoid such sites”.

Walt hit the nail on the head about those who populate the /dtrans forum. I would say there are more than a few nut jobs there. lol

I’m not there to engage with idiots. If they write something to me where they are personally attacking me, continuing pointless arguments, or trying to provoke me with insults I simply just block them. I’m not there for the pro-trans activists. I’m just there to promote how I can help those who are open detransition. If only one person is saved from making a horrible mistake and having their healthy body chopped to bits then I’ve done my job.

I would warn people away from it, but for those who dare to venture in I’ll be one of the good guys there to offer support no matter if you are happy in transition or unhappy in transition.


Part of this website’s legacy is the help provided to me by Mr. Arthur Goldberg and Mrs. Elaine Berk who co-founded an organization called JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing). They paired therapists with people of various faiths who were experiencing unwanted same-sex attractions. They acted as custodians for my surgery detransition fund.

Arthur and Elaine became friends. More than that they were people who extended love and caring towards me and my situation. They introduced me to Rabbi Samuel Rosenberg who supported me in so many ways to recover my birth gender that had been hidden under a heap of lies I’d told myself about transgenderism.

From what I’ve read on the Internet, in 2012 pro-gay activists had posed as clients and then brought a lawsuit funded by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Arthur and Elaine helped me a lot in my journey of discovery returning to my birth sex. I’d like you to consider making a donation for their legal defense fees at the Natural Law Defense Fund .

18 October 2019

What a day!

The wife, kids, and I landed in the USA today to attend a family funeral.

My wife’s family couldn’t miss the season opener of Theresa Caputo’s Long Island Medium show on TLC. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Theresa did a reading for a 10-year-old boy named Matthew and his parents. Theresa asked and the parents gave permission for the young minor boy to be present and a part of the reading. I’m not gonna give a spoiler, but I’m going to tell you that I’ve watched every episode of Theresa’s program from day one and tonight I finally saw the reading of all readings that had the power to convince the she is the real deal.

Then there is Hillary Clinton declaring that Tulsi Gabbard is an agent of Russian president Putin. In other words, Hillary is basically announcing she is going to join the 2020 presidential race? Hillary never took an responsibility for being an unelectable candidate in any of her failed campaigns, but she has given over 613 reasons why other people are to blame for her losing.

About a year ago someone recommended While going over the website I noticed there were a ton of articles reporting on male to female transgenders that were convicted criminals doing time for pedophilia.

I immediately thought about an incident I was witness to in the year (date omitted to protect the innocent) that has forever haunted me.

I had made a transgender acquaintance online. This acquaintance is a male to female transgender from Vienna, Austria by the name of Andrea Maria Dusl that had first written to me under an alias of “Comandantina”. Over the course of a year he had talked about corresponding with a sexchange surgeon in Portland, Oregon that he had decided to have a consultation with. As plans were confirmed for the consultation we discussed that he would visit several places while in the United States and as we had developed a type of camaraderie we had decided he would make a trip to my town and come stay with me for a visit.

To make a long story short, I had a regular babysitting job in my home with a child that was 10 years old. One day I realized I was out of milk for the child to drink and I lived just a block away from a grocery store. I trusted Andrea to sit with the child who was napping while I dashed down the street real quick to grab some milk. I’d no sooner got to the end of the block and had forgotten the money I’d laid at the table near the front door so I dashed back real quick to get it. As I rushed in the door I saw my houseguest, Andrea Maria Dusl with his penis out near the child’s mouth. I was so horrified and full of anger, I immediately screamed, “Oh my fucking God!”, I turned on my heel, grabbed up my loaded shotgun which always was propped up in the corner next to my front door of my house and I screamed at the son of a bitch to get his suitcase and get out of my house and if he didn’t get out of my house in two minutes I was gonna put a bullet in his brain. I told the child to go in the bathroom and keep the door closed till I came.

There was no conversation between other than me repeating several times while he took all of the two minutes to leave, “Get the fuck out”. He was gone and I’ve never heard from him again.

I went to the child and asked, “Are you okay?” I remember being so frightened and boiling over with anger, yet most importantly I was concerned for the child’s wellbeing. I keep referring to the child as “the child” because I do not even want to reveal the sex of child to protect it. The child was visibly shaken, but under repeated questioning the child said they did not have any idea what happened cause they were asleep until they were awakened by me screaming. Even though I believe the child, that they didn’t have a clue as to what I witnessed, I felt so deeply I should have reported this incident to the police, but as I monitored and questioned the child over the course of the next year they never once changed their story no matter how many times I stealthfully would question them so I felt assured that they were indeed asleep and I don’t think enough time had passed upon me stepping out the door before returning to prevent a molestation or worse. I’ve even kept in touch with the family over the years having related a story to them that I’d had an argument with my houseguest and had to send them packing, telling them the story more than once as to be able to question more than once about the child’s wellbeing the day I was arguing with my houseguest.

Year’s later and I still am tormented by the attempted molestation I witnessed, but I was told that because Andrea Maria Dusl lives in Austria that nothing would be done if I reported the near molestation now. However, after all these years later I feel a responsibility to tell this story and disseminate it so people wherever Andrea Maria Dusl is will know what this monster is capable of and to warn people to keep their children away from him.

Perhaps I will write a formal article for the website.

Patrick Crusius Manifesto

Note: Sorry for the choppy presentation of the Patrick Crusius Manifest. I’m no website wizard and I managed to find a copy of the manifest in pdf form and just did screen prints of the paragraphs and then reassembled them here. I will comment at the end of Patrick Crusius’s Manifesto.

Patrick Crusius seems to have grasped the importance of reducing the population of our plant so we can manage resources and stop poisoning our water and environment. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THOSE TRYING TO MANAGE IT NOW ARE DOING IT BY DECEPTIVE MEANS TO KEEP SPERM COUNTS LOW TO SLOW THE POPULATION BOOM. Just come out and sound the alarm and ask the people of our planet to please try to just duplicate yourselves with your own two child policy like Prince Harry and Megan are doing.

The Democrats in the USA are going to cry crocodile tears as they try to dramatically take the moral high ground and scream gun control again, but you can’t have open boarders and gun control at the same time. Millions of guns are being brought across the boarder as well as millions of human illegal immigrants, criminals trafficking children for sex, and of course drugs. The Democrats want votes and power more than fixing any of those problems. They will bludgeon and demonize the gun-toting Republicans for a week or two, but then drop the argument because they really don’t care how many thousands of Americans are killed each year as long as they can keep open boarders with millions of criminal immigrants streaming in to vote for them.

In closing, I understand the frustrations Patrick tried to convey in this manifesto (if it really was written by him), and I also understand where his thinking lacks understanding of the bigger picture. Yes, we must demand population control of this planet. And yes, Patrick Crusius is right about the immigrants coming through our southern boarder being heavy breeders, and that is due to their mainly Catholic no birth control beliefs. People this is not the Bible days anymore where your descendents need to be as many as the sands of the sea shore as promised by God to whoever! A one-child policy may be a bit harsh, but definitely a replacement population two-child policy should be instituted in all countries till we get this crisis of over population under control. With a world-wide two-child policy population will begin to decrease. In my humble opinion, we also need to return to simpler agricultural-based lifestyles and get rid of fucking Monsanto and it’s monster corporate farming with all the poison food they are feeding the peasants that can’t afford the Organic foods that only the wealthy and elites can afford. Enough is enough! Let’s change the world for the better people!

If Patrick Crusius isn’t murdered by the law while in jail as I believe Jeffery Epstein was, he will eventually give us his story and it probably will not be the story we are hearing now. What if he denies ever writing that manifesto?

Maybe more thoughts later…

Pandora App

Oh fuck yeah! By accident I found the perfect Pandora music station with all the music I grew up with! Do a search for “Free Bird (Extended Music Version)”.

Once you select it it will show up as Free Bird (Extended Music Version) Radio.

All it needs for me is a few tweeks to get a little more Southern Rock in there.

The music of my life! Happy 🙂

The Sugar-free Lifestyle

Thanks to a dietary recommendation by my friend, , I have now become sugar-free.

I was told by my rhumatologist that I had to cut out sugar and I said, “But I only use a tablespoon in my coffee once a day!”

Anybody who has arthritis will tell you that the pain is no joke. Also, it saps your normal strength like kyptonite and even the simplest tasks like opening a pickle jar become impossible.

Charlie recommends cutting out all while flour products and sugar. It’s hard to give those things up, but I knew it was time to change and not eat these things on a regular basis. Oh, yeah I do cheat a tiny bit from time to time if I go out with friends for pizza or a beef burger. Sugar is a lot easier for me to avoid than flour.

The problem I had with stopping sugar was that nothing tasted satisfying enough in my coffee. Stevia works in my fermented green tea that I drink cold, but no other sweeteners made my coffee taste right. I’m sure some would say I should give up coffee too, but I don’t want to live forever.

Charlie recommended natural monkfruit to replace sugar and so I searched around online, read some reviews and then ordered from . My order of six bottles arrived in just a couple days and it tasted great in my coffee.

The Green New Deal

I’ve been reading the link above for The Green New Deal (GND). While reading it I thought about the fact that it doesn’t really address the real issue our planet is facing. Overpopulation is the real reason for all our woes. So many things in the GND are truly great ideas. I had a thought how homosexuals generally don’t add to population increases and wondered about this being another reason progressives would embrace and even promote the homosexual lifestyle. Hmmm…..

Always thinking and staying open to possibilities…

2018 Adolescent Trans MRI’s

Not so fast! Reincarnation still trumps this MRI study.

In late 2007 Natalie Sudman died. She was working with the army core of engineers in Iraq and the truck she was riding in was hit by a roadside bomb. She only died for a short time however and then her body miraculously came back to life. Natalie had what is called a Near-death Experience (NDE).

Natalie says her soul left her body because her body had died. In another dimension Natalie was offered the choice to return to her body and resume her life, but before that could happen certain parts of her body that were destroyed by the bomb causing her dead had to be miraculously healed. You can listen to her whole story in detail. Just search Youtube for Natalie Sudman.

The point I wish to make is that if the powers that be could miraculously heal her body so she was no longer dead it creates another question or perhaps an answer. If someone has a soul agreement to come into this life as someone who will be dealing with gender dysphoria to elevate their soul to a higher level there can be more than just mental issues. The powers that be could also create physical issues that make that person gender dysphoric.

An MRI brain study of adolescents who identify as transgender doesn’t give a stamp of approval for a person chopping up their body to try to become a different sex. Changing one’s body to live as something they are not is not the goal here. The goal is to embrace that a soul is not bound by human physical sex or gender. The human soul is sexless and genderless. You are born into your body for a reason and the reason is not to chop it up and remake it so you are living as a fake man or fake woman. It’s an obstacle to overcome, not be overcome by. All studies show that long-term people find themselves unhappy with having destroyed a natural life to exist in an unnatural state. Human nature is not going to change where we will one day live in a utopian society where trannies will not be mocked and ridiculed for their folly. Better to embrace what you are and not go to drastic extremes to live an unnatural life. Long-term studies show suicide rates rise again after the post-operative transgender honeymoon phase is over.


Article Updated: 11 June 2019

Boy, did this website get it wrong? Why didn’t this website or many others just contact me for an interview to get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth? TransChristians.Org has no desire to present the truth. They simply wish to mischaracterize and publish lies. I’m not about to go on a crusade to force every website mentioning my name to remove libelous statements about me. It’s not worth my time, but I might, just this once, make a few corrections to their article posted about me at:

  1. Notice the wording in the second sentence, “He transitioned back to becoming a man”. The writer obviously believes AND IS PROMOTING THE IDEA you can “become” a man. If you can “become” a man then you can also “become” a woman. Sorry, you can’t “become” anything more than what you were born as. You can masquerade as something other than your birth sex, but that is all it is, a masquerade. Most trans people realize this after living the lifestyle for a long enough time after the fetishistic transvestite phase wears off, the honeymoon phase is over, and the cold hard truth sets in.
  2. Article claims I am a non-practicing Jew. I am not Jewish and never have been.
  3. “Josef was born male, transitioned to live as a woman for 17 years”. I actually lived as female for 22 years.
  4. “Josef worked with Jerry Leach part time”. I never “worked with Jerry Leach” part time.

That was just the first few sentences of the website which is full of inaccuracies. You understand why it’s not worth my time to try to correct such websites who publish lies. Like I say, if you want to know about me you can come directly to me and ask.