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Hello world! You may be visiting my website for the first time today. Some of you that visit may be my relatives that are scattered across the globe and you might be wondering why cousin Judy has a website called HelpMeReverseMySexchange.org? [add Kentucky Appalachian accent] Well, I’ma fixin’ to tell ya, but first, if you want to skip to my page were I  give the simple explanation for The Cause of the Homosexual and Transgendered Lifestyle.

In 1964 it was God’s plan for my life to born me into this world as a hermaphrodite. Sorry for using that “hermaphrodite” word as it’s a bit shocking, but I just want to be clear because I think everybody know’s what that is and not many know what an XY/XO Mosaicism intersex condition is. I am actually better defined as a pseudo-hermaphrodite. A normal male chromosome pattern that matches a normal looking male body is an XY chromosome pattern while normal female is XX.  Some might say, “You were born with best of both worlds”. Well, lemme tell ya, “the best of both worlds” has not been this gal’s experience. On one hand it’s been hell, but on the other I know it was all part of G-d’s plan to raise me up and take what was a mess for me and make it a message for his people.

Real quick, before telling more of my birth story I  want to tell  you that message G-d want’s me to relay to humanity.  We are spiritual beings know as souls that spend a short time in human bodies so our souls grow from the experiences. The Son of G-d known as Yahushua (aka Yahshua/Yeshua, but never the Babylonian Whore/Harlot system name “Jesus”) left his teachings of reincarnation in red letters in your Bible. Christians involved in the Whore of Babylon & Harlots religious system call Him “Jesus” and try to say that “We don’t believe in reincarnation at our church! That’s of the devil!” Moving along, we all reincarnate tons of times over the millenia returning in male and female lives, and for me this time I  came back as male/female in one package. Now, what I believe about homosexuals and transsexuals is they are affected by reincarnation bleed-over from their  most recent past life as a female. I haven’t met a gay guy yet that wasn’t a touch effeminate, and those who  feel too feminine to continue to live as a homosexual are pushed to surgically and hormonally change their bodies to live as the sex they believe themselves to be. Now, what is the message to humanity from G-d in all of this? The soul has no sex or gender and the body is only a temporary vessel for your soul and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of G-d. G-d doesn’t make junk and you chose to come into this reincarnation with the issues you struggle with, whatever they are including homosexuality and the gender dysphoria that people who are transgendered say they experience. Being gay or trans should draw you closer to G-d. Yes, G-d does have sexual sin laws that apply to everyone, so gays are not singled out. G-d wants sexual morality from all of us.  The only thing is for gay’s is not all of them can accept a belief in reincarnation and the reason you feel naturally attracted to the same sex is because you were a woman in your last reincarnation and those feelings are bleeding over into a male body. All gays struggle with being gay, but as they say, “Time heals all wounds” and some accept it and try to  move on with their lives regardless of how family and society may reject them.  I know it may seem harsh to feel that people in such a situation G-d prohibits them from gay relations, but does G-d? This is the part where I have to say I cannot form an opinion on the matter because we do not have any examples in Scripture of loving homosexual  relationships, although some have tried to imply King David and Jonathan were in a loving gay relationship and they will also mention the disciple that Yahushua loved trying to force the idea that yes, non-committed gay relationships are immoral but gays that have a committed sexual relationship with only one person like is expected of everybody else is okay with G-d. I can’t say that because I haven’t seen that proof in Scripture, but what I can say if you are really in touch with WHO  YOU REALLY ARE, a soul with many lifetimes, you will just see sexual attraction to ANYBODY as a hurdle to overcome. I’m getting tired of writing now, so I don’t want to look up the Scripture, but the New Testament talks about not marrying and staying single for Christ, but if you can’t go without sex, it’s better to marry than to  burn.  That’s a good out for heterosexuals, but Scripture is silent if same sex marriages are approved of G-d. I know the homosexuality in the Bible was addressing men who were more  than likely married and would enjoy the convenience of getting off with other super horny guys suffering from testosterone overload.  Maybe I will write more on this later, but for now I need to continue with my person history.

My mother was so horrified when I was born that she made an immediate decision to give me up for adoption. My grandmother said she looked at me once and told the doctors to take me away. As it turned out my grandmother, of blessed memory, stepped up to the plate for me and told my mother that she’d take the baby (me) until and when she was ready to take me back. So, I  went from the hospital nursery to my maternal grandparent’s home for the first 3 months of my life. I’d like to make a psychological notation at this time about child development. As I was cared for by my grandmother the first 3 months of my life that mother/child bond was made by us, not with my birth mom.

It was 8 months after my birth I underwent surgery to have a shallow pseudo-vagina that had no womb removed. One of my gonads had developed into a normal testicle, but the other had developed into a hybrid of a testicle and an ovary, commonly known as an ovo-testis and it was another part of my anatomy that was taken away without my consent. The hope of my mother was to fix me and raise me as a boy and I’d never know the difference without having to grow up as a freak of nature. I was never told of my birth condition even though my personality and ways were not like normal boys, and then when I began to grow into puberty at age 12 my hips, buttocks, and chest began developing like a female. I was horrified. The extra ample curvaceousness didn’t torment me, but the breast growth did. I  felt so ashamed to KNOW I was a boy, but somehow my body was betraying me and began to grow breasts. I began hiding them under layers of clothing. Even in the hottest humid days of summer in Kentucky you’d find me wearing an undershirt below my regular shirt and a windbreaker jacket all to camouflage the fact I was a boy with breasts.  

Let me inject a little factoid about my living situation at this time. My mother was an alcoholic, something I  would not fully admit until I was 30 years old and read a book by Claudia Black called, Adult Children of Alcoholics, subtitle, “It Will Never Happen To Me”. Growing up in an alcoholic home was life threatening for me and my younger half sister. Many horrifying drunken rides in the family car after enduring hours of waiting in the car in the parking lot of a bar, and abusive episodes at home created two kids who grew up scared and scarred, but we were such well behaved kids because we knew if we weren’t when the drinking would begin in the evening the beatings would soon follow.

I never had the courage to go to my mother with my breast growth problem. I just hid them, like I’d hide the many physical and emotional scars I  received growing up the abused child of a woman who  had no business ever bringing children into this world. I suffered and hid my breasts till a required physical to attend summer YMCA camp forced this issue with my pediatrician Dr. Barron. He and my mother obviously were collaborating to tell me some bullshit knowing this day might come. After my exam he went out probably to talk to my mom about what to tell me and they returned to the room together and Dr. Barron explained to me that what was happening to me was very normal, and that 9 out of 10 boys experience “this” when  they are going through puberty. Well, I was too young at the time to understand this was a ridiculous fabrication, but he further tried to ease my mind that it would go away within about a year when puberty leveled out. Well, guess what? That never happened. I was stuck with the breast growth and found out my own way to  hide them better with a stretchy ace bandage used to wrap a sore ankle with. After wrapping the ace bandage tight around my breasts I’d pull on an undershirt to hide the bandage and then put on a regular shirt and whatever weight of jacket I could stand to wear based upon the weather.

I grew up with two older step brothers from my mother’s first marriage that lasted five years. They were 10 years older than me and they would tease me about my breasts. I was a skinny kid so it wasn’t like being a fat boy with a flabby chest. Teasing lead to sexual abuse and that’s all I want to say about that for now. I  may at some point write a blog entry about that at a later time. My older half brothers made my life extra hellish. There was no relief for me. I’d be teased at home and then teased at school. This continued until I could not take it all anymore and attempted suicide at age 17. It was during this hospitalization for suicide that my issues were laid out before the psychologist and thus began the  implementation of something called The Dr. Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. More about that later!

Let me get back  on track with why this website is named such. You see, having grown up with secret surgery and the truth about my intersex statu hidden from me I was on my own to figure out why in the hell I felt like a girl that was supposed to be a boy. My therapists of which there have been many over the years guided me into understanding myself as something called a transsexual, which I am not, nor ever have been. Intersexed people suffer from a physical medical condition and transsexualism results from a variety of issues leading to a mental disorder called Gender Dysphoria. Yes, as someone born with a body that developed half female and half male caused me to be confused about what sex I was, but that experience didn’t make me a transgendered person. The surgery as a baby only polarized me towards male and after my suicide attempt and recovery from that I  felt better to polarize my body towards female since it was physically obvious to my physicians that  they made the wrong decision when I was 8 months old.

 It’s more polite to use the medical diagnosis “XY/XO Mosacism Intersex.  Being born intersex my technically disqualify me from being transgender, but my intersex status was hidden from me by my mother who had me operated on at 8 months of age to remove one gonad that had developed into an Ovary-testis and removed my vagina that was not connected to a womb. I was left with one viable testical and a penis and raised as male until puberty brought with it breast growth, and the rest of the rounded curves of the female sex they thought the removal of my ovary-testis would prevent. Their surgical experiment failed. I was so tormented and confused due to the surgical deception and going through a female puberty that I  didn’t want to live anymore and at 17 I’d finally had enough and committed suicide on a bunch of sleeping pills.

I’d end that story there but there’s more. As I laid there in my bed very firm about my decision to die and waiting for the sleeping pills to put me to sleep for the last time something unexpected happened. Surely, I must have lost consciousness because I was no longer in my bedroom in the middle of the afternoon with the birds singing outside my bedroom window, but I was surrounded by darkness. Then a white light like a star appeared in the distance from me and a male voice came from that light and said, “If you do this then you will never have a chance to be happy”. I jolted awake and although the voice from the light did not identify itself I  was sure that I  had just been given the chance to live by God Himself. I don’t know who was behind the voice. It could have been the Savior? It could have been my grandfather  of  blessed memory who went to heaven in 1974? All I knew is I had been fully convinced by whoever this being was that it was not my time to enter into  the light and go to heaven and I was jolted back into my body and knew I had to live no matter what.

I was not religious at that point in my life. I had a big hard bound edition of The Children’s Bible I asked my mother to buy when I was 10 years old so I had some faith, the faith of a child, but had not yet discovered religion. I laid there in  the bed wanting to discount what I  had just experienced somehow, but I couldn’t. My experience was that I actually heard this  voice with my two ears and saw the light with my own eyes, but how could I if I was jolted awake as this voice spoke to me. I can only guess that I was dying, having what people call an NDE, a Near Death Experience and in my adult heart today I believe it was the One who died for me on a cross that I’d read about in my Children’s Bible that sent me back to my body to continue to live and live victoriously and my life was to be a testimony.

I continued to lay there contemplating what I’d just experienced that challenged my deep desire to be free of the horrible depression pain from the first 17 years of my life. I didn’t want to go back to my high school class where my peers teased me because I was skinny boy with breasts and female figure. I still wanted out of this world and I wanted to close my eyes and drift away. I picked up the phone and called my mother at our family business and said, “Hi mom, I just wanted to call and say I love you”. She was like, “Oh, um, okay. Is everything  alright?” I assured her I was fine and I just wanted to tell her I loved her and I let her go back to work. I tried to close my eyes and return to wherever I had just been, but I  was so convicted that I had been lovingly warned by The Savior that I  could no longer follow through with my plans to die no matter how much I still wanted to.  An experience that like, well, all I can say to you is that when you have a shaking experience like that with God, you know it’s for real and no amount of doubt will relax your mind. I  wanted the pain of this life to be over, but I knew that this was no the way and although I had no idea what the way was I had to change course, right here and right now. I picked up the phone again calling my mother back. “Mom, I’ve done something stupid. I’ve taken a bunch of sleeping pills.” I  don’t recall what happened next because I  think I  relapsed into unconsciousness as the next thing I remember was I was awakened by being lifted out of my bed. This time I was awakened by my brother who had rushed home from the family business with my mother to rescue me. My next memory was waking up the next day in the hospital with a very kind and compassionate doctor greeting me as I awoke telling me, “You are one lucky kid to be alive. You took enough sleeping pills to kill a horse. Where did you get the sleeping pills from?”  Well, I’ll cut this story short, but it was that experience that started me on “my way” I went out to the shopping mall Waldon Books and purchased me a paperback copy of a Bible called, The Way. During the weeks I stayed home to recover from my suicide attempt I  read that Bible from cover to cover three times in a row, reading all day and night like I couldn’t get enough.  I’m gonna end that  story now and let you know where my life headed from that point.

My grandmother of blessed memory always said, “Charity begins at home”. With that in mind I wish to be charitable to any of my family who may happen upon my website having had no idea of the struggle I’ve not talked about being born an intersexed person. Yes, there are plenty members of my family who don’t know I was born a hermphrodite, XY/XO Mosaic, nor the gender dysphoria I experienced as a result that lead me to make a few changes to live how I feel correct. After my suicide attempt I was inspired by a verse in Yermeyahu 18:4 that says, “But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.” 


Let that Bible verse sink in for minute. It sure did sink into me. It told me it was not fault of my own, but part of God’s plan that I was born into this world in this mess and God was gonna help me reform myself and my mess would be turned into a message, a testimony to other’s of God’s love.

This  bears repeating:  I didn’t have the privilege of growing up with the knowledge of my intersex condition. My mother had me operated on at 8 months of age to get rid of the pseudo vagina and one ovotestis. One viable testicle and a penis remained and I was so sheltered I didn’t know boys were supposed to have two testicles till I was 14. Instead of  growing up knowing of my condition and having the advantage of understanding it, I grew up with confusion and my peers noticing something about me I had not yet noticed. In my primary school years by the time I was in the 3rd grade I understood that for some reason I looked at boys differently than I understood myself. Something automatic inside of me was emotionally attracted to boys and girls were my gender peers, but I  knew the opposite was supposed to be my life.  It wasn’t till puberty arrived that I breathed somewhat of a sigh of relief knowing it wasn’t all in my head. My body was developing more like a girl than a boy with wide hips and butt and breast growth. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I had to hide my breasts because I was supposed to be a boy. Let me tell you, wearing a thick cotton undershirt, then a shirt and a jacket in the heat of summertime so nobody would tease me about my breasts was awful. Fast forward to age 17 when I was introduced to gay bars where  I saw a female impersonator show and knew what  I was. I was like those female impersonators who were going as far to change their bodies to look more female. I can’t believe how ignorant and naive I was to not have ever researched transsexuality before  then. If the toddler transgender movement is any indication I’m sure all kids nowadays know what transgenderism is before they know about the birds and the bees. I have a transsexual experience and history because my intersex condition was hid from me.

Just wanted to put all that out there first and welcome any distant family members to feel at ease about saying they’ve read my website.  I’m happy to discuss and answer questions. I’ve just never felt any need to make my intersex condition the topic of the first conversation I have with people. Nobody else talks about their being born normal so why should I push any discussion of being born different with family or anyone else. Medical histories of people generally are a private thing, right?

Moving along, I wanted to speak to the  CANCEL CULTURE branch of the Transgendered Community that would seek to disregard anything I have to say about Gender Dysphoria and Transsexualism because I was born Intersexed. I wasn’t medically aware of my my intersexed status that my mother hid from me until I was 40 years old. Up until that time all I had was a transgendered experience the very same as many of my transgendered friends. Some people look at the world through eyes that see everything as black or white and that is part of a mental disorder, not reality. 

You have heard the saying that one bad apple can spoil a whole barrel of apples. The longer you allow one bad apple to remain in the barrel the more bad apples you are gonna get. The transgendered movement has generated a lot of bad apples, but let us not throw out the baby with the bath water.  People are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Those who are wise will instruct many. Some of you will recognize those last two sentences and many of you won’t because wide is the path to destruction many will go that way and because narrow is the way to life, few there will be that find it. Many people cannot understand people with gender dysphoria and the more stories they hear about transgender prostitutes and a few weirdo men claiming to be transgendered just to get into female prison’s to rape the inmates the more rooten apples seems to abound and to some the whole transgendered movement is labeled an abomination.  Stop lumping all trans people together and shipping them off to hell for the actions of the bad apples. Some of us live the lives of Saints.

I have been preaching for years that the transgendered movement at it’s foundation is a spiritual movement. The human condition is a mixture of a spiritual being and an animal. Our animal nature can be very dark and thus with have hatred, jealously, envying, strife, murder, wars, etc., etc. The human species is definitely a war-like species. BUT, that is the darkness of the fleshly animal and the flesh will war against the spirit. Those of us who are committed to peace at all costs do pray that humans will allow the light to overcome the darkness. We pray that people will choose peace, loving kindness, and loving their neighbor as hopefully they love their own life and will treat others as they would like to be treated. 

So, back to my message that transgenders are a spiritual movement aimed at revealing to mankind that our souls are who we really are and the body is here today and gone tomorrow cut down like grass and is blown away in the wind. While a body may be born male or female (or intersexed), the soul has no sex or gender. The sex of our body is just a temporary useful tool, a vehicle for the soul to have more experiences in as we reincarnate over and over again working out karmas with others in our soul network. Our soul pop in an out of male and female lives constantly and most of us are completely unaware, but others, generally children will have vivid past life memories that are dropped out of a clear blue sky like rain on unexpecting parents.

There are encyclopedic medical volumes of documented cases of children with verified past life memories where they were taken by researchers to far away places they or their families often times have never even heard of and the child will lead them to a home where they say they used to live and correctly identify every person in the household as their family members, even identifying items of jewelry and the stories behind them. These are 5-year-old children, not coached actors.

As the soul has no sex or gender a fraction of the human population has past life memories or feelings that make them feel like, as in my case, a woman trapped in a man’s body. This is the beauty of the transgendered movement and the gift to the spiritual evolution of mankind that will hopefully make us a less hateful and murderous species. Yes, that bad apples (examples) in the transgendered community are what blinds many people from seeing the good, decent, and moral transgendered individuals who know their place in society and live it with their head held high never trying to replace the female sex being someone who is *living as* a woman. Be proud of what and who you are. Don’t try to hijack someone else’s sex. If you are a male with all the genetic advantages of being born male then don’t you dare enter the sports arena and try to compete against women. You are not a woman.  You are what you are and should be proud of exactly what you are. I’m not saying transsexuals of either gender presentation wear a tattoo on their forehead announcing their status, but I expect humility from those born with the gift and I expect them to be kind and compassionate and moral and to be a teacher to those humans who desperately need to evolve into kinder beings that will love their neighbor as they love themselves.  Ah, but therein lies the trouble! So many people are psychologically traumatized and damaged so much that they hate themselves and they will never be able to love God or other fellow human beings. They wake up angry and grouchy every morning, always find fault with this or that, and are always a complaining negative Nancy.

Okay, I think you all get my main message. Let’s move on…

If I am known for anything, it’s being a truth teller. I’ve always opened my mouth and told the truth, as I know it, no matter who was listening or might be offended by the truth I speak. I don’t say things to hurt people, but I hope my views will give others a chance to do some critical thinking of their own about their lives and many subject. You’ve heard that are two sides to every story, to sides to every coin? Well, my wise grandmother of blessed memory would always say, “There are four sides to every box. Not everything is so black and white”. I hope never to be rigid, bigoted, or fascist in my thinking or actions. I keep and open mind just in case. I will speak from wisdom, but never force my beliefs on anyone. You have to weigh all things in the balance and decide if it is good or bad, light or dark.

My story is, as Lynn Conway says, “A cautionary tale”, about transgenderedism.  We gonna talk about my experiment with what I call living as a Drag King, not what the transgendered community has called a very messy public transition that made world headlines, and has been the subject of documentaries, Variety Magazine reviews, Maury Povich, Entertainment Tonight Inside Edition, and the list goes on.

Let me get one thing out as I shout from the top of my lungs to the transgendered community and those who discriminate against them. Listen up oh Whore of Babylon and your Harlots! The doctrine of demons you teach about reincarnation not being real or from the devil is a load of pagan Roman Catholic Church bullshit. Reincarnation has been FOUNDATIONAL to Judaism forever.  Two councils of Nicea edited, deleted, and forged their way to creating a New Testament of their own.  They couldn’t rewrite the Jewish Torah to incorporate their doctrine of demons, but the poor people who think their’s is a separate religion apart for the religion the Son of G-d was born into are being taught lies by wolves in sheeps clothing. Believing in the Jewish messiah is participating in the Jewish religion, not joining an opposing religion called Christianity.

Open your eyes and see the evil teachings that you have been lead to believe.  Hebrew 9:27 says, “And in as much as it is appointed for men to die once and after this HaMishpat (the judgement) [Yom HaDin=judgement day]”. Oh, my people perish for lack of knowledge! There is a way that seems right to man, but leads to destruction. Lean not to your own understanding and certainly don’t listen to The Whore of Babylon (The Catholic Church) or her Harlots (all the Sunday sabbath keeping Mark of the Beast protestant church’s). Come out of her my people! Awaken now before it’s too late! Your redemption draws close. The moment president Donald J. Trump’s Israeli/Palestine Peace Plan is signed the last 7 years before the return of the Jewish Messiah will begin.  Now some of you will immediately say, “Donald Trump won’t get a peace agreement signed.” Well, you are thinking the wrong way. Take your head out of the sand. It’s not about Donald Trump, but about the G-d who  put someone like Donald Trump in office who will do His will. Donald Trump is merely an instrument G-d is using to bring about his plan before. It’s been 72 years since Israel became a nation again in 1948 and the Bible says that the generation born then will not pass away before all is fulfilled. The clock is ticking. Will you be found in good standing so the Son of G-d will not say to you, “Go away from me you who denies the Torah Law, ye worker of iniquity (lawlessness)! I NEVER KNEW YOU!” You wanna know the truth as best we can know it about G-d and salvation? Email me. As Daniel 11:33 describes me, “Those who are wise will instruct many”. G-d is not a harsh task master, but He instructed us not to follow after the heathen and how they follow their gods, but to do exactly as He tells us. The Son of G-d said, “Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Jewish Law of the Torah till all things are fulfilled”. A doctrine of  demons wants to promote the idea that “all things” were fulfilled by His death and resurrection, but oh, oh, oh, not today Satan! All things fulfilled is simple to  understand if you want to understand it and not try to take the easy way out, the lie the adversary of your soul has created through the teachings of the Whore/Harlot church world!

Let me just say this to the LGBT community… We all reincarnate according to the Jewish religion. We come back as many times as needed to work out karma’s with people from past lives. Many in the gay and trans community simply are experiencing bleed over from their last incarnation when they were a woman, simple as that. I have NEVER in my entire life of 56 years met any gay man who was not effeminate to some measure, even those macho leather guys. Trans want to say they are women trapped in male bodies and feel pushed to relieve this feeling by surgically and hormonally changing and living as women.  This is all fine. We have our issues, but our issues should never be to disrespect other’s birth conditions, i.e. those born as biological women. “Trans women”,as some call themselves, do not replace and are not equal to biological women. Let us all respect and love each other for the gifts of birth we have. Trans people are in fact a spiritual movement to instruct mankind in these last days to show all of humanity that the soul has no sex or gender, but has memories contained within it from every life lived as male or female. As the Bible verse I referenced above says, “It is appointed once for man to die and then the judgement”….understanding it correctly means the man (the body) lives for one soul reincarnation at a time, it dies off and then the soul is judged in a life review. The Whore/Harlot system teaches against Judaism that reincarnation is of the devil so they can control their people with their doctrine of demons of a place called hell where souls will suffer for eternity. Lies, lies, lies! All lies.  Jewish people understand this and they have tried to educate people, but you see what that got them. Satan raised up Hitler with the his final solution to rid the world of every Jew.

Okay, let’s move on.  You can email me. 

Hello! My name is Judy Lee Josefin Hall-Kirchner and I created this website in April of 2004 before websites like GoFundMe existed. I got the idea for this website from the American talk show of Montel Williams where a guest  had created a website called www.HelpMeDivorceMyHusband.com. FYI, donations to assist me reversing my sexchange were managed by a third party organization and paid out directly to surgeons.  I never saw a penny of the donations collected.

This website now serves as a way to assist others who may be considering transition, feel they have had surgical/hormonal procedures in error and wish to return to living naturally as their birth sex. This website is not anti-transgender or anti-homosexual, but is is against people being misdiagnosed and treated with surgeries and hormones that are revealed later to be a mistake. My personal goal is to help individuals avoid getting irreversible surgeries too quickly before the correct psychological care can be implemented to help a person discover the true origins of their gender dysphoric feelings. There is the old question of nature or nurture. In many cases it truly can be a bit of both.  I’ve seen too many suicides of trans people when they feel their transition was a mistake and their changes are irreversible. I’m here to help. Suicide is not the answer.  Let’s talk about your situation. I have been there and done that. Anything I haven’t done in this lifetime is only because I haven’t had time cause I’ve been busy getting other things done. 

My return to living as male was precipitated by the death of my grandmother the month before starting this website.  Her  passing left me feeling like part of me had died. It’s like we shared a soul.  She was my role model. I do not think it was any accident of the Universe that she could work circles around three men, yet put on a dress and a little makeup and be the belle of the ball. It was only later in life at age 40 my grandmother revealed my mother wanted to give me up when I was born and my grandmother wouldn’t allow that to happen and she took me for the first three months of my life until my mother decided to take me home with her. So, you see, the mother-child bond was made with my grandmother. Her passing precipitated part of me dying too. I’d said years before her death, “When you are gone you may as well dig a hole next to you and throw me in because there will be nothing left for me in this world”.  I really didn’t know how truly prophetic that statement was. My life as Judy Kirchner was beginning to end. She was dying of a broken heart from many life disappointments, but losing the most important person in my life was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The month after my grandmother passed, my pet dog of 16 years passed away. Thirty-seven days later her mate passed. The cockatiel I’d given my grandmother that was the single hatchling of the parents I’d had as pets in high school passed. In October my third dog passed. I buried all my pets in the backyard of my South Dakota home. While still deeply grieving those losses 6 months later my father passed away. Now I was truly alone with the exception of some very distant cousins.

Skipping forward 15 years my therapist feels my transition from Judy to living as Josef was a result of dissociation. I retreated into a male existence because I knew I could. Starting testosterone helped me grieve less by making me less emotional. Josef on testosterone was much stronger and able to dissociate from all the grieving of 6 deaths within the space of a year. The dissociating had been predicted by my own comment of my life not being worth living after the death of my grandmother, but I didn’t put it all together till I’d gone through it all and was able to examine things in hindsight with the help of my therapist. The quote “Physician, heal thyself” comes to mind. With all the learning in the world it’s hard to be a physician to yourself. It’s the reason why when becoming a psychologist it is required you have a therapist.

It is my belief that there are many types of transgender people on a sliding scale. That scale includes a wide spectrum of gender dysphoric people beginning with the transvestite, crossdresser, drag queen, gender non-binary, transsexual and intersexed (hermaphrodite).  I understood myself to be what the trans community defines as a “true transsexual”. I believed this too until I was 40 years old and asked my primary physician to start me on testosterone therapy because I really wasn’t female, but had been born male and wanted to return to living as male. He didn’t believe my story and asked to do a chromosome test to form a baseline for treatment. When my results came back and my doctor reveal to me I was XY/XO intersexed I was in shock, but would not be detoured from my resolve to return to living as male. 

Now, I want to dig into the meat of my position on transgenderism.  If you do not believe that human bodies host something called a soul then you may as well hit the the exit button now as you may not find anything of value here as I believe the soul is the real person, like a computer hard drive that can be removed and transferred to another computer. The soul inhabits many bodies and is the real person not the human shell they dwell in for just one of many lifetimes . I believe we are souls who also live without the benefit of residing in human bodies. The souls of all our departed loved ones have left those bodies, but are still with us, just in another dimension that is still accessible by people like psychic medium Theresa Caputo. Many have had what are called Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and have verified previous reincarnated lifetimes through past life regression therapy.  I have to share one such case of a woman who currently lives in England by the name of Jenny Cockell who actually sought out the children she gave birth to in a past reincarnation that were still living in Ireland. The children believed beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jenny was indeed their mother reincarnated as she knew too many things about their lives, and their former home that was now in ruins. Time after time they confirmed her as their mother by finishing each other’s questions like, “Do you remember when…..?”.  Here’s one of her YouTube video interviews that include her children from her past reincarnation. I predict this video and testimony of the children will make a believer out of you.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snnmlqz_UCc

If you are still reading did you know that a soul had no sex or gender? Souls inhabit many different bodies while working out issues that some call Karmas. You may have had many lives in many male or female bodies. What the transgendered movement could be doing is helping humanity realize this and that some male to female transgenderism is simply a matter a reincarnation bleed over from a last life lived as female. The same goes for male homosexuality.  There people who attempt transgenderism because of childhood abuse. These people are often more quickly weeded out, but not all before they make permanent irreversible changes to their bodies. Avoiding regret due to being uninformed or misinformed is my goal. The trans community promotes a lot of misinformation that inspires people to quickly transition. We must ask ourselves what is it that inspires people to want to physically transition so quickly?

In 2005 I did what the transgendered movement calls a “detransition” after living most of my life “as” female. I lived 20+ years in the female role prior to detransitioning to living “as” male.  People are into labels that put us into boxes so I prefer to call these transitions a “continuance of change”. In other words, I’m no longer buying into the hypnotizing nonsensical vocabulary created by the transgendered movement. Using words like “transition” and “detransition”, or “retransition” may serve a purpose, but they are polorizing and political and not very compassionate so I like to not to use them when possible. My goal in having this website is to hopefully prevent those experiencing gender dysphoria from prematurely seeking out cross sex hormones and disfiguring surgeries that can permanently change their bodies. Considering thousands of transgendered peoples across the world are detransitioning do you want to be one of those who later comes to a place of realization too little too late and regret the permanent surgical mutilation of healthy body parts?

For 21+ years I lived as this fully post-operative male to female transgendered person pictured below.

                                                 2004                              1997

I felt that I was no longer living my truth, but I was living a lie so I continued to evolve, but with this evolution I rejected the binary system and instead of trying to be something I wasn’t I became what I always was and had always been–a blending of binary sexes, the so-called genders, sort of like God (if one believes in such a concept) that holds within “Himself” the attributes of both male and female.  I was born XY/XO chromosome pattern making me a pseudo hermapthrodite. At 8 months of age I had surgery to close up what looked like a vagina and bring down my undescended testicles, one of them being removed being deemed possibly cancerous as it had developed somewhere between a testicle and an ovary known as an ovotestis.

During my 21 plus year journey I had begun to realize transgenderism in part was a reactive survival mechanism based in poor thinking, but living that lifestyle gave me time and space to unravel how I got there and how it birthed my desire to return to a more natural state. Now, I speak about my journey in hopes of preventing someone else of making a similar mistake where they permanently mutilate a perfectly healthy body before their psychological illness of gender dysphoria can be alleviated without the medieval methods suggested by WPATH. Yes, I’m comparing the transgender treatments of chopping off body parts to cure a mental illness to the medieval practice of draining a person’s body of blood as a way to alleviate a multitude of ailments. Bloodletting, as the practice was known, was used to cure everything from headaches, to diseases, to demonic possession. The medical community once swore by bloodletting to cure a multitude of ills.  I imagine it may have even been used on those who revealed their gender dysphoric torment back in day as well. That will be a good scene for the movie version, right? Nowadays, they have kinder methods of trying to cure transgenderism like trying to cast out the demon of transgenderism in churches through prayer, intimidation, and shunning. Yes, while I’m not happy with the transgender community, my scorched earth policy will not spare the religious either. The religious world has had centuries of it’s own sins. Protestant Christians are still killing Catholics and visa versa. The trans community promotes a lot of misinformation about transitioning and does not promote troubled men or women to fully examine their lives to find the real causes for the gender dysphoria.  They shoot up into the sky like rockets or speeding trains to their final destination of sexchange paradise, but then when they finally have afforded themselves time to relax and breathe they begin to more closely examine their true motivations for transition and they find out too little and too late that transition could have been avoided if they’d had the tools to embrace their birth gender.  

What does one do if they feel their gender change was a mistake? Do they return to a more natural state of living like I did or like Rene Jax does one continue to live in the female role as a mtf transsexual?

In 2009 the NoH8 (No Hate) campaign was founded. It basically came to an end in 2016 when people involved with the NoH8 campaign began to hate the newly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump, and anybody who dared to say any positive word about him. The human species is known for it’s hate, not it’s love, and that needs to change. Instead of committing blanket hate on Donald Trump, be supportive of those things he is doing to keep The Leading Country of the free world alive and thriving so the rest of the world can live better. When America thrives, all other countries thrive. When America suffers economically, it’s like a domino effect and all other countries soon follow suit. The things you do not agree with concerning Donald Trump try your best to work with him to perhaps win him over to your side with kindness because you will never do it with hate. For all his failings he truly is a good man at his heart who actually loves gay and transgendered people. He has for many decades been supportive of gay and transgendered people. Then he entered the political arena and the waters became clouded, but he is still no against the LGBT community. My Grandmother’s advice on dealing with people, “You attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”.

I guess after saying all the seemingly pro-Trump stuff I gotta explain that. Out of all the candidates I’d vote for Elizabeth Warren for reparations to descendants of slavery. Bernie Sanders would get my vote for healthcare. Donald Trump would get my vote for the economy. I explain Donald Trump this way:  If someone offered you a million dollars, but it was covered in shit would you take it? I’d take it and load it in a washing machine, after all wouldn’t we do the same with the nappies of our baby we love? Hmm…

A documentary movie was made in 2015 called Planetary. For just .99 cents you can rent and watch this documentary at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/planetary I ask you to watch it as it was created without hate before the influences of the 2016 election. I ask you to view this documentary as it will bring you to a place of peace, love, and connectedness with all humans, all life, and our planet that we must stop neglecting and actively destroying. Ask yourself, what is it that pulls us away from sitting with the pain of what we have done and what we are doing to this planet? Of what we have done and what we are doing to each other that is so destructive?

You learn a lot of things from decades of personal experience on this planet dealing with humanity.  What I have realized from my own little corner of this world is that people like myself that are born feeling like we have a natural emotional romantic attraction to our own sex are most likely dealing with a reincarnation issue. Unless you are already on board with souls migrating to thousands of different bodies then you will only see what I just said as homophobia. I tell you this in love right now that I know same sex attraction, and feeling like you are the opposite sex of the one you were born, are one in the same condition, a result of being a female reincarnated into a male body.  You say you don’t believe that way and what I believe is bullshit? Well, remember those great scientists who were burned at the stake for promoting truth like the Earth is round, not flat.

I know many of you will think that I’m transphobic and homophobic because you think that reincarnation negates the “born that way” theory when the opposite is true. You must consider that mainstream science tries to reconstruct a jigsaw puzzle with only a few pieces that are there. Scientists are too anxious to fit what pieces they have together and throw away the pieces that just don’t fit at the moment. They draw huge conclusions without really seeing all the evidence. Preconceived notions cause a lot of scientists to overlook valuable data. The scientific community is often too quick to find answers when they should be asking more questions. Science has built a house, it’s called the standard model, and this house has some big holes in it’s walls, and they just hang paintings over these holes. Science is far too quick to put a period at the end of a sentence. It’s not only scientists that are too quick the consider all the evidence, but it’s also the average human beings that we come into contact every day that have their own personal agenda’s or ideologies that will refuse to see things in light of the experiences of another person. Let’s also not forget that many scientists are funded by grants from people with an agenda. How many of our greatest discoveries were by scientists who were burned at the stake because their ideas were seen as heretical or blasphemous by a select few people? I have a lot of people who try to cancel me or my message because they hate and do not want to believe in reincarnation. When do we as a species learn to be supportive of things that help others instead of wanting to kill the messenger that we may not fully agree with?

I feel that most of the transgendered movement has been programmed to buy into a gender binary system where you must be one sex or the other otherwise they wouldn’t be trying so hard to fit into that binary system by changing from one sex to the other. They have this hierarchy that says if you don’t go for a full sexchange then you are just some kind of strange transvestite or something. They want others to feel like being something in between the sexes is wrong. 

Only now after 50 years of life can I say how blessed I was to have been born intersexed.  I was born with an XY/XO chromosome pattern, but I was never told about it until I decided to detransition. At one year of age a couple surgical procedures fixed my genitalia to look like a normal boy. I am very well adjusted in myself to understand I am not my physical body. I’m not longer on that ego trip. I don’t care if I look male or female, or if I look like an elephant! The only thing that matters really is who I am on the inside and the reflection of what is on the inside comes out to others as love, kindness, compassion, and respect. 

Transgenderedism is not a cure for the mental illness that gender dysphoric people suffer from. To be frank, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Nothing is really changed. For certain, your sex is never changed. It’s only poorly disguised with God knows how many surgeries and the help of cross-sex hormones. I know that sounds repetitive, but sometime you need to hammer some concepts before they get thought about.

The trans movement wants to promote the ridiculous and ill informed idea that there is a mythical creature called “The True Transsexual”. By all accounts I was it. In only one way will I use the term as to describe those transgendered people who do not have underlying psychological issues that lead them to reject their birth sex, for example, some children may be psychologically abused by a parent who wishes they’d had a child of the opposite sex. A true transsexual I would understand has no underlying psychological issues other than feeling they were somehow born into the wrong body.

Medical quackery, the trans movement, the media, and people like Lynn Conway who promote so-called “transsexual successes” must accept their share of the blame for taking advantage of the vulnerable mentally ill. I personally have known quite a few of the people Lynn Conway promotes as transsexual successes and believe me, to know them personally is to know what hellish lives they are living outside of Lynn Conway’s deceptively biased and glowing reports of transsexual success. Just because someone pushes themselves to be successful doesn’t mean they are happy. So many so-called successful people from all walks of life have committed suicide because they were desperately unhappy with their life. 

Just when you thought the transgender movement was as deluded as it could get the insanity deepens. Did you know that within the crazy fucked up trans movement there are women who were born biological women that reject their god-given vagina’s and want to go through surgery to remove all their female parts and then have an artificially constructed vagina installed so they can be “trans women” just the same way as men become trans women with a fake vagina? I know it will take a minute for you to wrap your head around that one and even believe it’s true, but believe me it’s true. It’s just another cross section of the wacky transgender movement. They believe themselves to be male to female transsexuals trapped in biologically normal female bodies and have surgeries to make themselves like male to female transsexuals. If that isn’t mental illness I don’t know what is.

I don’t want people to get the wrong impression that I’ve been reduced to a feckless, angry, mutilated, freak hiding out from society in an isolated cabin in the woods or something. That freakish monster I became finally got his head screwed back on straight and righted his boat as best as possible. On the other side of the coin there is balance. I am still the same outgoing, happy-go-lucky, optimistic person I’ve always tried to be that wants to inspire and help others in spite of the challenges I’ve had in this lifetime.  I must brag a bit. Since my detransition I married, became a father, and had penis transplant surgery. I guess some might look at my situation and find it unacceptable, but I’m a happier, more positive person, contributing more to my fellow man now than ever in my lifetime. My natural life has been restored to the best of my ability. Every day continues to be brighter!

Here’s where I began talking about what this transgendered phenomenon is really all about. Firstly, let me rule out those people who were deeply psychologically abused and used transgenderism as a means to escape who they are, the person they came to hate due to psychological abuse.

If there ever was a real thing such as a “true transsexual” that suffers from gender dysphoria it is a reincarnation bleed over phenomenon. I know many people reading this just scoffed at the idea that transgenderedism is a reincarnation issue. That’s okay. For some is may very well not be a reincarnation issue because some are not really suffering from genuinely feeling like they are trapped in the wrong body. Alarmingly, many who thought themselves to be trans simply have deep psychological problems stemming from abuse and it has nothing to do with feeling like you were born the wrong sex. So, for those people you need to unravel the abuse and I suggest reparenting therapy. For those who genuinely feel that some cosmic error was made and it’s as if a female soul got deposited into a male body by mistake then take heed to my words.

If the so-called mtf “true transsexual” understands reincarnation he can heal his life of debilitating gender dysphoria that is caused by a previous female life reincarnation bleed over to a male body. To a lesser or greater extent he who does not believe in reincarnation will suffer gender dysphoria  for the rest of his days. One must learn the difference between healing from a loss, and grieving a loss. Healing is finite a process. Grieving is a process we measure by a lifetime. Let me know if you need more explanation on how that relates to the grieving detransitioned person.

There is no miracle cure for gender dysphoria, but understanding it as a reincarnation situation provides the easiest way to put gender dysphoria into the correct perspective so you can put the worst of gender dysphoria behind you and move forward with your natural life. The alternative is to succumb to gender dysphoria and turn yourself into a transsexual sideshow freak that is always screaming to society, “I am NOT animal!”

It is important to understand that not everyone who wants to lay claim to the title of gender dysphoria are classically what we’d call gender dysphoric. Some simply are rejecting their birth sex due to self-hatred often stemming from childhood abuse. These individuals are suffering from escapism, not true gender dysphoria.

One must understand that the soul is a repository of memories from many lifetimes spent as male or female and the soul itself has no sex or gender like the body does. In that respect you might ask why we all don’t suffer from gender dysphoria and desire sexchange operations.  That would be a simplistic question that someone who doesn’t understand reincarnation may ask. We chose the lives we reincarnate into for the elevation of our souls.  Specifically having a cross-sex bleed over from a past life is a choice, not something that accidently happens. We plan it ahead of time.

Recovering from gender dysphoria doesn’t mean all the heartache will be diminished. Gender dysphoric people will say they feel like they were born into the wrong body. Fact, you will never be a woman like your heart really desires, so why set yourself up for suicidal disappointment by going through a wreckless transition to freak status? It’s better to thoughtfully avoid transition all together and for those who’s desire it is to detransition your attempt of becoming the unbecomable will forever haunt you. Memories in any life are always precious, but memories of another life are hauntingly precious. I’ve been detransitioned fully for 15 years as of 2019 and while I know I will never again make the mistake to live a transgender lifestyle there are still the pangs that stem from the real woman I was in a previous reincarnation that bleed through once in a while that allow me to appreciate the beauty of being born into the right body and the reasons behind it.


You have heard that LGBT comprises 10% of human society. That percentile is rising and will continue to rise as the continued evolution of reincarnated humanity requires us to embrace our souls that have no gender, only memories of gender from past reincarnations into human bodies. 

I came to my senses returning to my male birth sex in 2005. I’m one of the rare survivors of the trans genocidal killing machine. Those promoting the transgender movement don’t seem to realize that promoting transgenderism has taken more lives by suicide than lives it has improved. The reported suicide numbers are near 60%. How many people have attempted, but not been reported? 

Just so you can be sure I’m the real deal you can verify my identity in two documentaries done about my detransition at:  MSNBC Docuseries Born in The Wrong Body: Change of Heart  (11/2019 it was reported the video at the link wouldn’t play and I’ve contacted MSNBC about fixing it),  and Almost Myself by Tom Murray. I’ve made many other television appearances, but I don’t wanna take up more space listing each media appearance on here.

A quick Internet search of my name will bring up countless links confirming my identity and the authenticity of this website, but don’t get lost out there on the web reading lies posted by the angry trans community about me. As well, the liberal Fake News media has twisted my story to pump up their ratings. Come here for the facts straight from the horse’s mouth.

I began this website in 2004 to push back on the lies the transgender community promotes about the phenomenon of transgenderism. Millions of people around the world are being drawn into this Fake News transgender catch-all movement and they are being psychologically and physically harmed for life in most cases and that is what I’m trying to prevent.  

Transgenders just don’t suffer from one mental disorder. They suffer from a dog pile of mental disorders that should legally prevent them from the dangerous use of cross-sex hormones and permanently damaging surgeries, but we live in fucked up world now seemingly void of common sense. Famous transsexual regretter Dr. Rene Richards has warned people at length how gender dysphoric people need to be locked up in mental institutions to prevent self harm until they can recover from their many delusions that make them feel like a sexchange operation is the answer to all their troubles.

The 2nd wave of the transgender movement (the trans kids movement), may end up passing better physically, but down deep inside they will end up the same because they will be left with the same curious genitals any adult transitioner gets. They are forever trapped into constantly being reminded they are a freak.  People will only see them as freaks no matter how passable they become on the outside. In the end it’s all about honesty. The desire to live out your transgender truth backfires on you because you know it is wrong to deceive others about your true sex. That’s the understanding that is the undoing for the transgendered.

We shouldn’t discriminate against these confused people, but at the same time we must do something compassionate to help them not make the biggest mistake of their life. 

This trans affirmative movement is selling snake oil. You get but one sex  for a lifetime, the one you are born with. Freakish surgeries don’t change your sex, they just provide a very poor disguise. Eventually, all transgenders wake up and realize the mistake they made. They realize how they were pushed to take a perfectly acceptable body and turn it forever into a freak show that will never be accepted by normal people. Forgive me if you think my next words are vulgar, but who wants to suck a grotesque fake dick or fuck a creepy looking fake pussy unless they have a freaky fetish for such bizarre things? You get one perfect body and once you’ve mutilated it you are stuck with your mistake forever.

There is a painful reality these gender dysphoric people can’t seem to escape, that reality being the sex they somehow have a sense they are does not match their body. These severely mentally disturbed people are taken advantage of by a for profit transgender medical industry that includes gender affirmative psychotherapists on the take, endocrinologists prescribing dangerous cross-sex hormones, and those gender affirmation surgeons who amputate unwanted healthy male and female body parts and replace them with mutilated monstrosities they call sexchange operations. There is no such thing as changing ones sex. You can only create a surgical disguise that looks like horribly unnatural genitalia. 

It’s not that I’m anti-transgender, but due to an 80% regret rate for people who fall into the transgender identity trap, what I’m promoting is intervention before they get to a point where they fuck themselves up and then may feel like the only way out of their mistake is to suicide. Finding out why transition wasn’t the best choice for you after the fact is the leading cause of a 60% suicide rate for transgenders.

There may as well not be any gatekeepers because you can purchase cross-sex hormones on the Internet without a prescription or easily on the street. There are plenty of surgeons around the world willing to do transgender procedures with no gatekeeping. In Thailand surgeons employ their own quack mental health teams that will say the patient is of sound mind to understand the risks of the surgery they request and that is all that is needed to let the surgeon off the hook. They don’t care about curing the gender dysphoric, they just want to get rich off them.

I hate to tell you, but the sad truth about this phenomenon it that it’s near impossible to detect whether transition is right for you until you have actually passed the point of no return. The WPATH standards of care for transgender individuals are a joke. I passed the point of no return in 1988 when I completed the full male to female transition with Genital Remodeling Surgery (GRS) to make my former very healthy penis look and function like a female vagina. I wish I had understood what the real causes of gender dysphoria was before beginning transition and I would have avoided the hellish nightmare of trying to become something that was virtually impossible. There is no such thing as changing your sex.  You can only mask it with an elaborate hormonal and surgical disguise. Disguises are meant to be temporary, not permanent and this is where the transsexual falls deeper into insanity.

Due to the influence of misguided, militant transgenders, and the greedy, unethical medical community that worship$ them I lost a lot. I lost a lot of time pursuing relationships with men. As “faux-female” I was married three times.  I divorced my first husband because I didn’t want him ever finding out I’d hid my transsexual secret from him. I hope he never found out through the media. My second marriage ended after my husband, Paul Barnett, committed adultery. My third marriage was to a physically abusive man who died. I was engaged one more time to a guy named Mike Gohn who shocked the hell out of me and became a post-op mtf Miranda Gohn.  I never married again while living as MTF. 

When I first detransitioned in 2005 I gained instant (unwanted) global celebrity status from my many television appearances and two documentaries that were made about my transgender experiences. I had no idea that a story about a detransitioning transsexual would be so popular. I simply had wanted to tell my story to help others and I had no idea it would turn me into me being easily recognized in public by fans of my work.  In my former career as a nurse I was all about helping others and that was just who I was. More than a career, it was about ministering to others and caring deeply about their wellbeing. Nothing has changed. I’m still a caring nurse at heart when ministering to those who are in a place where I once was without answers. I never sought fame, but it was a result of being fearless and putting myself out there to help others. Because of the fame however, it’s enabled me to reach so many people who desperately need to hear my message of healing.

While preparing for detransition in 2004 my highschool sweetheart reconnected with me. She had left a bad marriage and was finally free to find herself. Part of finding herself was finding me again. It was like a miracle that we reconnected. We slowly caught up on the facts of our lives over the last couple decades. We met face to face again in 2012 and in 2014 we married. We are proud parents thanks to in vitro fertilization. Wanting to keep my new life out of the media, and for the sake of the children, we changed out names and moved out of the USA.

As At this point I want to quickly address the claim of biological underpinnings for transgenderism. I want to tell you about a lady named Natalie Sudman who was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. She had a near death experience and before she returned to her body to continue her earthly life she had to choose which fatal injuries would be healed in her body so she could return to it. If her soul host body can be healed so she could return to then it’s not a leap faith to know that people like transgenders can purposely be born with conditions like my own chromosome pattern that forced my hand down a path that was trying to teach me there is no such thing as a male soul or female soul, but our souls have memories of the male and female bodies we have lived in. In the case of transgenders and homosexual males who feel they were born this way, they are just dealing with having been a female in their past life and they currently struggle with being a woman born into a male body. If only transgenders could realize this they could become great guru’s of enlightenment for humans living in darkness.  Their lives have so much potential that they squander with a self-induced insanity by wrongly believing themselves to be transgender.

Mistakes come with a cost, but at least detransitioned you will now have a life that feels  genuine instead of everyday feeling like a frightening Halloween that never ends. You deserve to feel happy in your body and if that means you are truly happy as a transgender then I’m happy for you as long as you aren’t one of an alarming epidemic number of transgender pedophile cases showing up in the news nearly every day. Why is it that pedophilia and transgenderism is so common? Some have said there is a connection between the sexual undesirability of being transgender.

Transgenderism is a mental disorder that should be treated like an addiction. Once someone drinks from the poison cup of transgender theory, they become drunk on the wine of misconception and become a trans-aholic. Some say it’s a mental disorder that is contagious.  The marketing package is so glossy and slick that even non-gender dysphoric people have become willing converts suddenly believing they too are transsexual. It is sometimes called Rapid Onset Transgenderism. 

An alarming majority of transgenders are dangerous people drawn to lives of crime to support their lifestyle, many of them being convicted child sex offenders, pedofiles, drug dealers, prostitutes, and a large number are in prison for murder.  There is a website that keeps track of these transgender people who commit horrible crimes at https://www.WomenAreHuman.com

The transgender pandemic is going to continue unless good people take a stand to try to help these mentally disturbed people before they hurt themselves or others. All it takes for evil to take over is for good people to stand by and do nothing while evil triumphs. Good people have stood by feeling helpless for too long because nothing has seemed to work to cure these individuals. If you don’t truly understand the phenomenon then how do you expect to cure gender dysphoria?

With few exceptions, every transsexual will tell you that their earliest childhood memories are plagued with feelings they can’t seem to shake that they should have been born a girl. They say they feel that they are a female trapped in a male body. Is there any validity to this claim that they feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body? The answer is yes if you understand this to be a reincarnation bleed over issue.

The Judeo-Christian religion has done a great disservice to the LGBT community and humanity in general.  Reincarnation is foundational to Judaism, but reincarnation went from being mainstream to back burner in Judaism over the past 2000 years.  Two Christian Nicaean Councils further muddied the waters by removing all direct references to reincarnation when deciding which stories would be included in the New Testament writings. Thankfully they missed a few places where Jesus spoke about reincarnation in the New Testament.  Are you Jewish or Christian and don’t believe in reincarnation? Here’s a good link on Biblical reincarnation to get you started on “Seeking the truth that will make you free” https://www.near-death.com/reincarnation/history/judaism.html

Dr. Ian Stevenson documented thousands of cases of children who had reincarnation memories.  The focus of his research was to find where reincarnation and biology intersect.  Specifically he only researched cases where there were birth marks or other physiological manifestations that connected the child to the previous lifetime. An example pertinent to this discussion would be the rare case when we think it is simply nature alone that causes a child to be born with intersexed chromosomes that may or may not lead to intersexed reproductive organs.

You miss the point if you don’t know that the transgender phenomenon is given to us as a gift from God (so to speak) to enlighten us.  Our souls are neither male nor female and these bodies are just a temporary teaching tool used to help us go a level higher.  Those who have ears to hear let him hear. Don’t get too hung up on my usage of the word “God” that replaces “I AM that I AM“,  common English translation of the Hebrew phrase אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh  – also “I am who I am”, “I am what I am” or “I will be what I will be” or even “I create what(ever) I create”. The traditional English translation within Judaism favors “I will be what I will be” because there is no present tense of the verb “to be” in the Hebrew language. No one knows what God is–could simply be some power that holds the universe together or could be some extra terrestrial being, who knows? I AM that I Am is not a great explanation. 

The Sumerian tablets are the oldest written history we have on this planet that predates all religions by many, many thousands of years and in fact Judaism plagiarized many of it’s writings from the Sumerian tablets.  The tablets record that the created humans mistook advanced beings visiting from outside our planet for gods and religion was born. Reincarnation of souls into new bodies is something that came from advanced beings before religion existed. Only thousands of years later religions were formed and some added reincarnation to the pillars of their faith. I’m trying to wrap this up cause I know this has been a long read, but please just bear with me for a wee bit longer. If you want to have a telephone conversation where I can fill in the details I’m happy to do that. I have a WhatsApp account that keeps me connect to people all over the world.

May I ask that you watch a video from 2013 of a woman named Jenny Cockell who as a young girl remembered her most recent past life and actually searched out her living children from her past life and they became fully convinced Jenny was indeed their mother reincarnated. I request those who don’t believe in reincarnation to watch it because it makes a very convincing case. View at your leisure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PieZfAdIa8

Let me be clear about transgenderism. While there are many people that will take the live and let live attitude and support your right to live anyway you want, the fact remains that you are turning yourself into an obvious target for haters. Putting your life in danger is not a great idea.  The fact remains that you are changing a normal body into a circus sideshow attraction and no amount of activism or acceptance is gonna mean shit when you someone you care about gets murdered or commits suicide because of their transgender status. A life lost. Why? Why not work through your dysphoric issues and learn to love and accept the body you agreed to for a reason in this reincarnated lifetime without turning yourself into a freak show? I know I’m speaking in a way that those who are already converted will understand. Other’s will have stopped reading long ago. I say again though, why create the life of a circus sideshow freak when you could make your life better and rid yourself of these transgender compulsions brought on by reincarnation carryover?

BTW, I thought I’d add a couple of pictures of the past here. These are pictures of MY past. I look at the pictures here and can hardly believe them. I get sad when I look at them because I was truly a good person I was then as now. I didn’t need to kill my MTF self off, and it’s sad to see that person I once knew and others once knew. I didn’t detransition to hurt anybody, but to make my life happier. Originally, I never wanted to tell anyone my transgender secret. My first husband never knew my transgender secret, and I even had family members who didn’t know I was transgender. It’s a shame it was all a case of mistaken identity based on memory carryovers from a previous reincarnation. 

Before you go, watch this video on Youtube of a speech given by one of the doctors who was partly responsible to creating the whole transsexual phenomenon Dr. Quentin Van Meter ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mtQ1geeD_c )  He worked with the team at John Hopkins Hospital in the U.S.A. where the whole transsexual epidemic started and later spread to the rest of the world through word of mouth and then exploded on the Internet.  Dr. Van Meter had a change of heart based on his own work with transsexuals and real peer reviewed studies an is now falsely labeled an anti-transsexual activist. 

I am but one of many voices that the militant pro-transsexual movement would like to shut down.  If I were just one voice that might be a different story, but there is a tsunami of many voices now speaking out about being lead down a primrose path by a misguided pro-transsexual movement and the greedy, unethical, so-called medical experts that promote their movement. 

The cure for gender dysphoria requires no money. You can simply just research reincarnation and find out who you really are and then the confusion and masquerade will fade. Some may continue transition, some may drop out. There is no requirement. Adults can do whatever they want to modify their bodies. Just don’t demand your way into places where you know you really don’t belong like safe places for women. You have a specific place in society.  You need to know your place and stay there. Transgenders have had a good run, but the tables are now turning. It’s time for real healing.

I’ll be adding to and updating my writings on this website as the Universe gives me the nudge. Feel feel to reach out whether you want to send hate mail or love mail to the email address above. My blog pages have what appears to be a comments section available, but I have deactivated them even though it still allows you to leave a comment. Sorry, I never view them or respond to them as I prefer emails  🙂