The Sugar-free Lifestyle

Thanks to a dietary recommendation by my friend, , I have now become sugar-free.

I was told by my rhumatologist that I had to cut out sugar and I said, “But I only use a tablespoon in my coffee once a day!”

Anybody who has arthritis will tell you that the pain is no joke. Also, it saps your normal strength like kyptonite and even the simplest tasks like opening a pickle jar become impossible.

Charlie recommends cutting out all while flour products and sugar. It’s hard to give those things up, but I knew it was time to change and not eat these things on a regular basis. Oh, yeah I do cheat a tiny bit from time to time if I go out with friends for pizza or a beef burger. Sugar is a lot easier for me to avoid than flour.

The problem I had with stopping sugar was that nothing tasted satisfying enough in my coffee. Stevia works in my fermented green tea that I drink cold, but no other sweeteners made my coffee taste right. I’m sure some would say I should give up coffee too, but I don’t want to live forever.

Charlie recommended natural monkfruit to replace sugar and so I searched around online, read some reviews and then ordered from . My order of six bottles arrived in just a couple days and it tasted great in my coffee.

The Green New Deal

I’ve been reading the link above for The Green New Deal (GND). While reading it I thought about the fact that it doesn’t really address the real issue our planet is facing. Overpopulation is the real reason for all our woes. So many things in the GND are truly great ideas. I had a thought how homosexuals generally don’t add to population increases and wondered about this being another reason progressives would embrace and even promote the homosexual lifestyle. Hmmm…..

Always thinking and staying open to possibilities…