A Case of Mistaken Identity and Roadmap for Recovery

Update:  10 September 2019  ~ Saved to 10 September 2019

Hello! I’m Josef Kirchner, a physically recovered male to female transsexual now living naturally as a male again. I lived as a female for nearly 20 years of my life, and 15 years later I am living with the battle scars.

Though the topic of transsexual recovery has been floated about by quite a few who wish to pull the mask off of the transsexual misconception, many still lack knowledge on this issue.  This is what makes real recovery difficult, if not impossible, for some people. 

I’ve heard countless stories of transsexuals/crossdressers/transvestites who purge their female clothing to return to living as male only to relapse to the mud like a pig. Such is the cycle of addiction without the tools for recovery!  Transgenderism is a mental illness that should be treated like an addiction. An addiction to a life that is not genuinely your own. I called it reincarnation past life overlap. Before you laugh or say you don’t believe in reincarnation, hear me out.

Before I delve into the cure for transgenderism let me say take one short paragraph for a related issue and then back to the program. Some of you may have come to this page because you believe allowing young children to transition is child abuse. You cannot stand idly by and not change the laws to protect children from this kind of abuse or you have blood on your hands. These are children being pushed to suicide. I say more about this subject a few paragraphs down when I speak of the transsexual child celebrity Jazz Jennings (not his real name).

The response of the transgender community to any individual claiming recovery is the person was never really transsexual at all and that is because most transgenders have bought into the ridiculous concept that something called a true transsexual actually exists. The concept of “true transsexual” is part of the mental illness.  All you have to do is believe you are Napoleon Bonaparte and magically you are!

The transgender movement creates terms like “transgender woman” when the fact is the person is a male who imagines themself to be a female whether or not they have had hormonal or surgical treatments. Imagining yourself to be female doesn’t make you one, nor afford you any benefits of being a female. Presenting as a female in an elaborate hormonal and surgical disguise doesn’t make you a woman. It makes you a joke.

I began this website in 2004 when there weren’t many recovery resources for transsexual regretters. I try to be a voice for the voiceless–transsexual regretters that commited suicide, and those regretters who live in the shadows afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals from the violent trans community. Just last year in 2018 another person I knew who was trans died of suicide and it makes me sad that I wasn’t able to prevent their death.

How many more mother’s are going to weap many nights over the death of her son because he became a victim of the transgender movement that doesn’t care who has to die so these deluded men can dress up and masquerade as women, change their bodies with cross sex hormones, permanently mutilating surgeries, and try to lure heterosexual men into gay sex with their surgically disguised male genitals?

Not all transsexuals, but I will say *most*, are very dangerous mentally disturbed people luring your son’s down a road to suicide by encouraging the idea that chopping off body parts will cure a mental illness that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)  calls Gender Dysphoria.  When transsexuals realize too late that chopping off body parts will NOT cure their mental illness, that they never become women, and will never be respected as such, this is when they really go off the deep end mentally and it’s probably only a matter of time before you see a news story where an angry transsexual has committed suicide, shot up a school full of children, or gone postal at their place of employment, unless of course they are not employed as most transsexuals are prostitutes. Just read some of the horrific stories about transsexuals at 

The more legitimacy that is given to these mentally ill people by allowing them to be visible to the public in employment, the more young impressionable minds are going to recruited by these ill individuals leading your children to their deaths. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Correctly treating the gender dysphoric will save more lives than the current incorrect treatment by allowing them to live openly and to transition.

The transgender pandemic is going to continue unless good people take a stand to try to help these mentally ill people before they hurt themselves or others. All it takes for evil to take over is for good people to stand by and do nothing while evil triumphs. 

One of the most monstrous things that transgender community is perpetrating upon innocent victims now is the trans kids movement.  They’ve created a circus freak side show reality program on the TLC cable channel called, “I am Jazz” showcasing transsexual child actor Jazz Jennings, the parents, the grandparents, and other gender confused kids taking thousands of viewers down the depressing and destructive path of transgenderism. First and foremost the parents are to blame cause they have committed child abuse by never getting their toddler the help it needed, but instead only further exacerbated the kid’s gender confusion by allowing him to dress up as female, take female hormones, and now having his normal male genitalia forever mutilated beyond repair.  You’d think from the family Hindu-Jewish background that they’d have some understanding how their son’s past reincarnation dysphoria relates to his present life and how to fix it. From a trusted inside source I know Jazz secretly (away from the camera’s), already has had regrets about transition and now the botched surgery to his penis has only made things worse. The worse is yet to come because eventually the transformation honeymoon will come to a bitter end and Jazz is going to realize like every transsexual does that even after all the hormones and surgery they are deeply unhappy because down deep inside they realize they are simply a male masquerading as a female.  I truly hope the best for the recovery of “Jazz”, but this boy never had a chance with such abusive parents.  All is not lost.  While there is life there is hope. Like “Jazz”, I had lived more of my life “as female” than male before detransition, and I was worried because my only role model to for my return back to male was female to male transgenders.  I told myself, “If testosterone can work miracles for them then it can for me too”.  I just took a leap of faith with no real roadmap and I turned out looking just fine as a guy. 

How do we have a compassionate conversation about combating a mental illness suffered by an exploding population of effeminate gay men that masquerades as a lifestyle choice called transsexuality? Why can’t these gay guys just be happy being gay without chopping off body parts? How does the gay community and the heterosexual community speak to this epidemic without dehumanizing or hating those whom the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines as suffering from the mental illness of Gender Dysphoria? (For the purpose of this article I am addressing male to female transsexuality only)

If you are the parent of a son who is living the transsexual lifestyle or there is any loved one in your life struggling with this mental illness I hope you will continue to read these words from someone who no longer lives the transsexual lifestyle and has recovered as much that is physically possible.

The “Jazz Jennings” transgender story is a perfect lead-in for the true cause of gender dysphoria and it’s proper treatment. If you don’t believe in reincarnation please still just hear me out and I think you will understand.  Almost every male who identifies as transsexual and wants to transition or is already attempting to live as female will tell you that their earliest memories are plagued with gender confusion and feelings they can’t seem to shake that they should have been born a girl.  Why is this the common theme in most transgender histories?

You know the answer is reincarnation. The Judeo-Christian religion has done a great disservice to the LGBT community by demonizing behaviors they didn’t understand.  Two Nicaean Councils further muddied the waters by removing references to reincarnation from the Christian bible when they decided which works of fiction they would attribute to God and which ones they sent to the trash heap of history.

If you are a true believer you will know in your heart that these so-called transgender people suffer from a reincarnation carryover from their most previous lifetime. This is exactly why they will say things like they feel like a female soul trapped in a man’s body. In fact, there is no such thing a female soul or a male soul, but memories carryover sometimes into the next lifetime of a soul. If you understand it you can appreciate it and it only enhances your spirituality and enlightenment.  If you get it wrong your go around thinking you are Napoleon Bonaparte and turn yourself into a mutilated circus sideshow freak. That’s if you are lucky. The unlucky commit suicide.

Dr. Ian Stevenson documented thousands of cases of children who had reincarnation memories.  The focus of his research was to find where reincarnation and biology intersect.  Specifically he only researched cases where there were birth marks or other physiological manifestations that connected to child to the previous lifetime. An example pertinent to this discussion would be the rare case when we think it is simply nature alone that causes a child to be born with intersexed chromosomes that may or may not lead to intersexed reproductive organs. You miss the spiritual point God is trying to teach us if you don’t know that the transgender phenomenon is given to us as a gift from God to enlighten us.  Our souls are not male or female and these bodies are just a temporary teaching tool God uses to help us go a level higher.  Those who have ears to hear let him hear. 

May I ask that you watch a video from 2013 of a woman named Jenny Cockell who as a young girl remembered her most recent past life and actually searched out her living children from her past life and they became fully convinced Jenny was indeed their mother reincarnated. I request those who don’t believe in reincarnation to watch it because it makes a very convincing case. View at your leisure

Let me be clear. While there are many people that will take the live and let live attitude and support your right to live anyway you want, the fact remains that turning yourself into an obvious target for haters and putting your life in danger is not a great idea.  The fact remains that you are changing a normal body into a circus sideshow attraction and no amount of activism or acceptance is gonna mean shit when you someone you care about gets murdered or commits suicide because of their transgender status. A life lost. Why? Why not work through your dysphoric issues and learn to love and accept the body you agreed to for a reason in this lifetime without turning yourself into a freak show? I know I’m speaking in a way that those who are already converted will understand. Other’s will have stopped reading long ago. I say again though, why create the life of a circus sideshow freak when you could make your life better and ride yourself of these transgender compulsions brought on by reincarnation carryover?

Before I close… Once upon a time I was touted as one of the top 10 transsexual women successes in the world, but that was before I created this website in 2003 and was forever after labeled a transsexual traitor/regretter. I was married to a man who didn’t know my transsexual secret and I apparently had it all as a transsexual poster child and I gave it all up. I gave it up because the life was not authentic. It was like living the life of a clown everyday and there were people I could never tell my transsexual secret to and still haven’t directly told that secret to till this day and I hope they never find out because it was never my intention to hurt anybody. I was just trying to figure this thing out and I finally did and I’m finally at peace.  I’m one of the lucky ones that didn’t commit suicide, but let me tell you it wasn’t easy to avoid that.

August 1997


2004 – The last photo taken of me as female.

Before you go, watch this video on Youtube of a speech given by one of the doctors who was partly responsible to creating the whole transsexual phenomenon Dr. Quentin Van Meter ( )  He worked with the team at John Hopkins Hospital in the U.S.A. where the whole transsexual epidemic started and later spread to the rest of the world through word of mouth and then exploded on the Internet.  Dr. Van Meter had a change of heart based on his own work with transsexuals and real peer reviewed studies an is now falsely labeled an anti-transsexual activist.

I am but one of many voices that the militant pro-transsexual movement would like to shut down.  If I were just one voice that might be a different story, but there is a tsunami of many voices speaking out about being lead down a primrose path by a misguided pro-transsexual movement and the greedy, unethical, so-called medical experts that promote their movement. 

I’m not quite the motivated town crier I used to be about this subject and there are so many other people trying to get transsexuals the right help they need.  I’ll be adding to this website as the Universe gives me the nudge. Feel feel to reach out whether you want to send hate mail or love mail at the email address above.