Are You Afraid of Change?

Being afraid of change is a natural psychological reaction in most people. It takes time, experiences, and education for most people to embrace change without fear. For some people their faith in a Higher Power helps them to combat fear.

For every step forward there is usually a half step back. Every step, two steps you take you step back out of fear. The fear is the fear of change, of transformation, the fear of what we think is our identity even though it’s not. It’s a provisional identity. These are sometimes explained as phase transitions and they can be scary. When water becomes steam, that is a phase transition. This change does not happen gently however. The water boils violently before that gentle steam floats on the air. Also, don’t forget that the steam can burn you till it’s had time to cool.

Everything in existence is always changing so why is it so hard for humanity to embrace change? Let me get right down to it. Why is it hard for humanity to embrace people who attempt to change their sex/gender presentation? People have been taught to fear and hate that which they cannot understand. This is a recycling of collective thoughts and behavior which is quite symptomatic of tribalism. When did tribalism ever do any good for humankind?

I was born with an intersexed chromosome pattern of XY/XO that I was not made aware of till I was 40 years old. I had a chromosome test done then because my general practitioner physician had suggested I have one done just so he could get a baseline in my file to support my claims of being transsexual. My physician had only known me as female during the 10 years he was my doctor who prescribed me female hormone replacement for which reason I had told him was that I’d had a hysterectomy at age 19 due to my mother having taken a hormone known as DES during her pregnancy with me. That was a lie, but it hid my transsexual secret till I came to the time in my life when I needed to transition to living as male.

So, here we are today in the year 2020 and I’ve experienced living the last 15 years of my life as male, after living the previous 20 years of my life as female. I now live in a state beyond gender as I realize the soul has no gender or sex like our bodies do. This is where I will lose a lot of you as readers of this article because there are many that do not believe that there is any essence of who we are that survives the grave. Call that essence a soul or whatever you want to call it. I call it a soul because that is a concept that most people are familiar with.

Beyond gender. Religious literature says that God is the embodiment of the attributes of both the male and female sexes. Religious literature also says we were made in the image of God(s). If we all are honest and can put the programing we received through our upbringings on hold for just a minute and think about what it is beyond our psychological, hormonal, or physical bodies that gives us a sense of sex/gender.

The ancient philosophical and religious writings of this world all tell us that we transmigrate sex/gender through many reincarnations we experience. Some say this is how many gender challenged people develop. Can you imagine if you lived your past life as a female and then your next life you find yourself in a male body, but feel like being male is foreign and females are the familiar. Even Jesus, in the Christian Bible spoke about reincarnation although Christianity doesn’t want to address it other than to say, “Reincarnation? That’s of the Devil and we don’t teach that in our church”. How can they say that if Jesus embraced reincarnation as foundational to Judaism?

In the end, does it matter if one lives their life as male or female? Perhaps someone has some karmas to work out while living their life as something other that the rigid binary sex of male or female that they were born into? If someone is living their life as a good, respectable person with love, kindness, and compassion for others then why would anyone want to persecute them for their gender expression?

There are a lot of people being harmed by transexuality. It’s not the right path for many and now people numbering in the many thousands are rising up all over the world to express their anger at feeling that like they were lead down a primrose path to making irreversible changes to their bodies as a cure for the psychological issues relating to their gender discomfort.

I am a special case on this planet. I have lived as male and female and can live outwardly as both comfortably as presenting as male or female really does not change who I am on the inside. It’s taken decades of personal work to accomplish this mending and transcending of gender. I wish my friend Tom Murray was still living so we could do another update to the documentary he did about my life called, Almost Myself.

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