By Josef Kirchner  15.11.18

I was 24 years old when in 1988 I had penile inversion technique surgery by Dr. Michael Seghers of Brussels, Belgium (retired).  I considered my penis sexually useless until Dr. Seghers skillfully remodeled it to look and function similar to a female vagina.  Note that I am specific that the cosmetic surgery didn’t create a vagina, but only something that looks and functions similar to a female vagina.  Whatever it looks like or functions like, the harsh truth is that surgery can only give you a remodeled penis, not a female vagina.  No magic fairy dust was sprinkled that turns the penis into a real vagina.  Unlike a real female vagina, my remodeled penis still ejaculates from the urethra just like any normal man’s penis does.  Women do not ejaculate from their urethra.

You may have come to this website today because you or someone you know claims to have something called Gender Identity Disorder (GID). This is a psychological disorder similar to a learned behavioral disorder.  Having known thousands of transsexaul and gender variant people in my lifetime I can confidently tell you that transsexuality is not a birth condition.  How can I have the audacity to make such a claim?  I have listened to the real stories of transsexual people I have known. Many people who call them transsexuals have one version of their story they present to the public and then there is another more truthful version they will tell only their closest friends. The militant transsexuals you see being activists won’t tell you their true stories as most of them learned early on to hide certain things from therapists in order to get surgery.  In fact, there is a Transsexual Roadmap website who’s authors will tell you exactly what you need to say, and what not to say to a therapist to get approval for what the transsexual movement is now calling “gender confirmation surgery”.

After that brief introduction, now is probably a good time to tell you more about myself and what motivates me. A simple Internet search on me or this website will reveal tons of chat room conversations and other websites where transsexual activists go off the rails trying every way they can to delegitimize my testimony and my recommendations on how to treat those who want to live in opposition to their birth sex. The first thing I want people to know about Josef Kirchner is that I have nothing but compassion for people who are suffering from gender confusion.  I’ve been there and done that literally, and I’m writing the book on healing from gender confusion!  Some feel it is contradictory of me to say I am compassionate and supportive of the person while also trying to convince them they are suffering from a curable mental disorder. Such is the job of the psychotherapist! Certainly, I am not alone as someone who had to endure this journey before I realized what mistakes were made along the way.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  All of us were subject to those who influenced us along the way whether it was parents, friends, medical professionals, other misguided transsexuals.  Do your own research and you will find countless YouTube videos from those who have regrets about transsexualism.  I use the common language so the common person can understand the message, but I am a person who does not believe in having regrets about anything because everything happens for a reason.  What some want to call regrets are only opportunities that create wisdom.

There are basically two kinds of men who get diagnosed with GID before having a sexchange operation, the homosexual male that feels too feminine to continue living as male, and the heterosexual male who actually suffers from something called autogynephilia.  The transgender community will take issue with these two types of transsexual, but take it from me, someone who has personally known thousands of transsexuals in my lifetime and they have always without exception fallen into one of these two categories. Autogynephilia is a most disputed term by the transsexual community, but believe me, I know many, many Autogynephiles and they fit Ray Blanchard’s definition perfectly.

I got the idea to create this website back in 2003.  It served it’s purpose for a season and then I dismantled it.  Some tranny militant took over the domain name for a season to stop others from using such a website name to attack the trans community, but eventually let the domain go too.  In 2018 I felt it was time to let my other personal website go and start this one up again.

I’m not quite the motivated town crier I used to be about this subject as there are so many other people trying to get transsexuals the right help they need.  I’ll be adding to this website as the Universe gives me the nudge.