Joni Lamb of Daystar Ministries – Spiritual Wickedness In High Places

CHECK OUT THIS HATEFUL ANTI-JEWISH LETTER I RECEIVED FROM JONI LAMB: First I’m doing a screen grab showing the anti-Semitic response she approved from her assistant where you can see that Joni Lamb or her assistant accidently left in Joni Lamb’s approval on the reply to me. Below the screen grab is the full email thread which is blurry, but it’s just there to show the proof that Joni Lamb knows my history and a Jew who is part Black. I don’t know if she is racist against my Black ancestry, but saying, “We pray you find Jesus the Son of the living God as your Yeshua”. They know I’m a messianic Jewish rabbi. They know my website. I’ve tracked ever page they’ve read on my site so they can’t claim ignorance that I’m a part Black Messianic Jewish Rabbi.

Daystar… The so-called Christian Television Network that promotes the programming ministry of Benny Hinn’s whore Paula White that committed adultery while married to her first husband with the man who would become her second husband Randy White two years later. Yes, the well experienced adulteress , and so many very active prosperity gospel abominations, like false teacher Joyce Myers who doesn’t even believe that G-d incarnated into the person of the Messiah to save us from our sins who also lives in luxury with private jets and had vacationed in more countries than I can name and has priceless works of art in her home which she explains she needs for entertaining sinners. So sad how Christian’s are so gullible 🙁 The one and only saving grace is that Satan still can quote and does quote Scripture even if he does try to twist its meaning. A true believer can discern the truth through all the deception and the result is they reject the Satanic Christian system. Yah is still using the stupid Devil to win souls away from the Babylonian Whore system that Marcus and Joni wholeheartedly support. For everything the Most Kodesh One of Y’israel has the Evil One has a twisted counterfeit to try to deceive the people with just the same way he tried to trip Yahu’sha up in the desert.

EPHESIANS 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Daystar Channel owner Marcus Lamb, his wife, and their family are technically children of the Most High Yah and as such our struggle is not against them personally because they are souls that are in desperate need of salvation especially because they are some of the biggest promoters of the false Messiah anti-Christ Catholic/Christian Babylonioan Whore/Harlot System that Yahu’sha pleaded about, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”. Yahu’sha was specifically pleading to His people–to the Jew first, and then the gentile.

I repeat, I am not in any way attacking them personally, but I have a responsibility as Jewish teacher and prophet to instruct and give correction with the loving heart of the real Messiah of Y’israel, Yahu’sha HaMaschiach, not the one Yahu’sha prophesied of that would “come in his own name, and him you will accept”. That one they have accepted is none other than the invention of the pagan Roman Whore they named JESUS!

If Marcus and Joni Lamb continue to cling to being Foolish Virgins and lose their souls in the Lake of Fire, they will have nobody but themselves to blame at The White Throne of Judgement because they did not listen to the prophet of Yah. Instead they rejected the prophet and rejected the Truth of Torah, The Way, The Life, The Light unto our Path. The Foolish Virgin’s Lambs are devoid of the Truth of Keeping the Law. They wicked chose to be the wicked money grubbing servants of Satan, living in resplendent luxury when the Messiah spoke against the very lifestyle they life.

At the moment of updating this page (5 October 2020) I am monitoring the Daystar channel and Marcus and Joni Lamb have dropped to a new low by bringing on board Benny Hinn the biggest fraud in Christiandumb who own son has disowned him for his fraudulent dealings with the unaware mesmerized Christian’s who follow him.

Marcus and Joni are confusing the flock by teaching them that the Law was forever abolished and nailed to the cross, which is a doctrine of demons creatted by the pagan Roman Whore replacement religion to replace the Jews as the Chosen People. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times, not my words, but the words of Yahu’sha the Messiah who said:

“Do not think that I came to abolish the Torah or the Neviim (Prophets). I did not come to abolish but to complete. For, omein, truly I say to you, until Shomayim and haaretz (Heaven and earth) pass away, not one yod (the smallest Hebrew letter “Y”), not one tag (ornamental flourish), will pass from the Torah until everything is accomplished. Therefore, whoever annuls one of the least of these mitzvot (divine commandments given by Hashem to Moshe Rebbenu) and so teaches Bnei Adam, (the Son’s of Adam) shall be called katon (least) in the Malchut HaShomayim (Kingdom of Heaven); but whoever practices and teaches them, this one will be called gadol (great) in the Malchut HaShomayim. For I say unto you that unless the Tzedek (Righteousness) of you exceeds that of the Sofrim (Saduccess) and Perushim (Pharisses), you will certainly not enter the Malchut HaShomayim.”

The Catholic Babylonian Whore removed the commandment about idols and deleted Yah’s 7th day Sabbath and instituted their own 1st day Mithras sun god day for their Sabbath and her Harlot Daughters, the Protestant church’s, went along with it all willingly. Both the Whore and Harlots invoke the aka name of Satan, “Esus” with a J–“J’Esus” and many even baptise people in the name of Jesus which is totally worthless for the forgiveness of sins as ACTS 2:38 instructs us to baptise in the Savior’s name, his real name that has meaning and power, Yahu’sha (Yahuah is Salvation). Jesus is a hybridized Grecco-Latin name that has absolutely no meaning in Greek or Latin as it does in Hebrew.

Sad, but true the woman with the painted eyes reminiscent of Jezebel who’s mission it was to murder the prophet Eliyahu will probably never give up her false Messiah J’Esus and repent to the legitimate Messiah of Y’israel named Yahu’sha, who came in His Father’s name Yahuah. Like many other’s Joni Lamb will probably forever reject He who came in His Father’s name in favor of the anti-Law, anti-Christ of the Whore of Babylon named J’Esus.

Why not just stop the greedy money-grubbing pretense and be done with the Babylonian pagan Roman Whore? Oh, wait, you can’t Joni because like Nicodemus you will not give up your resplendent and luxurious lifestyle to sell it all, give to the poor, and pick up your cross to follow the glorious legalistic Law Giver and King of the Universe Yahu’ah who re-incarnated into the human body of our Lord and Savior Yahu’sha HaMaschiach. Like Nicodemus, you walk away sad, but happy you keep your billion dollar empire that keeps you in the finest of clothes

Marcus and Joni Lamb could be sincere about what they profess, but the horrifying truth is that they are sincerely wrong having followed after the pagan Roman false-messiah anti-christ religious system of Satan called Christianity that names it’s Messiah “J’Esus” in opposition to the Messiah of Judaism who’s REAL name above all other names is Yahu’sha, meaning Yahuah is Salvation. I can already hear the pagans grumbling, as they always do, “Yahu’sha” is not a name mentioned in the Bible. Firstly, one would have enough brain cells to know the New Testament was created by the pagan Romans after 312 AD. They had a good decade or more till they convened two separate councils at Nicaea, Italy to decide what they as pagan’s would have in this NEW RELIGION THEY WERE INVENTING CALLED CHRISTIANITY. These were very wicked men who’s goal was simple to protect the Roman Empire from the Jews who’s faith was making headway to replace their demonic multi-god worship with One True Father of all Creation who incarnated into the body of Yahu’sha Messiah. These pagan’s had no working knowledge of the intricacies of the Hebrew language and had no desire to preserve the name of Yahu’sha. The Roman/Babylonian Whore/Harlot system created their own demonic replacement name for Yahu’sha, which was neither a translation nor a transliteration of the true and Kodesh name of the Jewish Messhiah. Yahu’sha Himself prophesied of the LAWLESS ONE was to come saying, “One will come in his own name and he you will accept.” JOHN 5:43 This “one” that has been accepted is none other than the false Messiah, the invented Roman Messiah named J’Esus, named after Esus.

Long before before there was the diabolical pagan Roman invention of Christianity there was the FAITH ONCE HANDED DOWN FROM THE SAINTS/APOSTLES/FOLLOWERS WHO KNEW YAHU’SHA THE MESSIAH IN REAL TIME. THEY ATE WITH HIM, WERE HEALED BY HIM, AND WERE PHYSICALLY TOUCHED BY HIM unlike the mythical satanic invention of The Mystery Babylon Catholic Whore who birthed a Harlot offshoot called Protestant Christianity, whom the Catholic church calls it’s wayward Harlot Daughters that it welcomes with open arms back to the Mother of all Harlots Catholic Church.

The demonic hijacking of the true faith by pagan Rome became what John the Revelator called “The Whore of Babylon sitting on the 7-hills of Rome” that has it’s origins in 312 AD with the Roman Emperor Constantine and his faked conversion which was part of his crafty satanic plan to replace the true Jewish faith with a Hellenized (Hell inspired) abomination which was nothing more than a hostile, and murderous takeover of the Jewish Natsarim faith thus birthing The Catholic (Universalism) One World Religion that was also prophesied to come. Hundreds of years later along came Martin Luther and brought about the Reformation that created the Protestant Church’s that broke away from the Catholic Universalist (One World Religion). Sadly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and they continued invoking the name of Satan through the name “Esus” with the letter “J” tacked onto the front of it making it “J’Esus/Jesus”. They had their chance to return to the truth of His Blessed Hebrew Name Above ALL Names, but they didn’t. They continued to embrace the lie and be damned and that’s why they are to prophetic fulfillment of the Harlot daughter of the Whore of Babylon. The Protestants continued to stumble blindly in the “mystery of iniquity” preaching the doctrine of demons that the followers of Protestant Christianity no longer were under the Law, but under Grace where they continue to this day to forsake the Commandments, much less the 613 of the faith of Yahu’sha. The blinded ones read what the true Messiah Yahu’sha said, “If you love me, keep my Commandments”, but in their blinded “strong delusion” confusion they do not even consider this new Commandment straight from the Messiah Himself. Yahu’sha never said it was okay to eat swine. The “Under Grace Doctrine” is the “mystery of iniquity because mysteriously some how the Law was abolished, yet confusingly Christians seem to understand that they have not been given license to murder, lie, steal, worship idols, etc., etc. They seem to think the 10 Commandments they are to keep, except for the keeping of the 7th Day Sabbath that they still break by keeping the pagan Roman sun god Mithras Sun-day Sabbath which IS NO SABBATH TO THE ALMIGHTY YAH, BUT AN ABOMINATION TYPE OF SIN THAT IS GOING TO CARRY THEM ALL TO THE LAKE OF FIRE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR SOULS. Some say worshipping on the Sun-day sun god Mithras demonic sabbath is part of the MARK OF THE BEST SEAL in the forehead and the right hand as your forehead part of your brain is the part of the brain where you understand right from wrong and make your choice to do right or wrong, and the right hand are those right or wrong deeds being carried out physically through faith–If you have no works of fulfilling the 613 Commandments your “faith without works is dead”.

I’m here to tell you that such demonic faith anti-Law Keeping with no works (fulfilling Mitzvot) your is already soul dead in our Heavenly Father’s eyes, as it’s never been awakened. You folks know the truth, but you sell the gospel so you can live a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. The apostles gave warnings about those who ask for money and instructed the sheep to put them out. Mr. Marcus Lamb, and Jezebel Lamb with your painted eyes, and super thick panstick makeup, and wearing of clothing pertaining to men. Oh, Yes, Jezi’bel/Iso’bel/Isus’bel/Isous’bel Scripture IS VERY CLEAR ABOUT THE Jezibel spirit, and the “painting of the eyelids”even as far back as the Book of Henok (Enoch), the great grandson of Noach/Noach. There is only one reason women paint their faces and that is to give the impression of sexual arousal to men. And to think that the world’s best known name in sinful makeup for women’s faces is Avon Cosmetics Company!!!! Want a terrifying revelation on the prohibition of women wearing makeup that will make you dump all that stuff in the garbage? It’s no coincidence that the leader of women’s makeup in the world has the name “Avon”. Look up the word “Avon” in your Strong’s Concordance and you’ll get enough of a fright that have you running to the cold cream jar to get that satanic paint off your face so you’ll look like a set-apart woman of faith instead of looking like a painted street whore. The Father is very clear about women painting their eyes and you know this Joni Lamb, but you continue in this behavior with no shame. Look at the Ultra Orthodox Jewish women. Nobody has to guess if they are a believer or not because they look like “godly” women as a testimony for all to see and you look like a street walker next to them. Look at the women of the United Pentecostal Church who do not paint their faces like Jezebel, nor wear costly array, or men’s clothing. They keep their hair style very modest, not hanging loose and wild to draw the attention of men. Read the Scripture and know that “God” is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and He still hates the appearance of sin.

In training to become a psychologist we take a similar approach as the Scripture verse above. Our struggle, so-to-speak, is not against the flesh and blood person, but we call out inappropriate behavior manifesting in the individual. We gently try to present guidance like placing a sign post before the individual that says, “This Way”, not that way.

Yesterday, on September 22, 2020 I contacted Joni Lamb of the Daystar Christian Television Network as I had seen an episode of her Table Talk interview format program where she mentioned what I thought was my unique life story. Only having found an email address for a “Barbie Harris” assistant to the Senior Producer of Joni Lamb’s Table Talk Show. I am assuming Rose Howard to still be the Senior Producer of the Table Talk show unless she has been replaced since 2016 by Executive Producer, Joni Lamb herself.

The email trail, so-to-speak, seems to have passed only between Barbie Harris and Joni herself as the reply I received seems to be evidence of. I will place a copy of the email I received at the end of this blog entry.

Basically, what I got from the reply is that they informed me it was not my unique story that Joni Lamb reference, but that of another person with a very similar story to mine! hmmmm… Barbie Harris went on in her reply to me to not reveal the identity of this said individual, but told me:

“In regard to the person Joni Lamb referred to on her program, though it may have sounded like your story, it was not you.  Joni Lamb has met this man and even had him on her program a few years back. “

In my reply I didn’t bother to address the fact that neither Joni Lamb or Barbie Harris address any request in my letter. The reply from Barbie that was passed by Joni Lamb for approval as you can judge for yourself appears to ignore my request to come on the Table Talk show to be a part of the series concerning sexual identity. The dismissal sentence basically said in other words, “We are not interested in having you on our show due to the fact you have already had plenty of exposure by being interviewed in your lifetime”. How else would you understand the reply of Barbie Harris where she wrote to me:

“It sounds like you have already achieved many interviews and exposure in your lifetime.  We pray that you will find Jesus the Son of the Living God as your Yashua.”

Not only is Barbie Harris blowing me off with Joni Lambs approval, she also received the approval to insult my Jewish faith by going further to say:

“We (speaking on behalf of Joni Lamb and herself) pray you will find Jesus the Son of the Living God as your Yashua.”

What insulting gall to say such a thing to me after I wrote to Joni Lamb with a brief biography (see letter below) where I wrote of becoming a Pentecostal minister at the age of 18, also making mention that I have since become an Orthodox Jewish Messianic minister (since the truth was revealed to me back in the year 2000.

I am ONLY testifying to what is blatantly obvious to anyone (even a child) who would read Barbie Harris and Joni Lamb’s disappointing and insulting reply/dismissal.

Is this representative of Christians respect and blessing the Jewish people of Israel??? I’m asking a question, not making any judgement.

Adonai Alaheinu Melek HaOlam YHWH has already given me a prophetic judgement to pronounce, but like Abraham asked for YHWH to spare the inhabitants of Sodom for the sake of a few righteous souls I have asked the Father to please allow me to not yet pronounce the prophetic judgement to Joni Lamb until when and if she responds in a fashion that lines up with the Word.

To me, it is inconceivable how Joni Lamb will have people come on her Table Talk show that are still involved in the sin of the homosexual lifestyle, but they refuse someone like myself??? In bringing up this matter with Rabbi that is over me his first reaction was to shake his head slowly in disbelief at such an insult and dismissal in their letter of reply.

That’s where I’m going to leave this for the moment until and if I hear back from Joni Lamb and Barbie Harris.


Be Perfect As Your Father YaHaVaH is Perfect


Could it be that “G-d” is Love? Ya is Love? Ya Havah [Havah is the Hebrew word for Love]. I am not what negative people would call a “Sacred Namer”. I believe the correct vowel pointing for pronunciation of Adonai Allaheinu’s Name should be discovered and we should speak and publish His Sacred name as an act of obedience and worship, but by no means would I tell anyone if they don’t pronounce His Kodesh name correctly that their prayer’s are not heard. Just don’t break another Commandment by “speaking the name of a pagan deity on your lips” like the Christian’s do by invoking the completely satanic name of “Jesus” that came from a pagan deity called “Esus” (Esus/Esous/I’esous/J’esus).

Just a little over 400 years ago the English letter “J” was created. Educate yourself with that wikipedia link on the letter “J”. Learn how the name, “Jesus” which is neither a translation into Greek, nor a transliteration into Greek. My old argument always is the example of Mikhail Gorbechav former leader of the Soviet Union. You would respect him by calling him by his given name, right? I would be disrespectful to translate his name to Michael Hunchback and call him that wouldn’t? If you wouldn’t do that to a mere man then why would you want to do it to the King of King’s and Lord or Lord’s? It wasn’t your doing. It was the Whore of Babylon, the Catholic pagan Roman church began by Emperor Constantine when he faked a vision of a cross in the sky in 312 AD that began his hostile takeover of the Messianic Jewish faith that were at that time called the Natsarim and they were all born Jews or gentiles who converted to Judaism for the sake of Yashua HaMsheekha [“Yashua TheMessiah” in the Aramaic Hebrew dialect that He spoke]. Again, don’t get hung up on the perfect spelling or pronunciation, but for Heaven’s sake don’t break the Commandment of Exodus 23:13 to not utter the name of a pagan deity on your lips! That mean’s speaking the name of the pagan deity Esus with the letter “J” tagged onto the front of it is a no-no! It is the name of the false Messiah that Yashua warned us would come in his own name, not the in the name sake of the Father YHVH.

Now, let’s get onto some more perfection.

MATITYAHU 5:48 “Be tamiym (perfect) as your Abba (Father) in Shamayim (Heaven) is tamiyam.”

This is a simple one. Do a Google search for the 613 Commandments and make a list of the one’s that you feel are impossible to fulfill. I think you will find if you read all the Commandments for the first time then you can’t imagine how hard it will be to keep them all, yet we must do the best we can with all of them in obedience and love. Of course many of Commandments concerning sacrifices for sins were set aside since the Father Himself incarnated and became our ultimate sacrifice for sin and animal sacrifices are no longer needed for those in Msheekha Yashua. He is our High Priest and sinless lame who took on our sins and took our punishment so now the death penalty of the Law is another Commandment no longer in use by the finished work of Yashua hanging from the crux on the tree.

It’s easy to be perfect if your heart is in the right place. When your heart is in the right place with the heavenly Father He will convict you of wrong with a gentle nudge so you repent and you learn as you go. This is another reason to study without ceasing to show yourself approved. You must understand all 613 Commandments so your walk before YHVH can be perfect. Don’t forget the additional Commandments “G-d” gave us during His re-incarnation on earth as Msheekha Yashua.

Should I explain more? Let me know. Email me at: YosefBenDavid at LeftBehind.ICU

In The Name of Jesus! Satanic Strong Delusion?

Quick synopsis: Even though there was already a Greek name created to replace the G-d given Syriac Aramaic Hebrew name of Yeshua the Messiah when the Septuagint translation of the Jewish Scriptures was done more than 200 years before the birth of the Messiah doesn’t mean we should ever deny the “only name given under heaven to mankind by which we must be saved”. This is indeed a salvation issue as what I quoted from ACTS 4:12 proves it and as well, ACTS 2:38 says baptism in His name is for the forgiveness of sins. How much longer will you deny His name and keep using the pagan Greco-Roman name that is technically neither a translation, nor a transliteration? You can’t argue with G-d and sadly because you have not loved the truth you will find out what happens to you one day. (Said in love even though I know you won’t take it that way because your heart is cold).


Did you know that the name “Jesus” didn’t exist until the letter “J” was created and added to the English language in the late 1400’s near the time of Christopher Columbus?

For those unfamiliar with Christopher Columbus he was a Jewish-Italian sailor who sailed from Spain with a ship full of Jews saving them from a Spaniard Holocaust. He is credited with discovering North America, but we know that is a silly claim since the continent was already inhabited. Those who inhabited North America at the time of Columbus in 1492 also make a false claim to be the indigenous “first peoples” of the continent, but falsehood has also seen the light of day by the new discovery of an even more ancient people who lived here and were invaded by the ancestors of the present day Native Americans who came and killed all those who were here before them.

Before adding the “J” to the English alphabet the letter “i” was used in place of the J. Notice that I and J are next to each other in the alphabet of the English language. The name “Jesus” created by the Roman’s in the Greek language and was Esus/Esous/Iesous. You can still see the name spelled this way in the original King James Version of the Bible because when it was written the letter “J” did not yet exist.

It was the Pagan Emperor Constantine of Rome who was executing those in his empire that were Jews and gentile convert to what was then known as the Natsarim, the members of the Messianic believers of Judaism who were not yet label “Christians” by the pagan Roman Empire as the word “Christian” had not been invented yet by Rome’s pagan Constantine.

Constantine was in fear that the Jews and their converts were going to take over the Roman Empire. They found for every one of these Messianic believers he hunted down and executed their martyrdom would cause hundreds more to come to faith for the one he would execute and confiscate their Hebrew and Aramaic copies of the gospels.

Constantine realized he had a losing battle on his hands and these Jews would soon takeover the Roman Empire if he didn’t figure out a way to conquer them before they conquered him. He conjured up a plan to say he had a vision of a cross in the sky somewhat reminiscent of the apostle Paul conversion story and used this fabricated vision to hijack the Messianic Jewish faith and converted it into the Catholic/Christian Mystery Babylon Whore/Harlot religion that set on the 7 Hills of Rome just as the Book of Revelation foretold. The religion came complete with it’s false Krishna/Christ named “Esus” after the celtic false deity who’s name would later morph from Esus to Esous, to Iesous and then eventually the new English letter “J” as tagged onto the front of the Greek name which gave us the Latinized Greek name J’esus. That is the simple honest truth. Do you own research to show yourself approved unless you’re just playing church and really don’t believe. The real Aramaic Hebrew dialect records the Savior’s name as Yashua. His family and all who lived in the Nazareth Sea of Galilee area all spoke what is officially called the Syrian Aramaic dialect of Hebrew. I know first hand. I lived there in 1998 and also spent time living across the Jarden/Jordan River in city of Amman, Jordan. Your own Bible even quotes Yashua as speaking words in Aramaic a bunch of times. Remember when he raised the young dead girl to life with the words “talitha cumi”? That’s Syrian Aramaic Hebrew for “arise little girl”. You are also familiar with Yashua’s most famous Aramaic words, “Eloi! Eloi! Lemana Sebakthani!”, meaning, “My God! My God! For this I was spared!” being the moment when all the sin of all the world was placed on Him and Matthew recorded that He then pulled in His last breath, died with our sin, and gave up His spirit.

With a few changes here and here Constantine knew he’d regain control of the Roman Empire and the Jews would not take over. He just added one more god to the multi-god worshipping pagans he ruled over. The big god for his pagan people with Mithras the sun god and he realized that the Jewish Messiah was said to be the Son of God, so he tried to pull off the lie that they were both one and the same. Sun god, Son of God, who would understand the difference!

Mithras the Sun god was always depicted with a halo of the light around his head so Constantine commissioned paintings of his new god, the Messiah Esus Krishna aka Esus Christos (Esus the celtic god and Krishna the hindu god) so everyone would instantly also recognize him as Mirthras the Sun God. Statues and paintings of Easter the fertility , goddess were commissioned too and draped with clothing that made her appear as Yashua’s mother, the Virgin Maria, but in many of the depictions so the pagans would know she was also Easter the fertility goddess they depicted mother Maria with claw feet clinging to a crescent moon just beneath the hem of her garment so the pagans would readily identify her as Easter/Astarte. What Constantine did was diabolical and genius. With his Christian Catholic Universalist One World Religion and his false satanic, Lawless, anti-Messiah he created what Yashua would warn about when He pleaded, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!”

The Mystery Babylon Whore religion that had plagued the Jews while in captivity in Iraq when King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem and carried many of the remaining Jews of the Southern Kingdom of Judah including Daniel the prophet. Hundred of years later it all experienced a resurrection in Rome where the name of the new pagan religion became known a Catholicism , a word meaning Universalism and thus the One World Religion had it’s beginning.

Instead of keeping the Messiah’s Holy name, the name that Acts 4:12 says is the ONLY name, and NO OTHER NAME given under heaven to mankind by which WE MUST BE SAVED, the name of Yashua (Yeshua,Yahushua/Yehoshua/Yahu’sha are acceptable versions) who came in His Father’s name of YaHavah (Ya is Love), they blotted out the ONLY NAME we can be saved by and craftily changed it with a lot of slight of hand mumbo jumbo to another name for Satan “Jesus/Esus”. Look it up! Google it! It’s all common historical information for all to see for those who have eyes to see that Esus is a celtic false deity.

Constantine started the trend that eventually has caused every Christian to break the Commandment of G-d in Exodus 23:13 to “not speak the name of pagan deities”. Everytime a Christian speaks the name of J’esus they are breaking this Commandment and they are the “workers of iniquity (Lawless ones) that Yashua said He will say to them “I never knew you. Go away from me ye workers of iniquity”, just as He said to the Lawless “Foolish Virgins” in parable of the 10 virgins and the lamps, “I do not know you!” and He closed the door in their faces and they were left out of the Rapture and did not get into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. They were Left Behind to suffer the horrors of the 7-year Tribulation where many will die in their sins without ever coming to the knowledge of the truth that YaHavah/Yashua/Yahusha has entrusted for me to teach to His Lost Sheep of Israel, and secondly the Gentiles.

The faith that was once handed down by the Saints and Apostles of Messiah had been turned into a “strong deception” with it’s followers invoking a name of Satan every tiime they spoke the spoke the Greek name Iesous/Esus. Time went on and the Greek language fell out of favor in the pagan Roman Empire and Latin became the official language of Rome and the Empire and all that had become the Greek translations of the Hebrew gospels were now being translated into Latin and you know the rest of that story how the Catholic church spoke all their masses in Latin, even many till this day in 2020. Less than 500 years ago when the letter J was added to the English alphabet that was to a variation of the “I” in “Iesous” the name of Jesus was born and forever more spoken as another name for Satan by the Universalist One World Religion also known as Catholicism.

Eventually, along comes a guy named Martin Luther who had issues over a doctrine of demons call “indulgences” that the One World Catholic religion created. He was the Father of the Reformation of protestors of these abominations that in turn became afterwards known as Protestants aka the Harlots of The Whore of Babylon.

Satan was not to be outdone! The Protestant Church’s that were born out of the Reformation of Martin Luther were declared apostate Daughters of the Catholic church which many Popes have extended the grace to allow them to return to their Mother, the Catholic Church.

Will you be part of the remnant that is the Law Keeping Wise Virgins Bride or will you remain in the dark with no oil of truth of Torah Keeping and be locked out of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

The Foolish Virgins will miss the “thief in the night” rapture. This is why Yom Teruah is called the feast that “no man knows the hour or the day” since the new moon may not be able to be seen if it’s covered by clouds because Adonai Allaheinu’s decree was that we must be able to sight the new moon, not just assume it’s there behind the clouds. For that reason that they could have trouble seeing and declaring the new moonth (new Month) the Yom Teruah feast day became a two-day (sometimes three) event instead of a one-day event. “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” so you don’t miss the Rapture of the Law Keeping Bride that has the Lamp unto her feet filled with the oil of Torah. Your very soul could required of you in the next two seconds with a heart attack or stroke, or who knows what could befall you, and then you’d be lost for eternity. Today is the day of salvation. I have relayed to you the Truth and if you reject it you will have nobody to blame but yourself at The White Throne Judgement where I will be witness whom you know told you the truth, but you rejected in favor of playing church with the doctrines of men. I tell you the truth in love. I pray my cousin Chelsey Taylor in Indianapolis and all of her family get their eyes opened to the truth before it’s too late and they are cast into the furnace where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Also, I pray for the revelation of this truth to my niece Laura Marx and her family. These are family members who have blocked me on Facebook because they have rejected the Truth that the Father has given me for them. Since they blocked me they don’t know yet that I discovered they are born Jewish by way of their ancestor Susannah Morrison, my great-great maternal grandmother. My mother’s father was Jewish too. This Jewish ancestry revelation came to light after I had wandered in the wilderness of pagan Christianity for exactly 40 years, from age 17 to 57, and also how strange is also that my great-great grandfather was born a Negro slave in 1852 and his family all lived in Goshen, Kentucky just like the Israelites lived in the Land of Goshen in Egypt before wandering in the wilderness for 40 years before finally coming into the Promised Land.

I was thinking about if I’m commanded to now return the Jewish homeland of Israel, now that I found out I’m actually born Jewish. I know if I don’t go before the rapture I’ll be heading there after the 7-day/7-year Marriage Supper of the Lamb as a member of the armies of Heaven to fight at the Battle of Armageddon. That’s gonna be trippy. What happens after we win the battle? Do we all just pick a house to live in that was left behind by someone who was considered a “tare” and thrown into the furnace or is the New Yerushalayim going to come complete with just the perfect Hobbit House and garden for me? 🙂

September 18, 2020: The First of the 7 Commanded Feasts of the Bible that our Heavenly Father gave us that were to be a hint, “type and shadow”, of the coming Messiah.



According to Jewish tradition, the Commanded first Moedim (first divinely appointed feast) Yom Teruah begins a 10 day period (days of awe) of repentance and forgiveness culminating on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. However, scripture only specifies one day for Yom Teruah and one for Yom Kippur. There is no special scriptural significance given to the 8 days between them. This is another reason that we should not follow Jewish tradition, but to study these things for ourselves. Traditions that lead you away contrary to Scripture should be highly scrutinized under bright light to see if there is a wicked ulterior motive to obscure with an inserted tradition. In this case I think the “tradition of the Rabbi’s was done on purpose to prevent believers in Messiah from knowing the truth about the Feast of Trumpets as a “type and shadow” clue about the timing of the 2nd Coming Rapture of Yahu’sha the Messiah.

This memorial day of shouting and trumpets (blowing of the rams horn shofars) begins on the first day of the 7th month. It is the only New Month festival. It is a day for a miqra qodesh (Holy convocation), a day in which no servile work is to be done.

Book of Numbers 29:1 “And in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, ye shall have an holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work: it is a day of blowing the trumpets unto you.”

This festival is observed by the Jews, according to their tradition, for two days because of the difficulty in ascertaining exactly when the new moon is occurring that is to be sighted over the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. It is the only festival that is observed for two days in Israel and around the world because that first tiny sliver of the new moon may not be visible due to cloud cover. As a result, Yom Teruah It is often referred to as “the day and the hour” only the Father knows. The “day and the hour” refers directly to what Messiah Yahu’sha said about the timing of Him going to collect His spotless Bride, His True Church. It was Jewish tradition in Galilee where Yahu’sha grew up that only the father of the bridegroom would decide and therefore know the “hour and the day” for his son’s wedding and it was kept a secret till the father told his son, “It is time! Go get your bride!”

Now, here is a teaching I give that I don’t know anybody else is teaching as it does not seem that it has been revealed to anyone else. According to Yahu’sha’s teaching of the parable of the 10 virgins and the lamps, there will be 5 “Wise Virgins” who’s lamps are full of Oil signifying they are righteous and have the truth and are eligible for the Rapture, while the Foolish Virgins basically do not have the Truth yet and they get left behind, and according to the parable, Yahu’sha refuses them at the door when they arrive late after filling their lamps too little, too late. In the parable He tells them, “I do not know you” and shuts the door to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb leaving them “cast out into outer darkness”.

Yom Teruah is the day of the awakening blast of the ram’s horn trumpet. Teruah means to shout, clamor, a blowing of the trumpets. It will be the time when YAHU’SHA will return with a shout at the last blowing of the shofar on Yom Teruah, but now follow me closely… this “returning at the last Trump of the shofar sounds a hell of a lot like apostle Paul’s description, “As the last trump the dead in Christ shall rise first then those of us who remain shall be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye”… To my revelation given to me by the Father this IS NOT the first secret “thief in the night” Rapture of the Wise Virgins, but this is the 2nd Rapture of those who because they didn’t have the Wise Virgin Truth they were forced to be left behind to suffer the horrors of the 7-year tribulation which, by the way, coincides with the 7-day traditional wedding super. It’s like the 7-days the True Wise Virgins wedding supper relates to the 7-years the Foolish Virgins will have to suffer through the Tribulation. Thins are bad enough already on this planet. I sure don’t wanna miss the first boat and get stuck her as a stupid foolish virgin who didn’t have the truth who were worshipping Satan is disguise as “Jesus”. I don’t even want to imagine how horrible the 7-year tribulation will be.

Here is the Scripture I referenced above: 1 Thessalonians 4:16 “For YAHUSHA himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of YAHUAH: and the dead in the Messiah shall rise first”.

This is when the graves will be opened and the resurrection of the just takes place. The resurrection is not just a New Testament theme; it is also found in the Tanakh (Old Testament). See Isa. 26:19; Dan 12:2 and Eze. 37:12.

The Jewish Rabbi’s admit that the Torah does not specify the purpose of Yom Teruah, only that teruah means to shout in a loud voice or in unison. Could this be the time when the Jews will finally realize Yahu’sha is their promised Messiah when they see him coming in the clouds when “every eye shall see him and look upon the one they pierced, and they will mourn for Him as one mourns for an only son” as they cry out in a loud voice “Baruch Haba B’Shem YAHUAH” or “Blessed is he who comes in the name of YAHUAH (Mat 23:39), finally getting the revelation of the name Yahu’sha is just like the Father’s name Yahuah. You see nobody can get that revelation when you are calling Messiah by the fake news name of Jesus because the name Jesus is nothing like Yahuah, but one can plainly see that Messiah Yahu’sha’s comes from the name sake of His Father’s name Yahuah. Remember children, the Savior said about the fake name “Jesus” that would come later, “I come in my Father’s name, but you do not accept me. The one who will come in his own name (referencing the false messiah Jesus) he you will accept”.

Concerning Jeremiah Johnson Ministries and Other False Teachers and False Prophets


ROMANS 16:17-18 I appeal to you, Achim (Brothers) b’Moshiach, (in’Messiah) to look out for THOSE who cause kitot (sects/divisions), and nisyonot (temptations) contrary to Torah Law Keeping which you learned,keep away from them. For such people do not serve Rabboni Melech HaMoshiach Adoneinu Yahu’sha, but their own appetites, and through smooth loshon (speech) and fine sounding words they deceive the levavot (hearts) of the unsuspecting. [Those who use the satanic name Esus/J’Esus, invoking another name of Satan in doing so leading their deceived devotees to the Lake of Fire]

In an appeal for the entire body of Mashiach to come together in unity it is imperative that false teachings be exposed and correction be given in love. I am addressing this letter specifically to Jeremiah Johnson, but of course this Word of Yahuah can be carbon copied to all those who are sincere, but sincerely wrong and deceived. There is also the other option that they are not deceived at all, but could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing that sell the gospel and use purposeful slippery untruths for financial gain. We are to test the spirits to see if they are of Yahuah. Inspect their fruit. There are specific instructions given to test such persons in Scripture, but I’m not going down too many rabbit holes (rabbi/rabbit in depth teachings). I’ll let you look those up yourself with a concordance if you not already versed.

Are some of these people that are constantly begging for money to support them taking the gospel to the world financially profiting and living in exclusive luxury? It’s no secret that verified false teacher Dr. Joyce Meyer was investigated by the IRS and priceless works of art and other costly array she owns in her home were inventoried by the IRS. You can see her whole shameless scandal documented online along with her paycheck of nearly a million dollars she takes annually from donations to her ministry and she owns her own luxurious private jet and has had tons of expensive, but poor quality plastic surgery that make her look strange paid for with money from donations.

Now, in defense of Joyce Meyer and other’s like her, I ask the question, is she and other’s like her allowed to earn their keep if they are of Yahuah? Of course they are, but earning your keep and living with golden toilets, priceless works of art in your home, vain plastic surgeries, private jets, yachts, and fleets of Rolls Royces to be chauffeured around in is the sin of evil, gluttonous excess. Money seems to be at the root of all evils. The more money you get and what it can buy, the more you want, and you become seduced into living an excessively luxurious lifestyle wearing costly array, such things which are forbidden, but the sinful mind justifies it with a false prosperity gospel that many teach to justify a life of luxurious excess is just plain wrong. Yahu’sha said to those types, “Sell all you have and give to the poor, and follow me”. You will probably NEVER see Joyce Meyer let go of a single of her collection of priceless works of art, no not one to feed the poor, or clothe the naked. The amount of money she fleeced the flock to get all that Jezebel spirit scary looking poor quality plastic surgery alone could be feeding the entire starving continent of Africa! Prosperity and having your cup overflowing is humbly so different from what false teachers promote to justify their own wickedness. Oh, woe unto those who speak the prosperity gospel, inviting the unclean spirits of greed, and gluttony, woe!

[Insert Update: 22 September 2020] I was watching false teacher Creflo Dollar today on today’s broadcast on the Daystar channel. He preached that water baptism ……. TO BE CONTINUED

Our Messiah Yahu’sha set the example by refusing the luxurious life of a King that He was certainly entitled to, did He not? It is written that the Roman soldiers cast lots for his fine seamless tunic which I’m sure was probably a gift of an appreciative person He healed, but no costly array like jewelry or costly designer shoes were found. Apparently, after leaving His parents home he lived like a homeless person. He could have laid Himself up in riches like Benny Hinn, or Joyce Meyer, the Queen of England, but instead he shunned all that could have been His as the King of the Universe. Can you say you follow Yahu’sha’s example and allow the Father to meet your “needs”, and not your lusts for finery and excessive luxuries? Let’s look at your fruit.

Now, let me get back to addressing Mr. Jeremiah Johnson directly. Jeremiah you are so close to having and teaching the truth, as the old saying goes, “If it was a snake it would bite you”. I seriously wonder if you actually do know the truth, but pretend not to, and you are just craftily (witchcraft) wording your prophecies and messages to skirt the truth you know, but dare not reveal or your business of selling the gospel would come to an abrupt financial end? The love of money is the root of all evil, but the love of Eloah/Allah is the root of all good.

Here is what you preach Jeremiah Johnson… In your exact words you preach about “two dueling Brides”. You even specifically call them out from the parable of our Adonai Yahu’sha teaching of the 10 virgins and the lamps. I try to give any person the benefit of the doubt that I could be wrong about them because I am human, and human’s make mistakes, unlike Eloah/Allah. However, I can hardly believe you could be this blind. These are the only options you have available to you:

1.) You truly are sincere, but sincerely wrong. You truly are ignorant of your correct interpretation of the parable of the virgins and the lamps where you get the “two dueling brides” teaching from.

2.) Or…You are a false teacher that knows the truth, but you are wickedly deceiving the flock for financial gain knowing if you told the truth you wouldn’t be able to financially gain from it.

Certainly, I am not the ONLY HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET that our heavenly Father has revealed this truth to and invested of teh mission to give this truth away freely to others and freely it was given to me? Even Jimmy Evan’s whom you have appeared with on the Daystar channel with Joni Lamb is so close to the truth, but misses the mark. Amir Tsarfati even was part of the movie, Before the Wrath, but he STILL TO THIS DAY is either blind to the truth presented in the movie he helped create or he is purposely avoiding the truth, craftily (witchcraft) stepping around the truth for financial gain.

Jeremiah Johnson, Amir Tsarfati, and Jimmy Evans I do believe you all know that it is the Law Keeping Wise Virgins who will go in the pre-tribulation Rapture of the true church, and the rebellious anti-Torah Law Foolish Virgins bride will be LEFT BEHIND, locked out of the marriage and wedding supper as Yahu’sha foretold in His teaching of the Virgins and the lamps. The Foolish Virgins who are part of the deceived Mystery Babylon Whore/Harlots system will partake of her plagues because they did not “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” as Yahu’sha pleaded. Surely, I am not the only true prophet/teacher of Yahuah on the planet that our Father has entrusted with this rebuke of false teachers on this subject? I am too humble to believe I am the only one. If my readers know of any other teachers teaching the same as me please write me and let me know.

Yes, Jeremiah Johnson there are two dueling Brides on the earth right now, but the one you are apart of may or may not come to the knowledge of the Truth while suffering through the plagues of the Whore/Harlots during the long and horrifying 7-year Tribulation period of which Yahu’sha HaMashiach warned, “No flesh should be spared lest those days be shortened.” Jimmy Evans has got the time table down amazingly good and I respect him for much of his enlightened teaching as if you couple his timeline of events with the prediction by NASA that asteroid Apophis is to hit our planet killing billions of people on April 13, 2029 (my 65’th birthday btw) which may possibly be the fulfillment of the star falling to earth i the Wormwood prophecy in Revelation then that really tightens up the dates for the pre-trib Wise Virgin Rapture and end-trib resurrection/foolish virgin rapture just before Wormwood strikes the earth.

Time is running out. This year is the dress rehearsal for next year. We many not know the hour or the day, but from the perfect clues we are given in Scripture we can pinpoint the year that Yahuah has unveiled because He wants all to come to salvation through repentance, and accept His final Levitical priesthood-ending blood sacrifice for sin in the human body of His sonship as He incarnated into Yahu’sha HaMashiach.

Know this! The lamps full of Oil of the Wise Virgins represent their human bodies bending happily to the the righteous Will of our loving heavenly Father and keeping His Law, yes those legalistic Law Keepers you false teachers rail against (Amir Tsafati) that also have restored the use of the true Hebraic names Yahuah the Father and Yahu’sha the Son. “If any man say he loves Elohim/Allahim, but keeps not His Mitzvot/Commandments the Truth is not in him, and from such turn away from”. I’m not even going to bother quoting the chapter and verse on that one because ALL SHOULD KNOW THAT ONE AS WELL AS THEY KNOW JOHN 3:16.

According to Yahu’sha’s explanation the Law Keeping Wise Virgins will be those going in the “thief in the night” Rapture of the true church remnant for the wedding/marriage supper of the Lamb based upon the faith that was once handed down by the Natsarim apostolic first fruits followers of Yahu’sha who saw Him face to face. The Foolish Virgins who have not the Truth and were not prepared will be locked out in the outer darkness and cannot beg or plead their way into the wedding supper as Yahu’sha said, “I do not know you” and shut the door in their faces. The foolish virgins will endure the 7-year Tribulation that will be a 7-day wedding supper feast for the True Church, and if during that time the foolish virgins begin keeping that “legalistic Torah Law” as you false teachers call it, AND if you get baptised correctly in the ONLY name given under Heaven to mankind, NO OTHER name by which we must be saved (ACTS 4:11), that name being His real name Yahu’sha instead of the anti-Mashiach name of Jesus (J-Esus aka Satan) then you will be given a second chance by the “God” of second chances and He may indeed graciously have mercy on those whom He will have mercy upon that were deceived, and then he will Rapture them at the 2nd Coming Rapture at the time of the resurrection of the righteous dead in Christ and in twinkling of an eye, as Paul said, you all will be changed in a moment and you’ll be given white robes that were washed in the blood of the lamb, and you will be raptured away from the earth just in time to avoid the destruction of all the flesh left behind from the Wormwood prophesied star that poisons 1/3 of the planet’s water, sets off the volcanic line along the California coast, and will probably dump the whole State of California into the Pacific as the San Andreas fault will shift so hard and far that all will be lost. This is the “Big One” that everyone has always talked about will come one day that even movies have been made about where the ensuing Tsunami’s will drown much of America and other countries. Apophis/Wormwood hitting our planet is going to be the cataclysmic event that creates the re-newed heavens and re-newed earth, I believe. Everything Yahuah does He does with his Created nature so the skeptics can say, “It wasn’t God. It was global warming or climate change”, or whatever delusion they want to believe in.

Jeremiah Johnson, I hope you contact me so I can witness your teshuvah (repentance) for your known or unaware false teachings. I hope all those teaching errors I have mentioned will do the same.

In love… Yossi (Yossi is short for Yosef, a nickname)

Who Do The People Say That I Am?


The first thing I want to say is, “It is not I who lives, but the Messiah Yahu’sha who lives in me”. In other words, I am not so important. I am but dust, but the One who lives inside me, who speaks through me is important. In all humility to the Elohim/Allahim I love and serve I cannot personally take credit for anything that has been given to me as a messenger to humanity. These are not my words, but words the Father has given me by way of divine inspiration to relate to His Creation.

I have spoken to many rabbi’s around the world since I found out in 2004 (at the auspicious age of 40) that I was born with a rare chromosomal condition called X0/XY Mosaicism. Who do the people say that I am? I’ve had some rabbi’s tell me it could be a possibility that I could be a re-incarnation of Adam or Moses. I find this quite humbling, but not impossible, yet I go about my business as Yosef much in the way that John the Baptist did not perhaps accept the fact that the Messiah confirmed that his cousin John the Baptist was indeed the re-incarnation (hebrew word “gilgul”) that according to the choice of words in English translation says, “coming in the power and spirit” of Eliyahu/Elijah the prophet. All I know is the Father has entrusted me with prophetic insight to correct false teaching and false teacher before many souls miss the rapture that is open to anybody who desires true salvation so they they worship in spirit and in truth. You will not go in the rapture unless you have the truth and put it into action in your life through works like baptism and teshuvah (repentence), and keeping of the Law. 1 JOHN 2:4 “If anyone says, ‘I know Him’, but does not keep His Commandments, he is a liar, and the Truth (the truth of Law/Commandment Keeping) is not in him.”

Understand the deceived false teachers of Christianity that are part of the Mystery Whore of Babylon and her Harlot daughters pagan Roman system that hijacked the faith once handed down from the apostles.

The true faith was that of the Natsarim’s that existed before the Romans tried to extinguish it with their invention of “Catholicism/Christianity, Whore/Harlot” anti-Messiah system.

I guess this has been a mini teaching within a response to “Who do the people say that I am?” I really don’t have much more to say about this subject. People have often asked me to reveal the identities of the rabbi’s who I have talked to who have spoken to me of the possibilities mentioned above, but that would be very unethical and wrong to expose them to any type of ridicul since the rule of the in Judaism is that they do not believe that Yahu’sha qualifies to be the promised Messiah.

Will the Christian Messiah return the weekend of September 18, 2020?

The answer is no, but THIS IS A RESPONSE TO AN ARTICLE ENTITLED “Perhaps this month’ Bible follower tips Rosh Hashanah for Second Coming of Jesus Christ” at:

The article is rife with Biblical interpretation error.

#1 it’s not a conspiracy theory that the Jewish Messiah known as Yahu’sha HaMaschiach (Yahu’sha being the correct English transliteration of Messiah’s Hebrew name) will return at an appointed time. His return at Yom Teruah is has been purposely and deceitfully overshadowed by an anti-christological rabbinical cover-up decree to try to obscure the true Commanded moedim day of Yom Teruah (a type and shadow of Messiah) with a “smoke and mirrors” Rosh Hashanah New Year celebration that is deceptively celebrated now on the 1st day of 7th month of the Hebrew calendar instead of the 1st month of the Jewish calendar that is new year. Why have they done this? They want to keep the identity of Messiah hidden.

What lengths the blinded rabbi’s will go to just so the people will not connect the New Testament writings about the Messiah’s return in 1 Corinthians 15:51-52, and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18! These passages point to what is known by the undeceived (like me) to be the last blowing of the shofar at Yom Teruah will very possibly be the fulfillment of prophecy when the second chance (2nd coming) rapture of the Foolish Virgins happens after suffering the 7-year Tribulation being left behind when theWise Virgins Rapture of the True Church in the 1st Coming rapture that nobody may even notice because so few are taken in this rapture that will happen “like a thief in the night”. Currently the deceived foolish virgins are at war with the True Church of the Wise Virgin because they promote Law Keeping and the restoration of the true Hebrew names and pronunciation of the Father and the Son.

I just mentioned the 1st Coming and 2nd Coming of the Messiah in a way most people will not recognize because they have been lead astray by the false teachers of the Foolish Virgins Church system who sell the gospel. The Foolish Virgin’s Church come from the Mystery Babylon Whore/Harlot (Catholic/Christian) deceived church world system who can’t even respect the correct and Holy Jewish name of the Messiah in the Holy/Kodesh tongue that the Father endorses. Instead of using the correct Hebrew name, Messiah Yahu’sah, the pagan Roman Foolish Virgins call him “J-Esus” the Frankenstein creation of the Whore/Harlot system that the Messiah says to, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE.”

“Esus” (another name for Satan) is the name behind the Greek “Esous” and later “Iesous” or “Iesus” that later became “J-Esus when the English language developed and added the letter “J” less than 500 years ago when at that time they Latinized the Greek “Iesus” by exchanging the “I” with the new letter “J” of the alphabet creating the Frankenstein satanic replacement name of Jesus. So, you now see why the deceived apostate “Foolish Virgins” of the Catholic/Christian Whore/Harlot system get left behind in the “thief in the night” Bride rapture that takes the Messiah’s true Bride to the wedding and Supper of the Lamb and then locks the Foolish Virgins out in the “outer darkness” as He tells them “I do not know you” just like He said, “Many will come to me on that Day saying/begging, ‘Lord! Lord! Didn’t we cast out demon’s and heal the sick in your name?’ (the false Messiah name of “J-Esus”) And on that Day (the Day of the rapture) I will say to them, GO AWAY FROM ME YOU WORKERS OF INIQUITY! (Iniquity = those who do not keep The Law/Commandments) I NEVER KNEW YOU!” Remember, it is written: 1 JOHN 2:4 “If anyone says, “I know Him, but does not keep His Commandments, he is a liar, and the Truth (Truth of Keeping the Law) is not in him.”

You see, the deceived anti-Law false religious system of the Foolish Virgins known Biblically as the Whore/Harlot system developed their own wrong doctrine of the 1st Coming of Messiah and the 2nd Coming. Setting the record straight I’d use one of the Father’s favorite numbers and I’d give a doctrine of 3 Comings– the first one being His birth, death, resurrection, and ascension, the 2nd Coming, being the “thief in the night” Rapture of the remnant True Church bride, and then finally the 3rd Coming that He graciously performs as the “G-d” of second chances when He returns in the described “clouds of glory” when “every eyes shall see him”, at the “last trump” when the dead in Messiah shall be resurrected and those who remain (the foolish virgins and others that finally came to the Truth) will be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye” and raptured (caught up and away) to avoid the final judgement of earth-engulfing holy fire that will destroy all the wicked (the tares). He “Elects” those who have finally “come out of her”, repented of their anti-Law keeping error and got the names Father and Son correct instead of still using the names of pagan deities for the Father and Son. He reaps these Elect and then there is a reaping and destruction of the tares (the wicked).

Yeah, so do I teach that the Messiah may return the weekend of September 18, 2020 during the Feast of the Blowing of the Shofar-Yom Teruah (aka erroneously as “feast of trumpets”? No, I do not teach this, but it is a good modern day final dress rehearsal for the better possibility that it happen at the same appointed time (moedim of Yom Teruah) in 2021 and I’m gonna tell you why, of course, because I am anointed by the Great I AM as a “special occasion” prophet who is declaring this to the Nations.

You see, the Book of the “Unveiling” of Return of the Messiah which many call “The Book of Revelation or Apocrypha”, speaks of the Bowls and Trumpets in chapters 7 & 8 that are terrible things that will happen to those left behind to suffer the plagues sent upon the Babylonian Whore and her Harlot Daughters who exchanged the Truth of “G-d” for a lie and worshipped the Beast instead of the Creator King of the Universe, our Abba-Father Yahuah (erroneously aka Yahweh/Jehovah and other mispronunciations). One of those plagues is a star falling to earth called “Wormwood” which prophetic teacher Irvin Baxter has erroneously declared was the nuclear reactor called Chernobyl in Russia that melted down, The Russian word “chernobyl” translates in English to “wormwood”. Brother Irvin of my former church affilation is wrong because he doesn’t understand that the Chernobyl event was a “type and shadow” warning from Allah about the true Wormwood, the asteroid that NASA calls “Apophis” that they haves declared will hit our planet on April 13, 2029. NASA has since tried to walk back their prediction because it has sent the unbelieving world into a panic because this asteroid named Apophis is the size of four football fields and when it hits earth in it’s predicted place off the coast of California it is going to land so perfectly as to set off the largest volcanic line on the planet and the the San Andreas earthquake fault, and the debri that showers the earth before and after the asteroid hits will complete the prophecy of the star Wormwood falling to the earth mingled with fire and blood. This judgement will turn our entire planet into a Biblically proportioned forest fire with volcanoes and earthquakes so bad the men’s hearts are going to fail them as prophesied. It’s all going to happen, but all in it’s due time.

If indeed Apophis hits the earth as NASA has predicted on April 13, 2029 (my 65th birthday, by the way) which I believe will be the fire that scorches the entire earth that will kill every living thing including the wicked (tares) it is my hope that “those who remain” will hopefully be the unblinded foolish virgins who have repented of the deceived teaching that we no longer have to be Law Keepers while in the “Era of Grace” and they took the names of pagan deities off their lips (Exodus 23:13) and have begun to respect the Creator with His true name, Yahuah, and His incarnation as the Son name of Yahu’sha. These are the two things that will then (along with baptism in the true name above all other names, Yahu’sha) bring them to rapture status to escape that final horror of being burned to death with the wicked (tares) that must wait 1000 years till the White Throne Judgement.

There are going to be many at the White Throne Judgement who angrily and in error clung to the their Whore/Harlot church world beliefs and I sure wouldn’t want to be them on Yom HaDin (Day of Judgement) when they will have to make an account of why they continued to call upon the satanic name of Jesus and still rejected Law Keeping. May Allah have mercy on their souls because I know members of my family who will probably never have their eyes opened to the truth that are trapped in the United Pentecostal Church that are really deceived about the name of Jesus so much so that they officially call themselves “The People of the Name”. It’s horrifying to me that hey don’t know that the name “J-Esus” that they cling to is actually invoking Satan each time the speak that name on their lips in violation of Exodus 23:13. I’ve tried to tell this this error, but they refuse to accept the truth so there is nothing more I can do so it’s going to be a sad day to see those I have loved sent to The Lake of Fire, but He has promised to wipe away every tear from our eyes.

I’m going to bring this teaching to a close now, but please email me if you have questions. Navi Rabboni Yosef Ben David @ CompassionThinker (at) Gmail (dot) Com.

Arleen Phyllis Hogan-Hickey

The Mother of My Unborn Children

I began writing my life story back in 1990 using my journal’s I’d kept since age 12 as a source. A very large part of my life story involves the girl I was suppose to have for my wife, but she dumped me and married some guy she met and hardly knew. I think she had paid dearly for that mistake for years as he is very abusive to her and she lives in fear he would murder her if she ever tried to leave him.

In 1978 13-year-old Phyllis Hogan won my heart when we attended Alex G. Barrett Middle School together in Louisville, Kentucky. I was the happiest 14-year-old guy in the world to believe that this girl I fell in love with had also fallen in love with me. She was my first love and my last love. I never recovered from the loss of her. My life fell apart after she left me. Don’t let me jump too far ahead though. Let me tell the story as it happened that is forever etched on my heart.

As I mentioned, I began keeping a journal at age 12. By the time I began writing my life story in 1990 I had a pile of journals. They became a helpful source for remembering some very agonizing memories. The writing of my life story took a creative turn several years to become a novel based on a true story. A publisher who had read some of my online story expressed interest and supported me in the creative novel approach where I incorporate my faith in re-incarnation. That’s all I will say about that for the moment.

Phyllis and I had become flirtatious friends when I was 14. The following school year Phyllis began attending another school, but just a week into the 8th grade one of my friends named Sammy Murphy came to me with a note from a girl he said called him. I called the phone number on the note and it was Phyllis to my pleasant surprise. We talked on the phone daily and one day I told her I could ride my bike over to her house and bring my yearbook and we could go through our memories of our past school year together.

It seems like only yesterday that we sat on the front porch swing at her house and flipped through the pages of my yearbook and enjoying sharing many memories. I already knew that first day of our reunion that she was the girl meant for me. That day lead to many other days that I’d ride my 10-speed bike over to her home. Her mom and sister Linda would always be there and sometimes her brother Tim would pop in and out. He was already living on his own as well were Zina and Joan the older sisters of Phyllis.

During the nice weather of summer Phyllis and I would sit out on the front porch of the house on what her mother would call “the sparkin’ bench”. Some days we’d go for walks down her block and over to the campus of the Sacred Heart school where there was an old cistern under a tree that was covered with a large concrete slab and we’d sit there on the slab and talk. We fell in love. I could spend hours not even talking, but just gazing into her eyes.

For Christmas 1978 I bought her a Krementz gold bracelet for a gift that symbolized an engagement ring that fit over her wrist instead of her finger. I was too afraid to buy a ring just yet, even it was a promise ring so instead I gave her a promise bracelet.

The following spring my mother did something nice for us for my 15th birthday. She took took Phyllis and I out for my birthday dinner at a find hotel across the river in Indiana. Phyllis and I sat at a separate table from my family. It was like our first official chaperoned date. I remember that night so well, sitting there with her in the warm glow of candles the the table and how grown up and beautiful she looked in her dress. I felt grown up. I guess at age 15 we were. While times and customs change over the years I realized that in the older days many people married at age 15. I wasn’t there yet. I had a plan though.

I could already see our future together. My plan was to finish high school and then we’d be married. We’d both go to college together and then 5 years into our career we’d begin our family. I was so happy and so was Phyllis. She fulfilled me with the love that made up for all the ugliness of my childhood growing up with an abusive alcoholic mother who never loved me. Everything seemed to be going along perfect and then my mother suddenly met a man and remarried and announced we would be moving to Florida. I was in shock.

Looking back now, I felt so helpless. There was nothing I could do but to go along with my mother’s plans. Had I not been such an abused and beaten down boy that was afraid to even imagine rebelling I would have probably thought of getting Phyllis pregnant so my mother’s plans to move us to Florida would have been stopped and my relationship with the girl who had won my heart would have remained to this day.

When you are the child of an abusive alcoholic you become mentally trained to NEVER step out of line and cause your mother even a hint of trouble or the next time she gets drunk she is going to take out all her wrath upon you. This happened to me over and over as a child as long as I can remember. I have a memory of when I was 6 years old when she was blaming me for all her troubles. I remember we were in the kitchen of our home at 3107 Verne Court where I grew up. She angrily told me she could see my father in my eyes when she’d look at me. Apparently she must have hated my father because she divorced him the year earlier. I’ll never forget how rejected and abandoned I felt as I stood blocking the front door of our home so my Daddy wouldn’t leave. As he was coming to the door to leave for the last time I pleaded, “No Daddy, please don’t leave me!” He said, “Get out of my way boy!” as he shoved me away from the door and I never saw him again. It wouldn’t be till 7 years later when I was 13 that my drunken mother who was beating me over the head with a bottle would reveal to me that he was not my real father, but another man was and she proceeded to drunkenly try to contact him on the phone to reveal for the first time that she was pregnant when they divorced and she’d had a son by him. My eyes memoried the page number and the the family name and address in the phone book. She spoke to his mother telling her the truth, but never spoke to my dad David on the phone. The next day, of course, when she was sober I dared never bring up what she’d told me while abusing me the night before. When you are the child of an abusive alcoholic you know if you are to dare to bring up anything up to them when they are sober that they did while drunk you are going to have hell to pay the next time they get drunk so I forever kept my mouth shut and I never sought out my biological father till another 12 years. I was so happy when I did meet him and got to have a relationship with him for the next 15 years before his death because he was a loving, kind, and humorous man. I missed out so much on not getting to grow up with his love and guidance.

Well, um…alright…dry my eyes and lets get back to the story at hand. Phyllis and I knew we were helpless against my mother’s plans to go to Florida so we spent the next few months saying our slow goodbye till we left for Florida in July of 1979. I was very heartbroken and I know it sounds extreme, but I poured out my heart to Phyllis everyday in letters that were never less than 7 pages back and front. I lived to go to the mailbox everyday when I got off the school bus to see if there was a letter from Phyllis for me. Back on those day of 1979 phone calls cost a large amount of money that you are charged by the minute and an hour phone call would put another $20 dollars onto the bill so letters were the mainstay of our continued relationship.

Apparently, I’d committed a cardinal sin by describing the figure of a girl that lived in my neighborhood that waited for the school bus with a group of other kids from the neighborhood. I thought nothing of mentioning her, but I guess I was blind to understand it made Phyllis feel insecure. Before I knew it Phyllis had begun telling me in her letters about a Native American guy who would come into the ice cream parlor job she had and he’d talk to her and try to ask her out on a date. I thought nothing of it because I had complete faith in her love for me. Then one day she wrote to tell me he’d asked her if he could take her to a carnival nearby and then I began wondering why she was telling me this. To my horror it wasn’t much longer after that when I received a letter from her that said she wanted to break things off with me. I immediately called her on the phone, but she refused to talk to me. I called back begging her to talk to me numerous times, but she would hang up on me. I didn’t understand and couldn’t understand. The only person that had ever loved me had now abandoned me. That day I became emotionally devastated and tried to commit suicide. While I was in the hospital recuperating my mother called Phyllis’s mother to tell her what her daughter had done to her son. After returning home from the hospital Phyllis finally agreed to talk with me. I assured her I had no idea that mentioning some girl had upset her and that there was no other girl for me but her and I begged her not break things off with me. After several days of pleading phone calls she finally agreed to take me back and hope returned to my heart.

To be continued…..14 September 2020