Article Updated: 11 June 2019

Boy, did this website get it wrong? Why didn’t this website or many others just contact me for an interview to get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth? TransChristians.Org has no desire to present the truth. They simply wish to mischaracterize and publish lies. I’m not about to go on a crusade to force every website mentioning my name to remove libelous statements about me. It’s not worth my time, but I might, just this once, make a few corrections to their article posted about me at:

  1. Notice the wording in the second sentence, “He transitioned back to becoming a man”. The writer obviously believes AND IS PROMOTING THE IDEA you can “become” a man. If you can “become” a man then you can also “become” a woman. Sorry, you can’t “become” anything more than what you were born as. You can masquerade as something other than your birth sex, but that is all it is, a masquerade. Most trans people realize this after living the lifestyle for a long enough time after the fetishistic transvestite phase wears off, the honeymoon phase is over, and the cold hard truth sets in.
  2. Article claims I am a non-practicing Jew. I am not Jewish and never have been.
  3. “Josef was born male, transitioned to live as a woman for 17 years”. I actually lived as female for 22 years.
  4. “Josef worked with Jerry Leach part time”. I never “worked with Jerry Leach” part time.

That was just the first few sentences of the website which is full of inaccuracies. You understand why it’s not worth my time to try to correct such websites who publish lies. Like I say, if you want to know about me you can come directly to me and ask.

Equality Act H.R.5 Must Not Pass

This Article Updated: 10 June 2019

The Equality Act, as currently written, must not pass. I’m going to tell you why. As a whistleblower from inside the trans community, I have known of many men who self-identify as transgender who are nothing more than sex offenders who dress up as women to gain access to the most private places of females, the women’s locker room and women’s restroom facilities.

Let us not forget that Gender Dysphoria is defined as a mental illness. We do not want to allow male sex offenders, pediofiles, the mentally ill, etc., into the most private sanctuaries for women and young girls. We have separate facilities for women and men, frankly because so many men cannot be trusted.

Men afflicted with the mental illness known as Gender Dysphoria will always be looked as by society as other. Even the Gay community looks at them as other, and many begrudgingly allow them under the so-called LGBTQI allied umbrella. The most compassionate thing we can do for these “other” individuals is provide more gender neutral restrooms. Gender neutral restrooms are not a new thing created by a Godless society so let’s correct this situation the right way before men force their way into women’s private spaces.

Should these certain mentally ill people have many other of the civil rights written into the Equality Act? Yes. There is a compassionate response to this situation.

22 March 2019

Finally Getting Some Time to Expand This Website

I know a year is a long time to start a website and only have one page up, but it’s a long page! It’s done the job to get the messages across, but I’ve wanted to have time for more like having a regular blog that I can talk about this or that. Now, I finally have time to dedicate some more thoughts here.

I’m going to utilize this blog similar to the entry’s in a personal journal or what American’s call a Diary. I’ll be throwing in a few blog entries with prehistoric dates to blog about some the milestones in my life. Yeah, that sounds good! Okay, so that’s all for this post today. See you later!

23 October 2018

Phyllis Hogan-Hickey

This article updated: 8 June 2019

Every year when the23’rd of October rolls around I am reminded of the woman who was to be wife and mother of my children in this lifetime. She broke off our relationship when we were 17. Through the years I’d kept in contact with her sister, Linda and her mother, getting bits and pieces of her story and then about 10 years ago Phyllis re-established contact with me. It was short-lived as she feared her abusive husband, Patrick would find out we were in communication and she’d have hell to pay. I never got around to asking her about the baby she aborted when she was 17. Her sister assumed it was mine and said it was a boy. I almost asked her about it one day, wanting to ease into the subject, asking her if she ever had children with Patrick and she said she didn’t. I seem to remember Phyllis saying she some troubles and so her and Patrick never had children. Did something bad happen during the abortion? I guess it’s also a possibility that she avoided getting pregnant so she didn’t bring innocents into an abusive marriage.

My family had moved and put 1000 miles between Phyllis and I when we were 15, but we’d planned that I would move back to Kentucky when I was 18 and we could be married. Two days after my 18th birthday I returned to Kentucky to live with my grandmother. I let Phyllis know I’d come back for her and wanted to begin trying to heal our relationship. She never once told me that she had married Patrick Hickey the month before I arrived. I’m glad I didn’t find out till many years later about her marriage at age 17 to Patrick. Phyllis came uninvited to my grandmother’s home late at night, and my grandmother did not allow me to answer the door. Phyllis faded away after that. Years later when we finally reconnected she would admit that marrying the abusive Patrick Hickey was the worst mistake of her life and it also changed the trajectory of my own life. Patrick would not allow her to have a car or drive his car. He would drive her to her job and drive her home. He wouldn’t even allow Phyllis to walk feet across the parking lot of the strip mall where she worked to eat lunch at a restaurant with fellow employees. She could only have her hair cut at her gay brother’s hair salon on Sunday when the salon was closed to the public. She gave me many more details of her horrible life with Patrick and I asked her is she wanted to get away from him and we began to develop a plan for her to escape him and come live with me in California, but then she got cold feet and stopped contact with me again.

My last form of contact was with her sister Joan in early 2019. I wanted Phyllis to sign off on her identity in my book to be published. Joan offered to give Phyllis my contact info, but then she came back with some lame excuse that Phyllis didn’t have email or a phone, and added that things with Patrick had gotten better? Really? Over 30 years of hellish abusive marriage and now Patrick is being good to Phyllis? Doubt it. Poor Phyllis.

Update: 8 June 2019 I took a nap today and awoke during a dream where Phyllis and I were laying in bed cuddling. That was a really strange dream to have out of the blue. I don’t know that I will ever see her again in this lifetime and I don’t understand why our lives unfolded the way they have, but my belief system tells me we will understand when we do meet again in Heaven.