Nobody argues that the parable of the fig tree that Yeshua related means means that the generation that started in 1948 shall not pass away until all things are fulfilled. Some belief that the book of Psalms defines a generation as 70 to 80 years and have tried to place a date on the rapture based on that coupled with the event that begins the 7-year Tribulation period.

The 7-year Tribulation is to begin with a specific covenant/peace agreement specifically and only between Israel and those who identity as Palestinians. The Abraham Accords signed with others is not the peace agreement defined in Scripture.

Everything kinda depends on how you define, “all things fulfilled” as well as when all the people born in 1948 are dead. It’s interesting that we are nos 72 years past 1948. That leaves 8 years till the 80-year mark, but will everyone born in 1948 be passed away in the next 8 years? I don’t think so unless COVID-19 wipes them all out. It would be impossible to track all the people on the planet living in the remote places on the earth and according to Scripture people are allowed by G-d to live to 120 so the only thing we may only rely upon is all things must be fulfilled by the year 2060.

So, we wait for the Israel/Palestine peace agreement where they give the so-called Palestinian people a country of their own by carving up and giving away part of the land that G-d gave to the Israelites/Jews.

Since the rapture of the true Bride, the Wise Virgins will happen like a “thief in the night” and there are going to be only a small remnant of Law Keeping followers of Yeshua the Messiah their disappearance may go unnoticed. If things get any worse in the world martial law begins, and worldwide famine like never seen before happens I don’t think many people are going to be concerned about where some people got themselves off to. They will just think they all scooted out of town to go live off the grid with no cell phone to wait out the Tribulation and try to keep away from the clutches of the mark of the beast. I don’t know that anybody is going to realize when the rapture happens since all the Lawless Christian church world is going to be left behind because of their iniquity. Hopefully those Foolish Virgins of devoid of oil and full in iniquity will find my website and learn how to make the 2nd chance rapture. They may die in their sins before they come to the truth however. The Tribulation is going to near impossible to survive if you are a G-d forsaken Christian who doesn’t even respect the true name of the Savior Yeshua and doesn’t keep his Commandments.

The Truth about Islam

“Seek the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Are you familiar with who said this? I don’t expect you to look up the verse. I’ll just tell you. They are words attributed to the Messiah of Judaism who’s real Aramaic name is “Yeshua” as was told to His earthly mother Maria by the angel Gabriel. I know many of you have made a choice to cling to the name “Jesus” which is poor attempt of the Greeks to transliterate the sacred name of Yeshua which Scripture tells us is the only name by which we receive salvation. It’s not multiple choice names or you could just get baptized in the name of Satan or Lucifer for the forgiveness of your sins, right? I’ll just let that sink in a bit while I begin the next paragraph…

Listen up all you Foolish Virgins and Harlots of the Mystery of Iniquity Babylonian Whore system of Christianity that has sought to cancel G-D’s Commandment’s! There is a reason that Yeshua said directly to the false religion of Christianity that would come in the future, “Go away from me ye workers of iniquity! I never knew you!” Christians can claim no salvation through the G-D of Israel. Once upon a time before they separated themselves from Judaism they did have salvation through the Jewish Messiah, but no longer. Yaqob (James), the brother of Messiah Yeshua scrupulously kept the Law of Moses and for that reason became known as “Yaqob/James the Just”. While the messianic Jews and converted Gentiles were under the leadership of Yaqob and Rabbi Saul (aka Apostle Paul), the other disciples of Yeshua all was well, but after the death of Yaqob,and the other apostles the Lawlessness began to creep in. Full-blown iniquity (Lawlessness) became the norm when the pagan Roman emperor Constantine accomplished a hostile takeover of the faith once handed down from the apostles and the original Jewish faithful. The anti-Semitic false religion of Christianity along with it’s false Messiah Jesus was born.

Yeshua prophetically and parabolically spoke the to the empty lamp Foolish Virgins of Lawless Christianity when they showed up at the door of the Father’s House expecting to be admitted as the Bride, “I do not know you!”, and Yeshua shut the door and locked the vile, Lawless Christian church world out of the wedding. Locked out in the outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Yes, I know this article is supposed to be about the truth of Islam, but there has to be some back story of other truths revealed so just be patient. This is a very short read.

Does the name “Jesus” sound like Yeshua at all? Obviously, the answer is no, so that means that “Jesus” is NOT a transliteration of Yeshua. The name Jesus is also NOT a translation from Aramaic into Greek because the the Greeks had no words to combine together that mean YHVH is Salvation. I’m not going to continue a full teaching now on “the only name given under heaven to mankind by which we must be saved”, — ACTS 4:12 I’ve written about that in depth elsewhere on this website.


Do you know what the word “Islam” means? It’s simple translation into English is “submit/submission”. The Book of Bereshith (Genesis) says that Abraham submitted to the will of Allah. Yes, Allah. Allah is the same word as Eloah that comes from the familiar Elohim (aka Allahim). So, all you deceived folks get that Allah moon god stuff out of your head cause that is just a political lie of Satan to bring hatred and distrust to our brother’s and sisters in the faith of the One True G-D.

The most well, known story of Abraham submitting to the will of Allah was when G-d/Elohim/Alahim told him to sacrifice his son Isaac. We are all familiar with this story because it is a “type and shadow” of “G-d so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son” to be a once and for all sinless sacrifice of atonement for the sin of the Jewish people first which includes our cousin’s the Ishmaelites/Muslims, and then also to the Gentiles who convert to the monotheistic faith of YHVH.

Now, because this is important for you to understand let us look at the Hebrew word in your Bible that translates into the English word submit/submission.


Miracle of The Loaves and Fishes Heavenly Diet Plan

I firmly believe G-d was teaching us something about a superior healthy diet by feeding the multitudes with the miracles of multiplying the the loaves and fish.

Doesn’t everybody know by now that fish protein with it’s Omega 3 oils are better for you than animal sources of protein?

Doesn’t everyone who had read the Bible know that G-d’s original diet plan at the time of creation of mankind was vegetarian, and it was only later because of pagan influence and Scripture says because of “the lust of their hearts” that G-d allowed animal flesh to be added to the diet? Scripture also says that we will return to the vegetarian diet during the 1000 year reign of Mashiach.

Genesis 1:29 โ€œThen God said, โ€œI give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.โ€

Doesn’t everybody know that egg protein is like the greatest whole protein source?

Now, look at the three food items I have mentioned.

1.) Loaves of bread – Not the garbage Wonder Bread or even “Whole Grain” bread gluten stuff with high levels of salt that they push off on you as bread that causes arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and fibromyalgia, but healthy whole grains. Have you ever tri ed store brand of Ezekiel Bread? It’s the recipe G-d gave to the prophet Ezekiel for his only food to eat for like a year. Two of the ingredients in Ezekiel bread, the sprouted wheat and sprouted barley are gluten, but you can recreate this Biblical recipe right at home without those two ingredients and without the salt. There are recipes online. Don’t be lazy. Get baking! Eat things G-d has suggested!

2.) Fish – Better than eating animal flesh and full of Omega 3 oils. Hmm….Omega…reminds me of The Alpha and the Omega…. the number 3, reminds me that 3 has always been a favorite number of G-d besides the triune mystery of the G-dhead, Father/Son/Holy Ghost. You know Judaism also has a handwashing ritual that includes three rinses. I always like when getting dish soap off my dishes rinse once for all the big suds, a second time for the remaining suds, and a third time to be sure they are fully soap free. Look at how the simple medical miracle of washing of the hands prevent the spread of disease. What did the Apostles feed the resurrected Messiah when he returned from heaven in His glorified body? They offered him fish and honey. Honey another amazing superfood….

3.) Eggs – What am I gonna say about the perfect protein that comes from chickens that is considered by many to be on the vegetarian menu as it does not involve the taking of an animals life. And for those of you who are not farmers like myself, not all eggs are fertilized. You don’t need roosters around messing with the girls to get eggs. Hens will lay eggs just like a human female will release eggs regardless if there is a man around. Blood-free unfertilized chicken eggs are kosher and an awesome superfood–the best protein a body builder can take!

Now, guess what? Take the foods I’ve mentioned above, bread, eggs, fish, honey and what do you get that Jewish people love to eat? Gefilte fish! Did you know that G-d blessed fish in Genesis 1:29 and because of that Jewish people feel that eating some type of fish dish for every celebratory Sabbath supper is a good thing to do? We call it a “mitzvah”. It’s like Gefilte fish is G-d’s perfect food and I love and make it homemade all the time….so simple to make! It can even be made from canned fish. You don’t have to have fresh fish. I ‘ve made delicious gefilte fish from canned salmon, eggs, and a little of my homemade gluten free Biblical recipe sprouted grains bread, with a little honey in it to make that sweet salmon gefilte fish which is delicious! Then, the complimentary condiment for the gefilte fish is a red beets and horseradish mixture. I buy already prepared horseradish, but I make beet juice in the Nutra Bullet which is so good for you. I add a little stevia to sweeten the beet juice and it’s heavenly to drink and so good for you. I strain the juice through the same cloth I strain the whey out of my homemade cheese with. All the tiny beet solids left behind is what I add the horseradish too to make the traditional Jewish condiment for the gefilte fish.

I don’t know about you, but it just blows my mind that the Messiah leaked a healthy diet secret through the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. Picking up on that is like picking up on the meaning of His parables.

Clement’s Prophecy of Trump’s Re-Election


In 2007 Kim Clement prophesied that Trump would become president of the United States and also be re-elected. The Democrats are trying to declare victory that Biden and Harris won the election. Does that make Clement a false prophet or does it mean G-d changed his mind? You do know that G-d can change his mind? He wanted to destroy Sodom, but Abraham changed his mind several times asking He would not destroy the city for just a few righteous inhabitants.

Now, the scary thing is this. Trump may have accelerated G-d’s endtime plans and left nothing for him to accomplish in a second term. All scholars agree that G-d’s prophetic hourglass is almost empty. Israel became a nation again in 1948 fulfilling what is known as the fig tree prophecy and in 2020 that only leave 8 years left for the 80-year limit for a generation to not pass away till they see the fulfillment of the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation. Eight subtract one equal seven so that means it’s time for a prophet showdown with G-d, if I’m to suggest such a thing. At the moment the peace covenant that must be signed between Israel and Palestine gets signed by the anti-Christ that begins final 7 years know as The Tribulation.

Should the wicked Haman and Jezebel (Biden and Harris) get into the White House that only means that G-d’s wrath from these satanic pro-sodomite innocent life abortion supporters are going to put G-d’s wrath plans into high gear. It’s probably time for that to happen anyway. Trump has been restraining with his good works, but perhaps it’s now time for G-d’s wrath and we must accept that.

Now, what about that “great falling away” that is supposed to happen? Well, with folks like me releasing almost “the day and the hour” of Yeshua’s “thief in the night” collecting of the Wise Virgin Bride, and the satanic rule of Biden and Harris possibly to commence it will certainly set the mood for all the ungodly Democrats to hasten the Great Falling Away. When the shit begins the hit the fan and the deceived “Strong Delusion” Foolish Virgin Babylonian Whore/Harlots feel that G-d’s prophetic timeclock has run out they are gonna begin to chant along with the Wicked, “Where is the promise of His Coming?” The Great Falling Away has commenced already and will only increase during the time of the Tribulation, especially when the ungodly know the 7 years are expiring and Yeshua’s big Second Coming spectacle where “every eye shall see Him” has not happened yet. Even those clinging to faith will give into Satan’s like that it’s all been wishful thinking and they will fall away at the last minute.

It certainly feels like the wild ride is about to begin. It’s an exciting time to be living!



In these last of the Last Days we are now experiencing a showdown with G-d. The prophecy hour glass is about empty. The parable of the fig tree connected to the length of a generation from the Psalms will run out because if you subtract 1948 from 2020 you get 72 and the longest a generation time is extended to is 80 years Biblically so that means there are only 8 years left and 7 of those years have to be the 7-year Great Tribulation where the TRUE WISE VIRGINS BRIDE OF YASHUA are removed before the Tribulation like “a thief in the night”, and the FOOLISH VIRGINS (the Lawless/Nameless) Christians of the Whore/Harlot Catholic/Christian Babylonian system are left behind to suffer the horrors of the full 7 years of Allah’s wrath upon the earth.

If Trump does not get re-elected like Clement prophesied then that means Allah/G-d has changed His mind as Trump wasn’t wicked enough and so the ultimate in wickness in the form of Biden/Harris must be brought in to speed things up as Trump seems to be dragging his feet when it comes to G-d’s plans even though Trump went from not needing G-d before his presidency to becoming a full-fledged believer after coming into office with all the wise counsel of Rabbi’s, Iman’s and Christian clergy that pray over him personally everyday of his life.

Biden and Harris are deeply Satanic worshippers of evil and they will surely bring about G-d’s plan better than Trump whom I believe has tried to do the right thing, but has also tried in ignorance to lean to his own understanding and has been trying to delay G-d’s endtime plans. Ah…that word,,, “Endtime”…. Just the other day one of my former pastor’s from my Christian past died of COVID-19. I’m disappointed greatly that brother Irvin Baxter didn’t get to remain here so I could continue to try to bring him around to the truth as he is so entrenched in the falsehoods of the United Pentecostal church it’s been near impossible to turn him around. Now, he knows I was right. I hope he has a long rest in peace till he gets resurrected to be judged by me and others that tried to teach him the truth. Scripture says the True Bride will be the judges at the White Throne of Judgement. Didn’t know that? Read your Bible. Read your Bible. Christians are involved in so much wickedness and Lawlessness because they don’t bother to actually read their Bible from cover to cover. That’s the first thing I did when I really needed G-d to save me from killing myself when I was 17. I got a Bible and read it cover to cover three times in a row in two weeks time so I got a good understanding of it before forming any opinions.

G-d help the Christians and all the other people of the earth that will be left behind when Yashua comes like a thief in the night and secrets away his Bride from this planet that will not be many, perhaps only 144,000 who know the truth and keep the Torah and don’t invoke the name of the false Christ J’esus (Esus, the original Greek name for Jesus which is NEITHER A TRANSLATION OR TRANSLITERATION).

You’ve been lied to and your house is on fire is what I am telling the Nations. Please, humble yourselves and repent of your error and COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE before it’s too late and you lose your soul forever in the Lake of Fire after the White Throne Judgement. That will not be a happy day for me as I will be there judging many who did not head my words and prophecies given to me by YaHaVah Allaheniu Melek HaOlam.

The Family of G-d


Families often have disputes and the family of G-d is no different. The Jewish Scriptures begin with conflict between Adam and Havah (Eve). Adam complained to G-d that the woman He gave him lead him astray and convinced him to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Havah tried to blame it on the serpent. Isn’t it just like two naughty kids to do something they ain’t supposed to be doing when your turn your back for a moment and when caught they all try to shift the blame when being grilled by the parent?

So, in this First Family of G-d our Abba Father got mad at His kids and punished them. Then we read the first family had a couple of sons and one was jealous of the other and got into a fight and killed his brother. The family became broken apart over this incident and the surviving son was thrown out of the family and went off to live elsewhere. Adam and Havah had more kids and apparently Cain went off and somehow found some more people wherever they came from and he started his own clan and found his way back to G-d and began serving G-d in his own way. a new sect was formed.

Later, along came Abraham having son’s by his wife and his wife’s handmaid. Another big family rift developed and one son continued to develop the faith of his Father and the other son went off with his Mother and started their own family of G-d faith traditions.

You know some families just don’t get along and they split up and each goes their own way. The same thing has happened to the family of G-d as rifts developed. I’m gonna cut to the chase without going through all the examples of how the family of G-d had a so-called church split and started new sects or denominations. I’m just gonna put this out there and you don’t have to take my word for it, but you really should do you own research so you can know for yourself what I say is true. There is a myth that Mohammed the prophet started Islam, but actually all the Jewish prophets were Muslim and even Father Abraham was Muslim so this makes Judaism and Christianity sects of Islam. Yashua said, “Seek the truth and the truth will make you free.” The problem with most Christians is they have never even read the Bible word for word from cover to cover ever in their lifetime, and have never “studied to show themselves approved”. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. “In the Last Days knowledge shall be increased”. So do your homework and understand the Islamic faith of Abraham and how he learned submission to Allah. Yes, Allah, the word that means G-d in Arabic. It’ s the very same word as Elohim in Hebrew— Elohim/Alahim Eloheinu/Alaheinu. You starting to get woke? ๐Ÿ™‚

I was unaware that I was born Jewish. My mother was an atheist and I was raised without any religion or atheism being spoken of in my home at all. I became a seeker of truth trying to move beyond the confines of the faith culture that surrounded me and some members of my family participated in. As a troubled teenager growing up in America there was the Judeo-Christian influence, and my Christian and Jewish neighbors on the street were I lived were an influence (and of course the influence of religion through television). At age 10 I asked my mother to purchase me a Children’s condensed version of the Bible that contains the Hebrew writings and the Christian writings. This was the beginnings of my faith journey with G-d.

Faith in G-d on this planet predates the modern well-honed faiths of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity that share an umbrella of what we call the “Abrahamic faiths”. I sometimes refer to them as the holy trinity. Within these three faiths are many different groups, sects, and denominations. The oldest historical writings on this planet are written in a language called Cuneiform. I am talking about the Sumerian Tablets that if we are to believe their translation place the identity of G-d onto an extra-terrestrial who actually bio-engineered humanity from their own image/species. They genetically hybridized their own species with the apes on this planet and kept improving their experiments till they came up with a suitable prototype and then brought a flood upon the earth to get rid of all the previous creations. Yes, the Sumerian Tablets speak of Adam and Eve (Havah) by name in a creation story many thousands of years before the Book of Bereshit (Genesis) was penned by Abraham, Moses or whoever may have finally written down what had been an oral history till someone came along who was learned in the art of reading and writing.

Terrorists, ISIS, crusaders, ect., are all misguided and often mentally ill imperialist political hacks and should not be considered righteous followers of any faith, so to judge Islam by the acts of some pycho’s is wrong and just plain ignorant. In my lifetime I have known many Muslim people who are a credit to a lot of Christians and Jews I have known. My first experience with having a Muslim friend and knowing his family was when a Iranian immigrant family moved to my neighborhood in 1976 and we met as we attended the same school for a couple years. Later in life I would meet more Iranian Muslims who were lovely and kind people, nothing like the stereotype that is created in the media that creates false images of Islam for political and financial reasons. I’ve also lived in Palestine/Israel/Jordan, and visited other Muslim countries before I became old and retired as I am now. I never met a single Muslim who acted like the media stereotyped terrorist. As I say, these terrorist types are shadowy figures often suffering from mental illness and are recruited by the political terrorist groups of all religions so they can easily be manipulated to do the dirty work.

I sincerely hope this has given you some food for thought and you will “Seek the truth that will make you free” from hatred and ignorance.

G-d, an Extra-Terrestrial?


In Judaism we speak to G-d as the King of the Universe, the Creator of the Universe. If we have not been told about life He created on other planets in the Universe or distant galaxies that is no reason to not have faith in this extra-terrestrial names YHVH that surely other species out there also know as the Creator of all that is. Ours is a simplified relationship so we stay on course. It is for this reason that we don’t overly concern ourselves this our past re-incarnations, or life of other planets. We have a mission here on this earth that is difficult enough to stay focused on without trying to juggle all the rest of the Universe that G-d created.

What more is there to say on the matter? Seems very simplistic, right? The oldest history on this planet that was written long before Adam and Havah, before Abram and Sarai, was that of the ancient Sumerians and their extra-terrestrial visitors called the Anunnakim. The human’s thought of them as god’s but they weren’t. They were just another advanced species G-d created and they came to our planet probably without permission from G-d sort of like the fallen angels rebelled against G-d. Sort of like Adam and Havah (Eve) rebelled and were cast out of the garden. Sort of like the Jews rebelled and were cast out of Israel.