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Hello! I’m what’s left of Josef Kirchner and this is my website. What’s left… Yes, I say what’s left after the transgender movement and their medical industry got finished mutilating and amputating parts my former perfectly healthy body. I am a recovered male to female transsexual and I began this website in 2004 to push back on the lies the transgender community pushes about the phenomenon of transgenderism. Do you read that an think I’m angry? There is no anger. I’m just stating facts. Facts are something the transgender community doesn’t like to hear.

Right out of the gate, before you have read any further than this second paragraph, I’m going to tell you to forget about reading one word further if you think reincarnation is just a crazy belief some people have. There are encyclopedic volumes of research done on reincarnation science. If you are not familiar with it then then maybe you should question yourself why? Has the culture around you, or a religion you’ve been influenced by denounced reincarnation? Reincarnation science is the key to gender dysphoria recovery. Do not be confused that reincarnation has any connection to popularized spirituality or religion. Reincarnation stood on it’s own many thousands of years before any religions or spiritualities developed that adopted it part of their belief system. That’s just it.  Reincarnation is a science and religion/spirituality, at best, is a belief system.

Just so you know, throughout this page I  speak from the point of view of a former male to female transsexual, but everything I say is equally applied to the females that attempt to change their bodies to live as males. One important thing I want to be quick to point out about this whole trans thing is that transvestitism is equally applied to males and females to who are transgender. A male once tried to tell me that it was only the male to female transgenderists that experience transvestitism, but during my journey back to finding myself, I identified with the female to male community for a while as they had been like roadmap for where to find surgeons willing to help, etc. Without revealing my identity I was accepted into the world of female to male transgenders as one of their own. I know for a fact that female to male transgenders have just the same incidence of fetishistic transvestitism that happens with men. If the transgender person fully transitions physically then their transvestitism naturally fades unless they are what is called an Autogynephile.

Due to the influence of misguided, militant transgenders, and the greedy, unethical medical community that worship$ them I lost a lot. There was a lot of time wasted pursuing relationships with men. I was married three times.  I divorced my first husband because I didn’t want him ever finding out I’d hid my transsexual secret from him. I hope he never found out through the media. My second marriage ended after he committed adultery. My third marriage ended because he physically abused me. I never married again while living as Judy. Three marriages in the short span of 20 years was enough for me. Throughout my whole transgender experience though (my transition began at age 17), I have always been positive, believing that all things, even bad things, happen for a reason. All our experiences move us along our soul journey of enlightenment. I have no anger, nor regret for the 20 plus years living as Judy.  They were 20 years fill with a lot of happiness, but also disappointments to embrace. You live and you learn. I lost a lot, but I gained a lot of enlightenment.

After I first detransitioned in 2005 I gained instant (unwanted) global celebrity status from my many television appearances and two documentaries that were made about my transgender experiences. I simply had wanted to tell my story to help others and I had no idea it would turn me into a celebrity.  In my former career as a nurse I was all about helping others and that was just who I was. More than a career, it was about ministering to others and caring deeply about their wellbeing. I never sought fame, but it was a result of being fearless and putting myself out there to help others. As a result of fame however, I’ve been able to reach so many people who have been blessed by my work as an activist.

Now is a good time to talk about being labeled as an anti-transgender activist. It’s not a label I choose for myself. I’m not against anybody, transgender or whatever lifestyle as long as they are not physically or psychologically damaging others in the process. It’s just a fact that most transgenders suffer from a mental disturbance they don’t get the right help for and they are duped into believing that chopping off body parts will cure their (often times) many mental illnesses besides the gender dysphoria. I do not feel they should be discriminated against, but due to the fact these people do often suffer from a variety of mental illnesses we must keep a close watch on them. It seems like everyday in the news you here reports of another transgender being convicted of pedophilic rape. We have to protect the children.

Over the years of my life there were so many new studies on transgenderism and homosexuality coming out in the media and as a transgender person myself, of course I was interested. By 1999 I had begun to understand I’d been lied to about what being transgender was. In 2000 the floodgates opened and tons of pushback began coming from the psychiatric community. I had a good 5-year fact-finding mission before I made my decision to let go of my elaborate hormonal and surgical disguise. It’s important to note that my decision to detransition was not made due to any type of religious guilt. As a matter of fact, I felt perfectly secure that there was no religious mandate to detransition. That’s all I’ve got to say about that for now.

While preparing for detransition in 2004 my highschool sweetheart reconnected with me. She had left a bad marriage and was finally free to find herself and part of finding herself was finding me again. It was like a miracle that we reconnected. In 2014 we married. We are proud parents thanks to in vitro fertilization. Another amazing thing happened to me in 2014. The previous year I started a website to seek assistance to have a penis transplant operation. While writing this I couldn’t remember the exact name of the website. I did an Internet search for “Josef Kirchner Penis Transplant” and got nothing. No Internet archive was ever done of it. No matter! In short time was blessed to find a benefactor who footed the whole bill for my transplant.

I received a successful penis transplant in 2014. People ask me how I am able to psychologically accept a penis transplant and I explain, “I understand reincarnation science. I know my soul has made a home in many new bodies over the millenia and each time I had to get used to living in a strange body that was given to me for use. Logically, why should I not accept a penis that is not my own when my whole body was not my own either, but a body I accepted and got used to viewing as an extension of myself, the only true self there is, the soul. The body is just a learning tool for the soul. Nothing more, nothing less. One day our soul will depart from the present body it inhabits and perhaps have to get used to living in yet another body. Psychologically rejecting a transplanted penis is not something that could ever happen with me.  The medical team that did my transplant allowed me to reserve my right to anonymity. I was nine years post detransition and living a new life as Josef Kirchner. I had a wife and children now to think about. We knew I could not remain as Josef Kirchner any longer. We decided together that besides the need for the transplant anonymity we needed to create anonymity for our family as well. In 2015 I created a cover story to throw the media off my trail while we immigrated to another country and we changed our names. We’ve had four years of living happily ever after. I’ve realized though I have a duty to push back on the transgender movement that is destroying lives. I cannot stand by idle and comfortable in my own happy recovery. This is something I was born to do. It’s part of my reincarnation contract. In 2018 this website was reborn!

I speak as an expert authority for all people suffering from gender dysphoria. As part of my own recovery I returned to University in 2007 to study psychology, concentrating on the phenomenon of gender dysphoria. When I had exhausted all that mainstream science had to say on the subject I began studying reincarnation science. Therein I found the missing piece of the puzzle that finally revealed the real answer as to why people suffer mentally (and in some cases biologically) from feeling like the sex between their ears (gender), doesn’t match the sex between their legs. As part of my research I have personally known and interviewed thousands of transsexuals over the past 30 years.

At this point I want to quickly address biological underpinnings for transgenderism. Natalie Sudman was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. She had a near death experience and before she returned to her body to continue here earthly life she had to choose what injuries would be healed in her dying body so she could return to it. If her soul host body can be healed so she could return to then it’s not a leap faith to know that people like transgenders can be born with conditions like my own intersex chromosome pattern that forced my hand down a path that was trying to teach me there is no such thing as a male soul or female soul, but our souls have memories of the male and female bodies we have lived in. In the case of transgenders and homosexual males they are just dealing with having been a female in their past life and they struggle with being a woman born into a male body.

The possibility of transsexual recovery is an idea that has been floated about by quite a few who wish to pull the mask off of the transsexual misconception, yet many still lack knowledge on this issue that makes real recovery possible. With the right knowledge mental recovery is easy, but physical recovery may not be 100% for everyone. You just have to pick up what mutilated pieces of your life are left and begin again. Mistakes come with a cost, but at least you will now have a life that feels  genuine instead of everyday feeling like a frightening Halloween that never ends. You deserve to feel happy in your body and if that means you are truly happy as a transgender then I’m happy for you as long as you aren’t one of an alarming epidemic number of transgender pedephile cases showing up in the news nearly every day. Why is it that pedophilia and transgenderism is so common?

Transgenderism most definitely is a mental disorder that should be treated like an addiction. Once someone drinks from the poison cup of transgender theory, they become drunk on the wine of misconception and become a trans-aholic. Some say it’s a mental disorder that is contagious.  The marketing package is so glossy and slick that even non-gender dysphoric people have become willing converts suddenly realizing they too are transsexual. Some parent converts to the insanity even allow their pre-teen children to have their natural hormones suppressed in an effort to disguise their birth sex so they can more successfully present as a sex they are not.

Gender dysphoria is the name given to the mental disorder transgenders suffer from. However, so-called transgendered people suffer from a long list of other associated mental disorders and perhaps multiple mental illnesses. Gender dysphoria has now been given it’s own special category in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to lessen the stigma of these individuals in hopes of fostering better tolerance of the lifestyle. That, my friends, is an unethical violation of the hippocratic oath that says, “First do no harm”.  

An alarming majority of transgenders are dangerous people drawn to lives of crime to support their lifestyle, many of them being convicted child sex offenders, pedofiles, drug dealers, prostitutes, and a large number are in prison for murder.  There is a website that keeps track of these transgender people who commit horrible crimes at https://www.WomenAreHuman.com

Some of you may have come to this page because you are researching the recent phenomenon of parents allowing their children to live as transgenders as young as the age of two. Allowing children to transition (dress and live as the opposite gender) is mind-warping child abuse. People, you cannot stand idly by and allow this abuse to happen to children! You must act to change the laws to protect children from this kind of abuse or you have blood on your hands. These children are being pushed to suicide. I’ll say more about this subject a few paragraphs down when I speak of the transgender child celebrity Jazz Jennings.

For individuals like myself, who have recovered, the first response from the transgender community is to claim the person was never really transsexual at all.  Moreover, they will use a novel term they dreamed up and will claim that the person was never a “true transsexual”. They disqualifyingly  accuse detransitioners of being mere fetishistic crossdressers. In my case they tried to disqualify me from being a transsexual because I disclosed that a geneticist diagnosed me with an intersex chromosome pattern.  To follow such logic would disqualify an individual with biological underpinnings that influenced their transition! I pose a real dilemma for the trans community. Depending on what contradictory bullshit you listen to coming out of the transgender movement some will say you can’t be transsexual if you are intersexed while others say that transsexualism is an intersexed condition. 

Most transgenders have bought into the ridiculous concept that something called a true transsexual actually exists. The concept of “true transsexual” is part of the mental illness! It is a concept created by mentally disturbed people! All you have to do is believe you are Napoleon Bonaparte and magically you are! You can believe you are a quad amputee trapped in a body with four healthy limbs and only surgery to remove your legs and arms will make you happy. This is the insanity that is transgenderism.  

The transgender movement creates other confusing terms like “transgender woman” to describe someone born male who is living as a woman. It becomes very confusing for people outside of the movement to understand this when you hear a media report that “transsexual women” are fighting for abortion rights. Your first thought may be that these men do not need abortion rights because they can’t have babies, but what is really being reported about is the female to male transgenders that desire to abort an unwanted baby. Do you feel like you just did some mental gymnastics?

The more legitimacy and support that is given to these mentally ill people by allowing them to become visible in public, the more young impressionable minds are going to warped and recruited by these ill individuals leading your children to their deaths. Laws must be changed so transgenders are dealt with harshly. I know this sounds bad, but the contagious law of monkey see, monkey do applies here. Tons of kids witnessing the transgender movement who previously never experienced gender dysphoria are now becoming ill after exposure to the phenomenon. Correctly treating the gender dysphoric will save more lives than the current incorrect treatment that allows them to live openly and to transition. I bet you are wondering what this correct treatment is? Don’t worry. We’re gonna get there. I have to build my case. You know everything else you’ve tried has failed and your son’s and daughters have become lost to the transgender and homosexual lifestyles.

The transgender pandemic is going to continue unless good people take a stand to try to help these mentally disturbed people before they hurt themselves or others. All it takes for evil to take over is for good people to stand by and do nothing while evil triumphs. Good people have stood by feeling helpless for too long because nothing has seemed to work to cure these individuals. If you don’t truly understand the phenomenon then how do you expect to cure gender dysphoria?

Now we will visit the most monstrous thing the transgender and allied community is perpetrating upon innocent victims, the trans kids movement.  They’ve created a circus freak side show reality program on the TLC cable channel called, “I am Jazz”. They are actively promoting the transgender lifestyle to the most vulnerable, children. They are showcasing transsexual child actor, Jazz Jennings, his parents, the grandparents, and other gender confused kids. TLC is actively recruiting thousands down the depressing and destructive path of transgenderism.  

First and foremost the parents are to blame for “Jazz” suffering from gender dysphoria as they have committed child abuse by never getting their toddler the help it needed. Instead they only further exacerbated the kid’s gender confusion by allowing him to dress up as female, take female hormones, and finally, years later allowing him to have his male genitalia forever mutilated beyond repair. I have heard from someone who knows the family well that “Jazz” already regrets the “final surgery” and is deeply depressed, but the show must go on because half a million dollars is not enough net worth for Jazz Jennings. Even though he is deeply depressed and near the point of nervous breakdown he is being forced to continue a positive storyline for the non-reality show. His mental state is so decompensated that he was unable to begin University in the fall of 2019.

With the family’s Hindu-Jewish background you’d think that they’d have some understanding of their son’s problem and how to fix it. Jazz is reeling from the botched surgery which a friend says looks like a baboon’s butt. The botch job can eventually be fixed so it’s not an open wound and then things will probably be better for a while, but eventually the transformation honeymoon will come to a bitter end and Jazz is going to realize, like every transsexual does, that even after all the hormones and surgeries they are still deeply unhappy because down deep inside they finally realize they are simply a male masquerading as a female. I truly hope the best for the recovery of “Jazz”, but this boy never had a chance with such abusive parents. 

All is not lost.  While there is life there is hope. Like “Jazz”, I had lived more of my life “as female” than male before detransition and I came out alright. I was worried because my only role model to for my return back to male was the female to male transgenders.  I told myself, “If testosterone can work miracles for them then it can for me too”.  I just took a leap of faith with no real roadmap and I turned out looking just fine as a guy. Jazz has the big advantage of still retaining his original masculine face having had no surgical alterations to it. If he eventually detransitions without changing the masculine features on his face he will be naturally masculine.

With few exceptions, every transsexual will tell you that their earliest childhood memories are plagued with feelings they can’t seem to shake that they should have been born a girl. They say they feel that they are a female trapped in a male body. Is there any validity to this claim that they feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body? The answer is yes if you understand this to be a reincarnation carryover issue.

The Judeo-Christian religion has done a great disservice to the LGBT community.  Reincarnation is foundational to Judaism, but reincarnation went from being mainstream to back burner in Judaism over the past 2000 years.  Two Christian Nicaean Councils further muddied the waters by removing all direct references to reincarnation when deciding which stories would be included in the New Testament writings. They missed a few places where Jesus spoke about reincarnation in the New Testament.  Are you Jewish or Christian and don’t believe in reincarnation? Here’s a good link on Biblical reincarnation to get you started on “Seeking the truth that will make you free” https://www.near-death.com/reincarnation/history/judaism.html

Dr. Ian Stevenson documented thousands of cases of children who had reincarnation memories.  The focus of his research was to find where reincarnation and biology intersect.  Specifically he only researched cases where there were birth marks or other physiological manifestations that connected to child to the previous lifetime. An example pertinent to this discussion would be the rare case when we think it is simply nature alone that causes a child to be born with intersexed chromosomes that may or may not lead to intersexed reproductive organs. You miss the spiritual point God is trying to teach us if you don’t know that the transgender phenomenon is given to us as a gift from God (so to speak) to enlighten us.  Our souls are not male or female and these bodies are just a temporary teaching tool God uses to help us go a level higher.  Those who have ears to hear let him hear. Don’t get too hung up on my usage of the word “God”. We use the word “God” to describe something the Bible never defines better than “I am that I am“, a common English translation of the Hebrew phrase אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh  – also “I am who I am”, “I am what I am” or “I will be what I will be” or even “I create what(ever) I create”. The traditional English translation within Judaism favors “I will be what I will be” because there is no present tense of the verb “to be” in the Hebrew language.

The Sumerian tablets are the oldest written history we have on this planet that predates all religions by many, many thousands of years and in fact Judaism plagiarized many of it’s writings from the Sumerian tablets.  The tablets record that the created humans mistook advanced beings visiting from outside our planet for gods and religion was born. Reincarnation of souls into new bodies is something that came from advanced beings before religion existed. Only thousands of years later religions were formed and some added reincarnation to the pillars of their faith. I’m trying to wrap this up cause I know this has been a long read, but please just bear with me for a wee bit longer. If you want to have a telephone conversation where I can fill in the details I’m happy to do that.

May I ask that you watch a video from 2013 of a woman named Jenny Cockell who as a young girl remembered her most recent past life and actually searched out her living children from her past life and they became fully convinced Jenny was indeed their mother reincarnated. I request those who don’t believe in reincarnation to watch it because it makes a very convincing case. View at your leisure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PieZfAdIa8

Let me be clear about transgenderism. While there are many people that will take the live and let live attitude and support your right to live anyway you want, the fact remains that turning yourself into an obvious target for haters. Putting your life in danger is not a great idea.  The fact remains that you are changing a normal body into a circus sideshow attraction and no amount of activism or acceptance is gonna mean shit when you someone you care about gets murdered or commits suicide because of their transgender status. A life lost. Why? Why not work through your dysphoric issues and learn to love and accept the body you agreed to for a reason in this reincarnated lifetime without turning yourself into a freak show? I know I’m speaking in a way that those who are already converted will understand. Other’s will have stopped reading long ago. I say again though, why create the life of a circus sideshow freak when you could make your life better and rid yourself of these transgender compulsions brought on by reincarnation carryover?

BTW, I thought I’d add a couple of pictures of the past here. These are pictures of my past. I look at the pictures here and can hardly believe them. I get sad when I look at them because I was truly a good person as “Judy”. Originally, I never wanted to tell anyone my transgender secret. My first husband never knew my transgender secret, and I even had family members who didn’t know I was transgender. It’s a shame it was all a case of mistaken identity based on memory carryovers from a previous reincarnation. 

August 1997


2004 – The last photo taken of Judy Kirchner.

Before you go, watch this video on Youtube of a speech given by one of the doctors who was partly responsible to creating the whole transsexual phenomenon Dr. Quentin Van Meter ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mtQ1geeD_c )  He worked with the team at John Hopkins Hospital in the U.S.A. where the whole transsexual epidemic started and later spread to the rest of the world through word of mouth and then exploded on the Internet.  Dr. Van Meter had a change of heart based on his own work with transsexuals and real peer reviewed studies an is now falsely labeled an anti-transsexual activist. 

I am but one of many voices that the militant pro-transsexual movement would like to shut down.  If I were just one voice that might be a different story, but there is a tsunami of many voices now speaking out about being lead down a primrose path by a misguided pro-transsexual movement and the greedy, unethical, so-called medical experts that promote their movement. 

The cure for gender dysphoria requires no money. You can simply just research reincarnation and find out who you really are and then the confusion and masquerade will fade. Some may choose to remain, some may continue transition, some may drop out. There is no requirement. Adults can do whatever they want to modify their bodies. Just don’t demand you way into places where you know you really don’t belong. You have a specific place in society.  You need to know your place and stay there. Transgenders have had a good run, but the tables are now turning.

I’ll be adding to this website as the Universe gives me the nudge. Feel feel to reach out whether you want to send hate mail or love mail to the email address above.