An Open Letter to the Transgendered Community


As many of you know I was born with an intersexed condition of the chromosomes called “XO/XY Mosaicism” that made me what is called a “Male Pseudohermaphrodite”. I did not know this medical fact about my life until my primary physician ordered a chromosome test done in 2004 when I revealed I wanted to begin taking testosterone therapy to live as the male gender I felt was best for me.

While I may not truly understand what a transgendered person goes through. but I feel like I have a good idea since I was born intersexed. I know when I began this website back in 2004 there were many of you who wanted to shut down my voice, but please don’t try disqualify me based on my non-transsexual status. Intersexed Lives Matter! I bring you good news.

The good news is that Gender Dysphoria is a gift from “God” for humanity. I just used the word “god” because I’m teaching and most people understand the word “god”, but the underling original word in Hebrew for this title is Eloah/Allah. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, and yes “god” is a cover-up word for Allah. I have lived in the countries of Israel, Jordan, I’ve worked in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and I am very familiar with Arab culture and language. Do not let Satan convince you of the nonsense that “Allah” is some moon god or something and that the true faithful of Islam are bad people. Biblically they are descendant’s Abraham’s son Ishmael and what people do not understand was that originally Muhammad was sent as a prophet to the Jews like many other Biblical prophets before him to rebuke the people of Yahuah for falling into an enjoy the pagan sinful lifestyle. As with most the prophet’s they rejected him, but the whole world owes Muhammad and Islam an apology. Yes, Muhammad may have gotten off track later in life and did some wrong things, but which of us has not and let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

Every gift that our heavenly Father Adonai Allaheinu Melek HaOlam (Lord God King of the Universe) gives us, the Devil will try to twist and turn into something evil. Thus this is what has happened with the transgendered movement. There are those who became involved in transgenderedism because their birth gender self esteem was beaten down by abusive people in their early lives,and they saw transition to male or female as a means of escape from that person that was made to feel worthless. I’ve counseled so many females in my practice who came out as female to male transgendered, only to realize after some time that they were doing so as an escape from being abused as a female and felt if they transitioned to living as male then they would never again be abused as a female. It was a good plan to avoid abuse, but it wasn’t a good way to heal the issues she had as a woman so she could thrive as a woman. Droves of women now are detransitioning because they have finally come to this exact realization of their identity, but what could really help them even more is if they understood their foundational identity as a beloved child of our Creator who wants to totally love and restore their womanhood. Sadly, because many so-called transgendereds have been abused by a very ugly and hateful Christianity they cringe at the mention of anything to do with religion. This is why I have come to preach to the LGBTQI community as one of it’s own. Believe me, it wasn’t my idea to do this because the LGBTQI community can be some of the most hateful, ugly, nasty, violent, disrespectual, (etc., etc.) people I have ever encountered. My grandmother of blessed memory alway said, “If you kick a dog long enough it’s going to bite you.” This aptly describes the LGBTQI community and I understand their pain.

First, the LGBTQI people must learn that our heavenly Father is not your enemy. All the same rules of sin that apply to the rest of us apply to you as well, so you are not being singled out for anything special really, you just are made to feel that way because Satan is the father of all lies. Satan says twists the truth about sodomy that is a Commandment for straight people to not commit a sexual no-no that is against nature, meaning against the sexual union that fulfils the Mitzvah (Commandment) to be fruitful and multiply. How can men be fruitful and multiply if they are forsaking the natural use of the woman and instead sodomizing her (having anal sex with her)? Men, due to their testosterone, are nearly born as potential sex addicts who deal with issues of chronic masterbatation, infidelity, watching porn, the list goes on. It takes a lot of willpower on the part of a man to restrain himself from the natural motivations of his human body, as it is written, “The flesh makes war against the soul”. When you allow yourself to stop hating and start loving you will become fertile ground for our Savior to begin wooing you and leading you into a healthy self esteem by renewing your true identity that someone worked hard to destroy.

Now, that’s what some of the transgendered experience. Other’s report they grew up in healthy, loving, and supportive homes and experience gender dysphoria. These are those I suspect are not dealing with abuse that lead to rejection of their birth gender, but these are those who like myself could be intersex and not know like I didn’t till I was 40-years-old, or as I understand spirituality there are those who are of a “two-spirit” nature like Native American culture explains. “Two-spirit” is simply describing re-incarnation where two lifetimes (incarnations) are overlapping in the present incarnation. In other word’s what many gender dysphoric people experience when they feel like “a woman trapped in a male body” is they are experiencing bleed-over from their last life lived as female that makes them feel that somehow “God” must have made a mistake and they should have been born female. Judaism has given this reasoning and embraced such people for centuries, including gays (males) that are experiencing the exact same thing.

The Jewish rabbonim (rabbi’s) have taught for centuries also about how the first man, Adam, was originally created as a male/female being in the very image of “God” who possesses the divine attributes of both male and female. The rabbonim say that Adam was created basically as an intersexed being, but then “God” decided to separate the female from the male, taking the female side of Adam and making the woman.

It is for this reason that many Rabbonim I have talked to highly respect my XO/XY Mosaic Intersex condition as a gift from our Creator, with coupled with my other gifts, being empathic, decerner of spirits, seer, prophetic dreamer, I have been prophesied over that I have a very special last of Last Days mission as a prophet to the LGBTQI community and to the Christian church world to bring correction that gets both these communities back on the right track before it’s too late as the coming of Messiah is near. The only difference of opinion I with the rabbonim is I understand the Messiah to have already been identified, and it’s not Menachem Mendel Schneerson, but it was and is Yahu’sha Son of Yosef and Miriam, cousin to Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, who’s Father was Zechariyahu who was going about His priestly duties in the Temple offering incense when it was revealed to him that his wife would have a baby. BTW, their Son John the Baptist was born 6 months before his cousin the Messiah Yahu’sha and because John’s father would have ONLY been offering incense in the Temple on a certain date because of the priestly service cycle it pinpoints the birth of Yahu’sha Messiah exactly during the feasts of Tabernacles (Sukkot) and not on December 25th which is actually the pagan Roman birthdate of the sun god Mithras that the Babylonian Whore Catholic church pushed on the world.

It is so difficult to not go down rabbit holes of explaining concepts and back stories from scripture that support the truth of what I’m trying to teach to the transgendered, but I hope you have had eyes to see and your mind is being renewed to understand things in a new light. If you are beginning to understand sent me an email or a note on Twitter or on my Facebook all listed on the home page of this website. I’m here to support you. True gender dysphoria as my explanation defines is a gift from “God” to actually help the deceived church world to come to the truth. Let’s work together to complete the mission our heavenly Father has graciously gifted to us to help the rest of mankind through the understanding that souls have no gender or sex and we do re-incarnate many, many times in male and female lives as Judaism supports.

Be Blessed Dear Ones,
Yosef Yahudah Ben David


YOSEF BEN DAVID was made in the image of Elohim/Allahim who incarnated Himself into His only begotten Son Yahu'sha the Jewish Messiah.

YOSEF BEN DAVID Ministries is a prophetic last of the Last Days Ministry before the return of Yahu'sha HaMashiach for His True Church of Wise Virgins. The Foolish Virgin deceived church world will be left behind to suffer the plagues of the entire 7-year Tribulation period that will coincide with the 7-day marriage supper of the lamb. Not only will those apostate foolish virgins of the Babylonian Whore/Harlots system be left behind, but also many Jews, and Muslims who did not accept the Truth of Torah that was made flesh in the personhood of the Messiah Yahu'sha. They will see the One they pierced (with their iniquity/Lawlessness) and then they will weep for Him as one weeps for an only Son." Some of those who see him then may have come to the Truth I preach from the Word during the Tribulation, but the "Many" will not have made it through the narrow gate that leads to life will be destroyed.

"For HaShem (Yahuah), so loved the world that He incarnated Himself and gave Himself as His only begotten Son (as an unblemished covering for sin), that whosoever believes in Him their nephesh (soul) shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life." He came to us as a suffering servant, but is soon to return as a conquering King Yahu'sha from the Kingly line of King David.