Parable of the 10 Virgins (and Their Lamps)



Wake up and understand that The Savior warned us about the Mystery Babylon Whore and her Harlot daughters.

So many people have so much pride and arrogance that they do not want to believe that the Messiah warned us against the anti-Christ false religious system that they could be in involved in. He also warned about a strong delusion will be sent by the Father to those that reject truth.

You KNOW that part of the truth is the the Messiah was Jewish and He spoke the Hebrew the language that His Father Yahuah gave mankind, known as the Lashon Kodesh (aka Holy Tongue). The real name of the Savior in Hebrew is Yahusha (incorrectly aka Jesus Esus/Esous/IEsous, and last but not least Yeshu/Yeshu-a and Isa). You wouldn’t disrespect former president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev by calling him “Michael Hunchback” would you? You’d respect him and call him by his real name instead of trying to translate it. So if you would pay that respect to a mere man why is it inside you that makes you disrespect “THE NAME OF ALL NAMES, THE ONLY NAME UNDER HEAVEN (not multiple choice names), GIVEN TO MANKIND BY WHICH WE MUST BE SAVED”? ~ Acts 4:11

Do you know how we even got the name Jesus? How it evolved? Well, for one thing the letter “J” wasn’t even in the English language will about 500 years ago. When Rome switched from the Greek language of the Empire to Latin the celtic god “Esus” (another name for Satan) that became Iesous in Greek was Latinized with the “J” to make “Jesous” or “J-Esus”. So, everytime you utter the name Jesus from your lips you are actually saying another name for Satan and our Heavenly Father is not happy about that because in the Book of Exodus He forbade such utterances.

Exodus 23:13
“Now concerning everything which I have said to you, be on your guard; and do not mention the name of other gods, nor let them be heard from your mouth.

If you consider yourself a real Christian you should be, excuse the expression, scared shitless right about now because you are a Foolish Virgin with an empty lamp (signifying you do not have the Truth of the Father’s Words/Laws locked in your heart that you might not sin against Him)

The Mystery Babylon system has it’s beginnings all they way back when part of the southern kingdom of Judah along with Daniel the prophet were forcibly carried away and taken into captivity in Babylon.

You may have heard in Protestant church circles that the Catholic church is the whore of Babylon because they worship idols in the church and even had the nerve to delete the 2nd Commandment and changed the 3rd Commandment to keep the 7th Day Sabbath that The Father created for rest from our labors. The Catholic church deleted His Sabbath and created their own for the sake of the pagans who worshipped the sun god (not the Son of “God” on the Roman 1st day of the week when it was mandatory to worship Mithras the sun god. Are you beginning to get a clue as to how demonic this deception has been? I mean after all, we are talking about the Whore Catholic church of which it is believed that the Pope in power at the time of The End will be the false prophet. We already know all Popes are false prophets because the doctrine of the Catholic church declares that each Pope actually becomes changed into “Jesus” when they become Pope. If that doesn’t provide the definition of “doctrine of demons” I don’t know what would!”

While trying to write this I’m really tired and need to rest so I’m just typing out a bare bones warning and will come back and flesh out this blog entry later.

But know…. the Christian church world is the “Foolish Virgins with no oil in their lamps” and they are going to be left behind because they are they were are “workers of iniquity”. Not only will the whorish Catholics and Christians be left behind as part of the Whore of Babylon and her Harlots system, but also Judaism will have many left behind as well as Islam because they have all left their first love, the Word/Law of Yahuah’s Torah.

Those left behind are going to be destroyed just after the rapture when Yahusha the Messiah scorches the earth with fire and all those souls will have to wait till the White Throne Judgement where they will be resurrected and judged based on if they rejected the truth I have been sent to witness to them to change their ways. If they were told the truth by myself and others, but rejected it then there will be no hope and they will suffer the merciful 2nd death in the Lake of Fire. It is my hope that this website will stay up during the 7-year Tribulation and when people realized they missed the 1st boat they will right themselves and the Father of second changes, and fourth, and fifth, and sixth, etc., etc., chances will have mercy on them and they will be Elect-ed to go in Paul’s resurrection/twinkling of an eye 2nd chance/2nd coming rapture where these who have washed their robes during the tribulation will be joined by Yahu’sha and the Wise Virgin armies of Heaven, and angels to head to the Valley of Megiddo for battle.

To be continued….maybe….if need be..? Is this enough? Did I get my point across? Email me from the homepage if you have questions.