The /detrans subreddit

You may have never heard of, a chat forum, but they call a certain chat room there “/detrans”.

From the website:

“Welcome detransitioners, self-questioners, and detrans allies. Post anything about gender detransition. Ask questions, share memes, inspire, vent, wonder, etc. Abide by the rules below, in “About” on mobile”.

I joined this /dtrans forum on 9 October 2019 and from the very moment of my introduction message I began getting attacked for promoting that understanding gender dysphoria in relation to reincarnation will help people to successfully rid themselves of gender dysphoria.

Before I learned how to activate a whitelist on the forum to prevent people from sending me private messages without my consent there were tons of anti-detransition activists sending me some of the most filthy and threatening messages attack me personally from every angle possible. That kind of behavior just proves how mental these people are. What they say doesn’t phase me in the least.

Walt Heyer once was a male to female transgender, but like myself he detransitioned. Here’s what he has to say about Reddit and other such forums:

“Reddit in my view is where unhealthy behavior is fostered and you really cannot trust anyone to tell the truth. The Reddit detransition site in particular is likely filed with trolls, people who are not detransition folks and a few nut jobs along with some really good healthy people.
I myself avoid such sites”.

Walt hit the nail on the head about those who populate the /dtrans forum. I would say there are more than a few nut jobs there. lol

I’m not there to engage with idiots. If they write something to me where they are personally attacking me, continuing pointless arguments, or trying to provoke me with insults I simply just block them. I’m not there for the pro-trans activists. I’m just there to promote how I can help those who are open detransition. If only one person is saved from making a horrible mistake and having their healthy body chopped to bits then I’ve done my job.

I would warn people away from it, but for those who dare to venture in I’ll be one of the good guys there to offer support no matter if you are happy in transition or unhappy in transition.


Part of this website’s legacy is the help provided to me by Mr. Arthur Goldberg and Mrs. Elaine Berk who co-founded an organization called JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing). They paired therapists with people of various faiths who were experiencing unwanted same-sex attractions. They acted as custodians for my surgery detransition fund.

Arthur and Elaine became friends. More than that they were people who extended love and caring towards me and my situation. They introduced me to Rabbi Samuel Rosenberg who supported me in so many ways to recover my birth gender that had been hidden under a heap of lies I’d told myself about transgenderism.

From what I’ve read on the Internet, in 2012 pro-gay activists had posed as clients and then brought a lawsuit funded by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Arthur and Elaine helped me a lot in my journey of discovery returning to my birth sex. I’d like you to consider making a donation for their legal defense fees at the Natural Law Defense Fund .