2018 Adolescent Trans MRI’s

Not so fast! Reincarnation still trumps this MRI study.

In late 2007 Natalie Sudman died. She was working with the army core of engineers in Iraq and the truck she was riding in was hit by a roadside bomb. She only died for a short time however and then her body miraculously came back to life. Natalie had what is called a Near-death Experience (NDE).

Natalie says her soul left her body because her body had died. In another dimension Natalie was offered the choice to return to her body and resume her life, but before that could happen certain parts of her body that were destroyed by the bomb causing her dead had to be miraculously healed. You can listen to her whole story in detail. Just search Youtube for Natalie Sudman.

The point I wish to make is that if the powers that be could miraculously heal her body so she was no longer dead it creates another question or perhaps an answer. If someone has a soul agreement to come into this life as someone who will be dealing with gender dysphoria to elevate their soul to a higher level there can be more than just mental issues. The powers that be could also create physical issues that make that person gender dysphoric.

An MRI brain study of adolescents who identify as transgender doesn’t give a stamp of approval for a person chopping up their body to try to become a different sex. Changing one’s body to live as something they are not is not the goal here. The goal is to embrace that a soul is not bound by human physical sex or gender. The human soul is sexless and genderless. You are born into your body for a reason and the reason is not to chop it up and remake it so you are living as a fake man or fake woman. It’s an obstacle to overcome, not be overcome by. All studies show that long-term people find themselves unhappy with having destroyed a natural life to exist in an unnatural state. Human nature is not going to change where we will one day live in a utopian society where trannies will not be mocked and ridiculed for their folly. Better to embrace what you are and not go to drastic extremes to live an unnatural life. Long-term studies show suicide rates rise again after the post-operative transgender honeymoon phase is over.


Article Updated: 11 June 2019

Boy, did this website get it wrong? Why didn’t this website or many others just contact me for an interview to get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth? TransChristians.Org has no desire to present the truth. They simply wish to mischaracterize and publish lies. I’m not about to go on a crusade to force every website mentioning my name to remove libelous statements about me. It’s not worth my time, but I might, just this once, make a few corrections to their article posted about me at:http://www.transchristians.org/people/josef-kirchner

  1. Notice the wording in the second sentence, “He transitioned back to becoming a man”. The writer obviously believes AND IS PROMOTING THE IDEA you can “become” a man. If you can “become” a man then you can also “become” a woman. Sorry, you can’t “become” anything more than what you were born as. You can masquerade as something other than your birth sex, but that is all it is, a masquerade. Most trans people realize this after living the lifestyle for a long enough time after the fetishistic transvestite phase wears off, the honeymoon phase is over, and the cold hard truth sets in.
  2. Article claims I am a non-practicing Jew. I am not Jewish and never have been.
  3. “Josef was born male, transitioned to live as a woman for 17 years”. I actually lived as female for 22 years.
  4. “Josef worked with Jerry Leach part time”. I never “worked with Jerry Leach” part time.

That was just the first few sentences of the website which is full of inaccuracies. You understand why it’s not worth my time to try to correct such websites who publish lies. Like I say, if you want to know about me you can come directly to me and ask.

Equality Act H.R.5 Must Not Pass

This Article Updated: 10 June 2019

The Equality Act, as currently written, must not pass. I’m going to tell you why. As a whistleblower from inside the trans community, I have known of many men who self-identify as transgender who are nothing more than sex offenders who dress up as women to gain access to the most private places of females, the women’s locker room and women’s restroom facilities. This is a fact. There are tons of news articles written about so-called male-to-female transgenders being criminally convicted of exposing their male genitals and trying to molest women in their private women’s spaces. (see: www.WomenAreHuman.com)

Let us not forget that Gender Dysphoria is defined as a mental illness. We do not want to allow male sex offenders, pediofiles, the mentally ill, etc., into the most private sanctuaries for women and young girls. We have separate facilities for women and men, frankly because so many men cannot be trusted.

Men afflicted with the mental illness known as Gender Dysphoria will always be looked as “other” by society. Even the Gay community looks at them as other, and many begrudgingly allow them under the so-called LGBTQI umbrella. The most compassionate thing we can do for these “other” individuals is provide more gender neutral restrooms. Gender neutral restrooms are not a new thing created by a Godless society so let’s correct this situation the right way before men force their way into women’s private spaces.

Should these certain mentally ill people have many other of the civil rights written into the Equality Act? Yes. There is a compassionate response to this situation.