You may have come to this website today because you or someone you know claims to have something called Gender Identity Disorder (GID). This is a mental disorder similar to a learned behavioral disorder. There are basically two kinds of men who get diagnosed with GID before having a sexchange operation, the homosexual male that feels too feminine to continue living as male, and the heterosexual male who actually suffers from something called autogynephilia.  The transgender community will take issue with these two types of transsexual, but take it from me, someone who has personally known thousands of transsexuals in my lifetime and they have always without exception fallen into one of these two categories. Autogynephilia is a most disputed term by the transsexual community, but believe me, I know many, many Autogynephiles and they fit Ray Blanchard’s definition perfectly.

You may be concerned for this person you know that is trans or if you are a trans person you may be feeling some apprehension that something is amiss and perhaps you are not as happy as you think you should be with your decisions. Where does one go to have a conversation or dialog with other people who’ve been through this process and are not feeling as happy as they hoped or at peace with their sense of gender? This is the website that started it all back in 2004. Judy Kirchner, a male to female 20 year post-operative individual who felt the whole trans experience was disingenuine started this website to help others who wanted to return to living as their natural birth sex. This website is a chronical of “her” journey and the journey of others. The Dr. Harry Benjamin Standards of Care for the transsexual patient were created with the hope they would provide guidance for the medical community treating those who report to be suffering from being born into a body that doesn’t reflect the sex they feel they are in their mind. More often than not members of the trans community will tell you it is they who have to educate their doctors about the appropriate treatments and introduce them to the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. The transgender community is very well aware of what they want and the avenues they need to travel to get what they want. There are many websites that will instruct you on all the right things to say to medical providers to get approval for cross gender treatments. What happens when someone begins to loose confidence that living as the opposite sex is the answer to their gender dysphoria and they’ve made what may be permanent changes to their bodies? Are you stuck living with the changes you’ve made and perhaps now regret? The answer is no and there is hope for the hurting. This website is written by those who, in many cases, went through the full sexchange process only to later return to their original sex presentation and have done so happily without becoming a suicide statistic. Hopefully, through the information you find in this website you or a loved one will find the peace and happiness they are seeking to live with a feeling of wholeness in their body and mind.